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What happens next?

The Zohar HaKadosh, Parshat Shemot page 8, wrote the script about
the end of the American Empire:
, ,
Astroids will hide the sun and the world will be darkened and the flame will spread into
fires, just like it was the day the Bet HaMidash was destroyed, and the sky and earth will
not be seen, and a loud thunderous voice will awaken (nuclear bomb) causing the earth to
shake from its noise.
. .. .
. .
And a VOICE will awaken with thunder and the land will shake from this VOICE and
many, including strongmen, will die from its wrath.
And on that same day a burning flame will awaken in the big city, the VOICE will awaken
the entire world; it will burn skyscrapers and halls, and some skyscrapers (tall buildings)
will fall as well as rulers and governmental officers.
: . .
All the rulers will gather and place harsh decrees on Am Israel and force them to convert
from Judaism and the entire world will be in a state of confusion.
, , , " :
..' . ,
At the end of 12 months, Melech HaMoshiach will awaken in Gan Eden and the Tzaddikim
will adorn him. A voice will explode within the branches of the trees in Gan Eden and will
call out: "Awaken holy Kedoshim, arise infront of Moshiach. It is time for reuniting the
woman with her Husband. The Husband wants to avenge for His wife against all the
nations of the world and raise her from the dust."
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sa'ada speaks about a future prophetic vision she saw in a dream and gives detailed chilling
descriptions of her vision just as the Zohar Hakadosh says will happen in Edom...

Process of Redemption
We are witnessing before our very eyes the unfolding of the conclusion of the Redemption.
There are three stages to the war of Gog UMagog. The first two have already been
completed through WWI and WWII. The third part will eventually reach Yerushalayim. In
the third stage, Moshiach ben David, Eliyahu HaNavi (zachur latov), Moshe Rabbeinu,

Aharon HaKohen Gadol (a'h) and the other eleven anointed of Israel will be resurrected at
the beginning of the days of Moshiach.
The duty of Moshiach ben Yosef is to fight and win the war against Amalek. The remnant
of the original inhabitants of Israel are to be returned to the land of Israel. The wicked from
among the non-Jews (specifically the hollalim, as mentioned in Tehillim 5:6; 75 and 76) are
supposed to be aligned in this war with the remnant of Amalek. Likewise, Armilus
HaRasha (the secular Jewish leader) is also aligned with them.
The hollalim are described as so completely evil that they are considered insane. If you
look at the targum of the word "hollalim," you will discover that it is "talibanim" (the actual
verb form is "mtalevin" or "mtalevun").
The commentaries of the Radak and the Meiri (a'h) discuss the conclusion of the war of
Gog UMagog. They mention that the hollalim will reside in fortified mountain strongholds.
Interestingly, the MeAm Loez, a'h, commenting on the Song at the Sea of Reeds, mentions
in passing that these people (whom he identifies as the nation of Magog itself) were
defeated and imprisoned in this region by Alexander the Great, and they wont escape from
there to wreak havoc on the world - until the time of the Redemption.
Furthermore, it is mentioned in the Tur, Orach Chaim 490, in the name of Hai Gaon, (Rav
Hai ben Sherira, zs'l) that the war of Gog U Magog will break out during Chol HaMoed
Sukkot, and the resurrection of the dead will be in Nissan. According to the book Chesed
LAvraham written by Rav MeKubal Avraham Azulai, zs'l, it says that the resurrection of
the dead will follow the end of 5760 (latest 5769). It relates this whole process to the idea
of the filling of a Mikva, and says this will be the process of "removing the impurities"
from the world.
It is no surprise that the actual war started (the bombs started to drop) in Afghanistan at
9:30 p.m. on the night of Hoshana Rabba, the time when the final judgment on the nations
of the world is sealed and execution begun. It is also worth noting that the Radak is specific
in referring to this as "Gog MiGog" (Gog from Gog) and not "Gog UMagog" (Gog and
Magog). It is also worth noting that Gog is a leader, described by the Radak as the Nasi of
Meshech and Tuval. These two roots refer to extreme attraction; materialism and incredible
material wealth. In other words, Gog MiGog is the leader of the most materialistic and
wealthy nation on earth. Is there any question what nation that is?
In a broader context, the WTC disaster that precipitated the war occurred during the days of
"cheshbon hanefesh" (soul accounting) at the end of the month of Elul. In Elul, the last 12
days of the month correspond with one month of the year. The first day of the 12
corresponds with Tishrei, the second with Cheshvan, and so on. These days are a time of
reflecting on what was lacking in our avodat HaShem the previous year and what we will
correct in the coming year.
The attack on the WTC happened on the 6th day during these 12 days of cheshbon
hanefesh, which corresponds with the month of Adar. This is an allusion to the Gulf War,
which concluded in Adar (5751/1991) on Purim. At that time, President Bush Sr. didnt

finish the job. Loose ends were left that developed into the current situation. In spite of this,
President Bush Sr. recognized that as a result of that war, the entire world order had been
The period of the Gulf War coincided with what is referred to in Torah, and in particular, in
the Maamar HaGeula by RaMCHaL (Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzato, zs'l) as the Pekida. The
Pekida is a glimpse of how the final Redemption will unfold. The first stage is temporary,
and the final and complete Redemption follows later in the final stage, which is called the
The pekida comes before the zechira. The pekida is Moshiach ben Yosef and is related to
the yesod (foundation) and is the tikkun of the soul. The zechira is Moshiach ben David and
is related to tiferet and is the tikkun of the body. The RaMCHaL says that the biblical
kingdom of Yehudah had two tribes while the kingdom of Israel (Yosef) had ten tribes.
Moshiach ben Yosef comes to deliver the TWO tribes and Moshiach ben David comes to
deliver the TEN tribes.
This is the meaning of the prophecy in Sefer Yechezkel HaNavi, zs'l, chapter 37;19
, ; ,
. , ,
'I will take Yosef's stick, which is in Ephraim's hand, and the tribes of Israel associated with
it, and I will put them with Yehudah's stick. I will make them into one stick. They will be
one in My hand.'
The son of President Bush (George from George/Gog MiGog) is picking up where his
father left off. Most of the players in the first administration are the actual players in the
current situation. It is important to note that the President and most of the world (including
the gentile nations) turned to HaShem in prayer and repentance following the WTC attack.
It is also worth noting that it was exactly 26 days from the WTC attack to the beginning of
the war on Hoshana Rabba. This number, 26, is an allusion to Whom is making the
judgment. The judgment is coming from Hashem directly (the numerical value of
HaShem's name is 26).
In the Zohar it says that the two towers are said to represent the forces of tuma'a, called
Li**** and Sa****. They are both associated with the presence of death in the world.
Every nation on earth appears to have had offices or representatives in the 2 towers. The
financial power of every nation was represented in that structure. Economic markets around
the globe have been impacted strongly by the collapse of the towers.
The Zohar continues that from this conclusion, the effect flows out to all the other gentile
nations, each according to what they require. The text specifically mentions a physical
impact as well as a spiritual impact.
Zohar (Parshat Balak 3:212b):
"On the sixth day, there will be seen a comet" [Commentaries explain it is not really a
comet, but a fireball that will explode in mid-air}
1) The fall of the dominion of the gentile nations, and;

2) The transfer of authority to King Moshiach, who is about to be revealed, "on the 25th
day of the 6th month" [25th of Elul/September 13th, 2001) "and this will conclude on the
7th day, at the end of 70 days".
"The first day [of this event] will be seen in a great (or high) city. Three high walls from
this great city will fall on this day, a great palace will fall, and the dominion of this city will
be nullified. Then this comet [meaning its result] will be seen to spread throughout the
world, and in this time harsh wars will break out in all four corners of the earth. Faith will
not be forgotten through them."
It goes on to explain that this process concludes when King Moshiach arises (the actual
expression is "grows") from a cave in the land of Israel to be king over the entire world.
Some people dont like to look at the Zohar as literal or physical, but concerning this
particular section, Rabbi Moshe Cordevero, zs'l, in his commentary, Ohr Yakar, says that
all of these events happen on a spiritual level and a physical level.
As is discussed in many places within the Torah, and in particular, in the first Chassidic
discourse given by the Rebbe Rayatz, zs'l, "Reishit Goyim Amalek," once the head of the
nations Amalek is defeated, the rest of the nations will be uplifted. The conflict, the
opposition to HaShems Will, and the establishment of His kingdom in a complete fashion,
depends solely on Amalek and those connected to Amalek. We learn from Yehoshua bin
Nun, zs'l, in the second paragraph of Aleinu that in the end we will all serve HaShem
together; "And on that day, HaShem will be One and His Name One."
Partial source: Bet Moshiach