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Workshop Model Annotated Lesson Plan

The workshop model intends for the students to learn reading and writing skills through much participation
amongst themselves and their peers. Unlike just taking notes from a blackboard, in a workshop model, much
interaction ensues after a mini-lesson on a specific reading or writing strategy. Students either interact with
the teacher or among themselves by discussing certain pieces of reading/writing that incorporates the
strategy. The students learn from writing their own pieces of literature and reading their own novels that
they choose.

The teacher uses this time to work with students who need a separate
introduction to the vocabulary/task prior to the mini- lesson (small group
The rest of the students are doing a bell activity or reading.

3-5 minutes


The teacher provides students with the behavior expectations for this lesson
model. Lesson standard(s) and lesson objective(s) are stated and explained
to students to prepare them for the new lesson.

5 minutes


Activate Prior Knowledge-With the whole class, the teacher reviews

concepts previously presented or teaches 2-3 segments of a direction
instruction lesson that spans several days
Parts of the Mini-Lesson:
Explain or Review the Concept
Model or Demonstrate the Concept
Check for Understanding

10-12 minutes

Status of the Class

The teacher explains Activity Time tasks on a task board. The tasks include
directions for independent work by students, and names of small groups and
individuals to be instructed and/or assessed by the teacher.
Students engage in meaningful independent work where the primary activity
is reading self-selected texts and responding to literature. In writing they
work on compositions at various stages of the writing process.

Activity Time

3 minutes
20 - 30 minutes

Teacher instructs small groups of students on assessed oral language,

reading, or writing areas. He or she sits such that the whole class can be seen
& monitored. Occasionally, walks around to monitor the students who are
working independently.
Teacher formally assesses one student a day or three students/week.
Assessment is part of the regular routine, not something that is performed
only at benchmark dates.

& Metacognition

Sharing is a very important part of the workshop and should not be skipped.
The first 3 minutes are spent on partner share, where students share with
each other the books they read or the responses and compositions they wrote.
The teacher selects one of two students at random to share with the whole
class. Finally, the students reflect on what they learned during the workshop.

5 minutes