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Tel een HVACR Ramee) in Vele; Grade: Date:_7-25-07. REED PSc_cH “Multiple Choice Identify the leter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. _D_ 1. Whatis the relative humidity ifthe dry-bulb temperature is 100° F and the wet-bulb temperature is 65°F? 33% b. 63% c. 3% 4. 13% 2, What is the dew-point temperature ifthe wet-bulb temperature is 65°F and the dry-bulb temperature is 10°F? wbx Jo 1. 40°F ‘b. S0°F ©. 60°F 70°F _ LD. 3. ifthe wet-bulb and dry-bulb temperaturesare both 80°F, what is the humidity? a % b. 50% 75% d. 100% AL 4. Comfort can be described as the gentle balance between _. a. air cleanliness, ar movement, temperature, and humidity, 'b. air velocity, air cleanliness, humidity, and air movement air speed, air velocity, temperature, and humidity 4. acceleration, air cleanliness filtration, and humidity _AL 5, Ifthe dry-bulb temperature is 93°F and the wet-bulb temperature is 60°F, what i the specific volume ofthe ? 14.0 Mlb b. 140 bee c. 10ND d. 10 fb Al: 6. The generalized comfort chart can be used as a basis to___. a. determine combinations of temperature and humidity to produce comfort in summer and winter study ai and its properties. Crychome mcs deénbon ) determine the amount of fresh ar make up necessary for eomfort |. none of the above Of the heat produced inthe human body, which is by perspiration? a. conduction b. convection c. radiation d. evaporation lo |r Et |m oe ‘True/False Me 4 4. amount of moisture in the air ®. amount of movement inthe air er cub foot ©. weight of the air per cubic foot = 4. combination ofthe temperature and pressure Of the air . * sci Alar characters chars ad tbls are based on ase evel pressure of 24.92 (AHN?Y RS °° a 2941" Hg b. 2969" He 29.86" Hg 29.92" Hg ~ ‘The dry-bulb temperature is the 7¢/" the amooht more Or 4, sme a the wet bul temperature , total of the sensible and latent heat, sensible eat level ofthe air 7/21) ke 4. sensible heat less the humidity § 2. Myo % FPR EE ‘The wet-bulb temperature _. 14. is the same as the wet-bulb depression ‘b. isthe saturation pressure. ‘c. takes into account the moisture content of the air — 4. is always higher than the dry-bulb temperature ‘The wet-bulb depression is__. a. the difference between the dry-bulb and wet-bulb temperatures, 'b. the same as the wet-bulb temperatures, ‘c. the same as the dry-bulb temperatures 4. when the iris strted with moisture ‘The dew-point temperature is the __ 4. temperature whe te airs saturated with moisture 'b. temperature when the moisture begins to condense out of the air c. difference between the dry-bulb and wet-bulb temperatures d. temperature of the air at 50% relative humidity Infiltration is the term used when referring to the air entering a structure __. through an air make-up unit around dors and windows ¢, through ventilation d. because of street traffic A fresh air intake is necessary to keep the indoor air from becoming __. & too humid superheated ‘oxygen starved and stagnant too dry Jess of Seasiate beat Joye) oF Sersbe aly yea, Jel Indicate whether the sentence or statement i ru o false. _E 16. The human body is comfortable when the heat produced in the body is equal tothe heat fost to the surroundings ‘Name: WD: A E17 tawodvetion of forced ventilation inthe winter heating season helps to raise the humidity evel Wioler Aiv ovteide tm dyer eben indeot air Completion Compete each sentence or statement 18, The difference between wet-bulb and dry-bulb temperature is called 19. "7000 ‘rains of moisture equals one pound of water. 7 Sg = 2 B 20. If the dry-bulb temperature is 76°F and the wet-bulb temperature is 68°F, the wet-bulb depression is & 7, fed introduced through the air handling system, the process is called Ll 22. Airis primarily made up of. Oxygen OY) a MTR GEATGR: loVkEL) 23. When the dry-bulb and wet-bulb temperatures are the same, the relative humidity of the iris SaruRATeD %. poy Short Answer salen Bion. faa 24, Explain howa wet bulb thermometer works A ducv “Ea Pemprrdie of ai~ yi uel Pr Crotiate fhe tanrtrty 06 14 O—, fA Hi ebilnired wet a wet thrmeretir del, 70 retard) fhe erdpraton tele wrth ay austin passing, ctr fhe held _ Help 17 Ctapwrer, _____— W bag Wel ask ard Ad rhai de, ohishhed vuayer tre pine be the warty wmeturh® wilh Copan water? a@bSores hegty C25, What will happen if a technician uses sling psychrometer that has a perfectly dry wick om the wet-bulb Semomien? Motmng wut Aappen. You will only US the dey belb” teaye . tha whi Atect Ai 20k 26. Theesir leaving an evaporator has a dry-bulb temperature of 85 °F and a wet-bulb temperature of 65°F. The air entering the evaporator has a dry-bulb temperature of 95°F and a wet-bulb temperature of 75°F. How ‘many grains of moisture per pound of dry air were removed by the evaporator? 19- bb 39 grains of morte por [Ib « 27. Under what conditions can the wet-bulb temperature be higher than the dry-bulb temperature? HEE The wet Gold will Newer whtile Renter PAH ~ i A : eg athe the ity belt. Hott dees ye lye Prafle @ OV THE 3 —— /j-—__ is 28. ‘How can the cost of heating a home in the winter be lowered, and still have comfortable conditions in the £ home! rasta! Story: shum Jey nee. QoWE Ceeend pwingooe bia. hla done woenidy m: Hm Pager jon wend WO Gel We heaptalere DG reeproue” te tga tt cape the. wet hale Hitman ie WE “tant mpc 27S OSTA TIS HERS pore Nie campert 13. vegpered by wy gih nrkiger™ coe cyner gases 70 yngerst are ped femoving He Aalied Aiat “Inceias the wyerentn. a S tat. Volume ar 007s fet> foo 69,4 Lefts » Pumd ir @t 29-79 fa He and 2°°F cad hold yet ege ef moriore (0.0 SF KD eb greed ae mee ob SA puna TAT OHS