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Thuvaaragan Kuruparan

Evaluation Activity 4
Who would be the target audience for our media product?
The BBFC certification we have given our final product is 15. We didnt certify the movie as a 12 as we
thought that the majority of people under the age of 15 would find the narrative a little confusing as
well as finding certain scenes uncomfortable to watch, frightening or in the worst case scenario,
physiologically harmed. We ranged the ages from 15 to 25 as we thought people between these ages
can relate to the story more than any others as the concept of our story is based around young adults.
Certifying the movie 18 also wouldnt have been a good idea as our story is based on teenagers. We felt
that anyone older than 25 would find the story boring as they wont be able to relate to the story in any
way. We got to these conclusions from the research we did pre-production such as the prequestionnaire.

Examples of our target audience

Name: Nadim Chowdhury
Age: 16
Likes: Anime, Music, Thriller/horror films, Comics etc.
Nadims 3 favourite thriller films are Inception (2010), Se7en
(1995) and Final Destination 5 (2011).
One reason why I believe Nadim is similar to our target
audience and would enjoy our film is because he enjoys
watching thriller films and because he is a teenager. Our
target audience is primarily teenagers and therefore Nadim is
a clear representation of our target audience. He has also watched and enjoyed Se7en, which is one of
our main inspirations. Like Lucy, Nadim is a high school student and therefore he can relate to the story
i.e. when he stays back in school late to do work. This will affect his primal fears.
Nadims opinion on the production I loved it from the beginning to the end. It kept me on the edge of
my seat throughout the whole sequence which I really liked.
Name: Maithy Kuru
Age: 19
Likes: Music, thriller films, sit-coms, reading etc.
Maithys 3 favourite thriller films are Friday the 13th (2009),
Final Destination 3 (2006) and Salt (2010).
Maithy is also within our target audience as it ranges from the
age 15 to 25. She is also a clear representation of our target
audience as she likes watching thriller film and watches them
very often. She is able to relate and identify with the
protagonist of our production as she, like Lucy, is a young

Thuvaaragan Kuruparan
female still in education. As she is at university, she might come across a moment where she is alone in
the corridors and therefore our film might play on her fears just as it does on Nadim.
Maithys opinion on the production It made me want to
watch the rest of the movie.
Name: Suleman Mohamed
Age: 23
Likes: Sports, Video games, movies, music etc.
Sulemans 3 favourite thriller films are Final Destination 5
(2011), The Maze Runner (2014) and Lucy (2014).
Suleman is also in our age category; 15 to 25. The reason why I
believe that he suits our target audience is that he enjoys and
watches thrillers often. His favourite thriller is the Maze
Runner, which is quite similar to our production in terms of the
mystery in it.
Sulemans opinion on the production It has a great concept to it and I really wanted to watch the rest
of the film.
For our production, one of our main objectives was to build tension and
fear within the audience as that is what a typical thriller film does. I
think we achieved this with the use of the four technical aspects;
cinematography, mise-en-scene, sound and editing to our best ability
and created a final product that suits our target audience well.

Other personal reviews

Aron Kingham 17 year old college student
I really liked the bit where she got snatched and overall, it looked really good.
Ben Bateman 16 year old sixth form student
The concept was good and it flowed really well.
Amrita Farook 17 year old sixth form student
When the title at the end came up I was surprised thinking it was a cliff hanger which disappointed me
but then I was glad the director made sure they showed what happened after.