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How Listening and speaking theories can aid, English teachers

last in SLA classrooms.

The theories of Listening and
Speaking skills reflect various
features of speakers and
utterances. It shows the emotional
state of the speaker, whether an
utterance is a statement, a command
or a question; whether a speaker is
being ironic or sarcastic, emphasize, contrast or focus. Listening is a three-
step process, which consist of three basic steps. Educator sought guidance in
aiding students through this ‘3 steps process’ procedure. First, listen.
Listening to your students will help you to tell apart their behaviors and go
down to their level when it comes to giving advices, guidance and
conveying your knowledge. Why learning should be on their level of
acceptance? This is because students could not accept words and advices,
which they are not able to picture and understand. The second procedure is,
understanding. Each upbringing will brought differences in one’s attitude
and habits, which vary according to one’s culture, lifestyle, circle of friends
and their mentality. A good teacher knows that students differ from one
another and sometimes rebel for reasons. Educators who adapt and
understand Listening and speaking theory will find it easy to understand
their student’s circumstances, how to approach them and finally, how to be
accepted by them. When this happen, a tutor will find that it is easy to teach
and share their experiences with their students, as boundaries has no longer

a distinct communication between an educator and respective second language learner will engage them to learn more and have fun while learning. the combination of Listening and Speaking Theories will guide second language learners to build their independency in learning a second language. this method is a useful hand for teachers to know their students and to seek the right teaching plans and materials needed. In short. The blend of both will theoretically result in an excellent SLA (Second Language Acquisition) classroom. In the process of getting to know your existence between them. Concisely. . observing and at the end judging him/her from your view. The third procedure is judging. This procedure will help educators to fine the appropriate way in teaching them up to their level. ways to draw them nearer and lastly. which is stated above. attracting them into the learning process. all the aims and results of precise listening theory. Furthermore. you are analyzing. Teachers that possessed great skills on Suprasegmental features precisely stress and intonation will find no hurdles in teaching in SLA classrooms as the right stress helps second language learners to avoid nuance in utterances. Farah Liyana BT Mohamad Shukri :] liyana1473@yahoo. will never to happen without the assist of speaking theory.