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Pre-development surveys, studies and Right

Of Way acquisition assistance -- Service
teams are composed of geodetic engineers,
environmental impact specialists, and lawyers.
State of the art equipment and data management systems, established linkages and total
familiarity with public works help them
deliver these services faster than others.

Operations, Maintenance,
Traffic Management and
Safety Enforcement -Our TMS specialists are
graduates of the University
of the Philippines National Center for Transportation Studies (UP-NCTS)
with distinction in traffic
engineering and management.

or text 0917 613 6893 or 0947 221 9612.

We will call you.

They hold citations from

government regulators for
exemplary enforcement
and compliance with
international standards
of road safety, consistent
no-injury record during
construction, and low traffic incidence during operations of expressways
with the countrys highest vehicle count.

ABIZCONSULT fields specialists to help you

solve problems in Land and Infrastructure
Development, Operation and Maintenance,
Traffic, Security and Safety Enforcement, and
the stakeholder issues related to these services.

Communications management -- Our print,

broadcast and digital media specialists will clarify
and direct your communications components to
the right audience so you dont waste money on
unproductive channels.

CALL 696 9071

Calling them in early saves money, invaluable

reputation and, in many cases, peoples lives.
Calling them even after cracks appear still saves
management from falling into worse trouble.
Heres why:
ABIZCONSULT specialists are selected on the
basis of proven expertise in areas of expertise that
cover all project phases from pre-development to

GIS mapping, above, by ABIZCONSULT

geodetic engineers shows exact location of lots
affected by the alignment of the new expressway from Tarlac through Pangasinan and La
Union. Early and precise identification of
affected lots speed up the right of way acquisition procedures.

But their main function is to head off public outrage, and neutralize or mitigate the impact of bad
publicity that very often, provokes further agitation and possible violence.


in Land and Infrastructure Project Management,

Stakeholder Management, Traffic Management
and Safety, are former executives of South Luzon
Expressway (SLEX), Southern Tagalog Arterial
Road (STAR), the Dept. of Environment and
National Resources (DENR), City Traffic Management Offices and regulatory agencies, as well
as former government solicitors, lawyers specializing in Land Acquisition, and para-legals.


We will assess your problem. And if you need our

help to solve it, we will field a project team or a
single specialist, depending on your need.
ABIZCONSULT specialists go in, find the
problem, solve it and get out ... no added load to
your overhead. You save when you outsource the
problem to specialists.

Pre-development permits and clearances -Experienced para-legals avoid costly delays in

your implentation schedule by delivering, on
time, these otherwise time consuming, government compliances.
Stakeholder management -- PR professionals
and trained negotiators increase your chances of
gaining public support, and reduce the risk of
your project getting stalled by protest actions,
prolonged opposition, and the likely adverse
response from government.

Effective traffic management ensures safe movement of

goods and people even in difficult road conditions. Above
photos track TM changes over 2 months of construction.

Please call (02) 696 9071

0917 613 6893
or 0947 221 9612
to talk to a specialist from

Still the most effective way to gain community suport:

consultations and negotiations in all possible venues.

Prolonged public outrage inflicts long-term damage and

could cost your companys hard-earned reputation.


Let us
solve it!

Land and Infrastructure Project Management
2405 Medical Plaza, 25 San Miguel Ave.
1605 Pasig City, Philippines
Telefax No: (02) 696 9071
Cellphone Nos: 0927 613 6893
0947 221 9612
0915 789 6907
0917 539 6165