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Proposal for Term Paper

Title of The Study

Strategic Analysis of Bangladesh Mobile Telecom Industry & Grameenphone Limited

Guided by
Mr. Abdus Samad Chowdhury
Senior Management Counselor
BIM, Dhaka

Submitted By
Md. Fuad hasan
ID- 14MM017

Bangladesh Institute of Management (BIM)

4, Mirpur Road, Sobhanbag

November 5, 2014

The Supervisor
Senior Management Counselor
Marketing Management Division
Bangladesh Institute of Management

Subject: Submission of Term Paper Proposal on Strategic Analysis of Bangladesh

Mobile Telecom Industry & Grameenphone Limited.

Dear Sir,
With due respect I am presenting the proposal of term paper on Strategic Analysis of
Bangladesh Mobile Telecom Industry & Grameenphone Limited. Here I have tried to
give a brief outline of the term paper, which I would likely to submit you.
I would be glad if you go through the proposal and allow me to work on mentioned topic.

Yours faithfully

Md. Fuad hasan

ID- 14MM017

1.Title of the study:

The title of the report is Strategic Analysis of Bangladesh Mobile Telecom Industry &
Grameenphone Limited.
2. Introduction:
From the dawn of human civilization people use many ways to communicate with each
other and those ways of communication were changed or updated time to time
because of new innovation and demand. Those innovations were done by some gifted
human beings for the well being of human society. Their work also inspired others to do
research and invent new things which changed the history of human civilization.
Telephone was one of these inventions that revolutionized the way of communication. Mr.
Watson, come here, I want to see you, this was the first message ever transmitted from
one place to another, through a device called telephone and the eminent scientist
Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922) is credited with inventing the first practical
During the last decade, telecommunication sector has grown up as one of the most
competitive sector in the business world. Mobile phone service providing is one of
them. Mobile phones are spreading ubiquitously across the planet. They are considered
a common manifestation of the latest phase of globalization, along with Chinese consumer
goods and Indian information technology services. With about 3.5 billion subscribers and
users worldwide, mobile phones have out-diffused virtually every prior technology,
including bicycles, radios, television (TV) sets, wallets, wire line phones, and
wristwatches, and have done so in twenty-five years. The power of telephony is forging
a new enterprise culture, from banking to agriculture to healthcare. The opportunities
that lie in the telecom industry seem endless and lucrative due to the continuous
innovation and growing demand for mobile-telephony.
We have come a long way since the invention of telephone and today it is a part and parcel
of our everyday life. However, mobile phones are also playing a great role in
telecommunication. Nowadays mobile phones have become an indispensable part of
Bangladeshi's everyday-life and we never want to leave this device at home while we
head for our work. Thanks to the telecom-revolution and its relentless evolution that
together has made it possible even in developing country like Bangladesh.
There are six mobile phone operators in Bangladesh. These are Grameenphone (GP),
Banglalink, Robi, Airtel, Citycell and Teletalk (Wikipedia, 2012f). Citycell is the first

mobile phone operator in Bangladesh. Today GP is the market leader and Banglalink is
the market challenger, in terms of number of subscribers they have, in Bangladesh
mobile telecom industry. Hence I have preferred the mobile telecom industry of
Bangladesh for my current study and chosen Grameenphone Limited (GP) as the case. Here
I give a figure through which we can get a view of total market share o Telecom industry in

Figure: Market Share of Telecom Industry

3. Importance of the study:
Main object of this term paper is to know about the Telecommunication Industry in
Bangladesh. This study is also important for the following reason:
Though telecommunication market increasing rapidly in our country so it will be a
great opportunity to know the business strategy of telecom operators.
In telecom industry there exist a huge competition. So as a Marketing Management
student it is very important for me to understand a competitive market.
It will help me to get a sound knowledge about a term paper preparation.
Though some analysis is required in this report so it will also increase my analytical
4. Objective of the study:
The objectives of this study are:
To analyze the external and internal environment of mobile telecom industry
To know the pricing strategy of Grameenphone Limited (GP).

To know the promotional strategy of Grameenphone limited (GP).

To know the distribution strategy of Grameenphone limited (GP).
To understand strategy implementation process of Grameenphone limited (GP).
To know the CSR policy of Grameenphone limited (GP).

5. Methodology:
This study is exploratory in nature. This study is mainly based on secondary data. This
study will conduct by collecting data from different sources such as different publication,
annual report of Grameenphone Limited, Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory
commission web site, and also some different website from where we can collect relevant
In this report I will use some statistical graph such as Bar chart, Pie chart etc.
It will also include some table and figure.
6. Limitations:
There are some limitations for the research like:

Primary data collection is not possible.

Some Secondary data may be used by another researcher.
Time management is also an important fact because time is limited.
All the published data will be used in this report.