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Notes concerning this archive:

I have created this archive to maximize its utility for research and artistic
You will notice certain imperfections in this copy. I attempted to minimize these
wherever possible,
except at the expense of the original.
If you don't have a copy of this book and you have this archive, go buy one. It's
the law.
If you are broke-ass poor, if you plan on using this for educational purposes, if
you collect information and do not distribute it, or if you do own a copy of this text,
please accept my humble offering to your archives. I am at a good time in my existence
to (finally) contribute something worthy of all of you who have permitted me to take so
much, I have. Thanks for waiting. To those unnamed masses, know that I thank you
aloud every day as I glut my mind, eyes and ears with delights only rivaled by the
thoughts of how much more goodness is out there to be shared and enjoyed.
Keep information free, or remember look hard in the mirror when your soul has
been made desolate from boredom.
I would, at this time, like to request of those of you who are now in possession of
this archive to keep it *exclusive* to this site (which shall remain occult[ed]) until
2011.01.02. Do this as a personal favor to me, and as a thank-you to those who made it
possible for you. For those who may have obtained this archive through other means,
please respect my wishes and do not distribute or seed this torrent except at its original
point of distribution until after 2011.01.02. I think that a year and a day is a fair request.
Those that want it can join and contribute to the collective.
CGJ RB archive notes.rtf
This file.
Contained herein are the front and back covers. The internal flaps are
contained in the "cgjRB BWscan (complete)" section. Reproduction of the
spine was omitted.

This section (as a facsimile) consists of a color photographic copy of Jung's
original work (in German). Each page is a separate .jpg and is numbered
sequentially according to its location in the Red Book and as the page is
numbered with respect to the whole. These images are in .jpg format to
reduce image size while maintaining quality.
This section is a black and white scan @ 400dpi of the above file in .tif
This is a .pdf of the English translation of the Red Book (also scanned
@400dpi). It has been OCR'ed and optimized, but not verified. (contains no
This section contains 2 folders. The first contains a reproduction of a short
article in the NYTimes. The second contains only the images from the Red
Book, these are in uncompressed .tif format and roughly edited to size.
Know that this archive contains some "alternate/duplicate" versions, as I thought
it best to provide a solid Black and White copy @ 400dpi of the first (German, Pictorial,
Original) section as a supplement to the full-color digital photographs included, as
Photoshop, as lovely as it is, can still mangle a letter at any resolution.
The second (English Translation) section was also scanned as 400dpi .tif files, for
translation into a .pdf document and then processed with OCR. The final result should
be as legible and as searchable as an unverified OCR often isn't. There are words that
are "barred" or "struck out" in several of the notes. This is not an accident. The English
(second) section was not scanned in color or photographed. In the black and white scan
some may notice a slightly "faded" aspect to certain words. This is also not an accident.
The blues and reds that were used in the original text to distinguish certain terms were
homogenized in lovely black and white. Although this is the most glaring shortcoming of
this archive, I considered it as an acceptable omission, leaving the honor of going over
the text and restoring the color to the English to another stalwart soul. For the curious, i
suggest you return to the original with a German dictionary.
Means & Methods:
The camera used is a Nikon D5000 (12.1Mp). I photographed this book on a
photo-stand using 2 "75w" bulbs as light sources. A piece of black paper was placed
behind each page during photographing to minimize the "bleeding through" of the
contents of the other side of the page. These images were edited with Photoshop 8 and
Acrobat 9 Pro on a Mac [PPC g5 tower 2g DP w/ 4g Ram].

Caveat Emptor:
I own the original. It is a first-edition, one of 5000. Know that I agonized over
using it as source material.
Know also that this book is of such high quality that it was not harmed during the
The person who brought this to you. Enjoy.
to you! to the universities whose facilities i liberated from nocturnal inutility. to the
bookstore that sold me their only copy (not knowing there would be only one). and finally
to my ex-girlfriend, who was as invaluable in this as she was a patient second set of