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PROPHET MUHAMMAD (peace be upon




The scriptures of Hinduism known as Vedas, Shastras, Puranas, etc. are all in Sanskrit
Language. It is universally accepted that Sanskrit had been one of the oldest language in
the world. In this Sanskrit language, there is a scripture known as ‘BHAVISNYA
PURANA”. This is supposed to have been written by the Sage, Maha Rishi Viyasar
In its original script:-
The translation read as follows
‘A Milechar (a foreigner) will appear as a teacher of a new religion, with the help of his
friends. His name would be ‘Mahamat’. A king of this land will give great respect to his
teaching; and praise him. Cleansing himself with Ganges water and Panjagouyom, he
would say, ‘I wholeheartedly follow you’ He Mahamat would be devoid of all sins.
Coming from dry (desert) land, he would be very holy. He will fight against evil forces.
He will gather warriors, for this purpose. He will give protection even to enemies’.

In this verse, the name ‘Muhammad’ is mentioned directly as ‘Mahamat’ at the beginning
of the second sentences. Also in this there is very clear prophecy regarding Prophet
Muhammad s.a.w. Please note that this verse specifically says ‘Milechar’ a foreigner –
not an Indian – and his name would be Mahamat.

King of this land giving great respect to Mahamat’s teaching refers to a South Indian
King by name of Cheraman, who had trade contact with Arabs and later become a
Muslim at the time of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

Adarva Veda is a Sanskrit Scripture that was written even before ‘Bhavishya Purana’. It
is known how many hundreds of years before the birth of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. was
Adarva Veda written. In this Scripture in episode (Kandam) 20, Chapter (Sutra) 127
verses (Mantra) 1, 2 and 3 reads as follow:-

Translation “Oh Mankind, listen with a complete belief: A man, who will be of all praise,
will be created amongst mankind. We shall provide him sanctuary against his sixty

thousand and ninety enemies. He and his friends will come in twenty camels; the dust
stirred by these camels will be so much as to cover the horizon. He will give gold, horses
and cows as gifts”.
1) Man of praise refers to Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. in fact the actual meaning of
the Arabic word Muhammad means be praised.
2) It is known exactly how many enemies prophet Muhammad s.a.w had at this time,
but it is however established that there were thousands
3) When he and later his companion made his Hijrah (emigration) from Makkah to
Madinah, they went on camels. (No sage or saint or religious – teacher from
Indian, traveled on camels; and so, this definitely cannot refer to anyone from
India. It must refer to people who traditionally travel on camel! And they were
4) Whatever gold, horse and cattle that prophet Muhammad s.a.w received, he gave
away as gift to the poor and needy.
From these, it is very clear the verse in Adarva Veda prophesies the coming of Prophet
Muhammad PBUH

In another chapter of Adarva Veda – chapter 1, verse 10 – the translation reads as

‘Allah is complete. (The words Allah do appear in the original Sanskrit text). The whole
universe belongs to Him. Mahamat (here again the word Mahamat do appear in the
original text) who glorifies God’s existence is his Messenger. Oh God! Oh God! God
who activated the universe is the Creator and Sustainer of the Earth. There is only one
god, no one else.
Behold the magnitude of the Formless God! God who revealed this Adarva Veda
containing ‘On Kerim’, created Mankind, cattle and everything. Pray only the Formless
one – God. Mahamat, who will destroy the evil with ‘On Reem’ prayer, is Allah’s
Messenger. There is no other god except the Omnipresent God.’ (Allobanished 1:10)

Also please note that the Adarva Veda – one of the Hindu Scripture –also attests, or
confirm, that God is only ONE; and he is Formless.

In another of the four Vedas in Rig Veda – it is said; “Mahamat who is truthful,
knowledgeable and powerful, will bless me. He is blessing for the whole world. He is
glorified with ten thousand people” (in Al-Quran, prophet Muhammad (peace be upon
him) is referred to as Rahamatun – lil – Aalamin “meaning “Blessing for the whole
world’ –same phrase as appears in the above quotation).

Also mentioned of the ten thousands refers to the exactly ten thousand sahabats
(companions) of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) who accompanied him when
he marched into Makkah.

Mahabarata – one of the older Hindu Scripture – written many centuries before the birth
of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) –also prophesied the coming of the last
prophet in the chapter ‘Kaliyuga Kandam’. It is written there: - “In the period of
Kaliyuga (the last Yuga-celestial period) a person named Mahamat will be born. The
clouds will provide shade for him. He will migrate from his place of birth. He will marry
many wives. To him will descend a scripture with 30 parts. He will conquer his birth
place with might of warriors. He will cleanse the place of worship. The world will attain
peace through him”.
Please note in the above passage that even the name ‘Mahamat’ has been clearly

The mention of a scripture with 30 parts – as everyone knows – refers to Al-Quran,

which contains 30 chapters. When prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) was a small
boy, he once accompanied his uncle on a business trip to Syria. A Christian Priest who
had his monastery on the way to Syria, observed that clouds were following overhead the
small boy, giving shade from the scorching sun of the barren desert. This is the incident
foretold in the above passage in Mahabarata.

Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) prime teaching was Oneness of God – and
this is what is told in the above prophecy.

When his own people – his very close relative and others – opposed his teachings and
plotted to kill him, he migrated to Madinah – as mentioned in the above quoted prophecy.
He married many wives, and with his companions numbering 10,000 conquered his birth
place Makkah. And he cleansed the place of worship Kaabah, in Makkah by removing
each and every one of the idols that was there. Thus, prophecy in Kaliyuga Kandam of
Mahabarata truly and totally proclaims the coming of prophet Mohamed (peace be upon

Hindu Puranas, written many centuries before the birth of Prophet Muhammad (peace be
upon him), tell about a personality, mentioned as Kalgi-Avathar who was yet to come.
Pandit Prasad Uphadyaya, M.A a well known Hindu research scholar of religions
concludes in his book Kalgi Avathar Aur Mohamed Sahib that this Kalgi Avathar
mentioned in Puranas is none other than Prophet Muhammad. Let us now see what the
prophecy says about this Kalgi-Avathar:
Kalgi Avathar will be born as the last prophet, on the 12 th day of a month in Champahal,
to a very distinguished family. His father’s name would be Vishnu Bagath; his mother’s
name would be Soomathi. Kalgi would get his knowledge from Parasuram, at a
mountain. He will be the last prophet, being the guidance for the whole world. He will
get help from God’s Messenger. He will be of unequal beauty.

His body would be of sweet fragrance. He would eat dates and ride horses. He will get a
horse from Siva. He would defeat Satan with his four friends. He would be tortured by
his own people, after which he would migrate to town, north of mountain. After some
years, with the might of sword, he would conquer his birthplace. With the horse given by
Siva, that travels faster than lightning, he would traverse the world and the seven

Let us analyze the above prophecy.

• Champahal is the same desert place, also mentioned in the Bible.

• Distinguished Family – refers to Muhammad’s ancestry, which was regarded as
noblest of Kuraishi clan, which itself was regarded as highest in status, among other
clans of Arabia.
• 12th day of a month – accurate prophesy – in that the birthday of prophet Muhammad
(peace be upon him) was 12th day of Muslim calendar month of Rabiul Awal
• Vishnu Bagath – the name of Kalgi’s father is the Sanskrit term, meaning ‘slave of
God’ which when translated in Arabic becomes Abdullah – which was the name of
Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) father.
• Soomathi – the name of Kalgi’s mother is the Sanskrit term, meaning ‘Peaceful
Place’ which when translated in Arabic becomes Aminah, which was the name of
Muhammad’s mother
• Siva & Parasuram – refers to God
• Town at the north of mountain – accurately refers to Madinah
• Getting knowledge from Parasuram at the mountain – clearly refers to Prophet
Muhammad (peace be upon him), who was uneducated, getting the first revelation
from God (Parasuram) at the mountain Hira’.
• Horse faster than lightning - refers to the horse – like creature ‘Buraaq’ on which
prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) traversed this world and the heavens
during Mihraj.
• The four friends – refers to the Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) very close
companions, who later become the first four rulers of Islamic world, after Prophet
Muhammad. (peace be upon him) Namely Abu Bakar, Umar, Uthman and Ali (r.a).

Base on all these observations, Pandit Prasad Uphadyaya concludes that all qualities
mentioned in this prophecy of Kalgi – Avathar most precisely befits Prophet Muhammad
peace be upon him). No other personality in the history of mankind so aptly befits the

In Sama Veda – on of the Vedas of Hindu religion – (sama Veda, ii: 6, 8)

‘Ahmad acquired Shariah (religious law) from his lord. This Shariah is full of wisdom. I
receive light from his just from the sun’
Here again, the name of prophet to come has been specified as Ahmad (Muhammad)
But some old commentators, because of ignorance of the Arabic word ‘Ahmad’, could
not comprehend that name and so have mistakenly translated the word, by splitting the
word ‘Ahmad’ into ‘Ahm at hi’ and gave wrong expectations.

However other verses in the same Sama Veda affirm, that ‘Ahmad’ is none other than
Muhammad, thus;
‘A man called ‘Mamma’ will attain victory with his ten thousand people’
It is to be noted that in this verses, the name of the man (yet to come) has been
specifically mentioned as ‘Mamma’ (does not this word sound similar to Muhammad?)

And, attaining victory with this ten thousand people is none other Prophet Muhammad
(peace be upon him) – if one knows the life – history of Prophet Muhammad (peace be
upon him).

The Bible too in Deuteronomy, describes this man, coming with ten thousands me as
‘…………….he shone from Mount Paran he come with the ten thousands holy ones’
(Deut 33.2)

Mount Paran is nowhere else except in Arabian Peninsula. And this verse in the Bible
too, tells about the ten thousands ‘holy one’ (companions of Prophet Muhammad) who
accompanied the Prophet at the victory of Makkah.

Co-relating this verse in the Bible and the verses in Sama Veda, it is clear that the one
that shore from mount Paran and attain victory with ten thousand people is none other
than Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).


Pharsi religion (the religion that was practiced in Iran in pre Islamic era) is the one of the
oldest religions on the world. Its scriptures are known as “Dasatir” and “Jant Avasthe”.

In the Dasatir, in its 14th Verse, Islamic principles with administrative laws are written. In
these verses, Prophecy about Prophet Muhammad PBUH is stated very clearly. It says:

Translation: - “when Persian morality decline to lowest, a man will appear from Arabia.
Those following him will choke the Persian crown, religion and everything. The authority
and control of Persia will go to them. The idols in their (Arabic) permanent temple
(kaaba) built by their ancestors will be removed. But people will give immense honour to
the empty temple. Das and Bulk (two big cities of that time in Persia) will fall. The
learned people and others of Persia will join those who follow him.” (Prophet
Muhammad PBUH).

This older Persian Scripture is still found in present day Iran.


Due to ignorance of the true concepts of the teachings of Buddha, many Buddhist believe
that in Buddhism there is no place for BELIEF IN GOD! But many archaeological
findings prove to the contrary – Buddha has EMPHASISED to believe in One God, and
he has prophesied the coming Prophet Muhammad PBUH. A famous scholar, Arthur
Lily, says that the following was seen as an inscription on a stone – Slab, as saying of
Buddha: -

“Believe in God and do whatever righteous things He has commanded you to do,
because he is the Only One who is fit to be prayed and showed your humbleness. I
declare openly there in no other way equal to this belief (of One God) to attain the Bliss
of Heaven. So, oh, my people put in all your efforts to attain this highest goal”.

Buddha could have been one of the many prophets and he too had prophesied the coming
of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

“Thikanikaya” is one of the Buddhist Scripture. In it is stated that “Maitriya” will finally

During the later years of Gautama Buddha, his closest disciple, Ananda asked,
“Who shall teach us when you are gone?”

Buddha replied:
“I am not the first Buddha who comes upon earth, nor shall I be the last. In due
time, another Buddha will arise in this world, a holy one, a supremely enlightened one,
endowed with wisdom in conduct, auspicious, knowing the universe, an incomparable
leader of men, a master of angles and mortals. He will reveal to you the same external
truths which I have though you.

He will preach his religion, glorious in its origin, glorious at its climax, and glorious at
the goal. He will proclaim a religious life, wholly perfect and pure, such as I now
proclaim. His disciples will number many thousands while mine number many

Ananda said: “How shall we know him?”

Buddha replied: he will be known as “Maitraya”
It is also stated in the book “Arshagyanani” page 282 as Buddha having said:
“All must believe the “Maitriya” – the prophet to come.”

If we study the qualities of that “Maitliya”, as told by Buddha himself, it would be clear
that the afore-said prophecy pertains to Prophet Muhammad. How?
Buddhism declares that Buddhas are not God. In “Dbammapada” vol x, it is stated.
“The Tatbagatas (Buddhas-prophets are only preachers”
Thus, all buddhas are preachers, but all preachers cannot be Buddhas. Whence, all those
who claim to be God, and all those whose followers call their teachers as God, cannot
qualify for Buddha’s prophecy, because its explicitly says that the “Maitriya” would only
be a preacher.
All the Buddhist scripture, Saddharma Pundika, states the qualities of an ideal preacher,
The strength of charity is my abode, the apparel of forbearance is my robe, and
voidness (selfishness) is my seat. Let the preacher take his stand on this and preach.
When clods, stick or pikes or abusive words or threats, fall to the lot of preacher, let him
be patient and thinking of me.”
Anyone, who knows the life-history of Prophet Muhammad, can easily realize that the
qualities mentioned in the above saying of Buddha, befits Prophet Muhammad, in toto.
And analyzing the word “Maitriya” mentioned by Buddha as the “great prophet yet to
come”, one can affirm beyond all doubts that, that Maitriya is, indeed Prophet
The word Matriya – or, Mettaya in Pali Language and all corresponding words used in
Burmese, Chinese, Tibetan and Japanese – carry the same meaning as the Arabic word
“Rahmath” – meaning “Blesses”, “Benevolent”, “merciful”, “compassionate”, etc.
And Prophet Muhammad has been addressed by God Himself in Al-Quran as
“Rahmath (=Maitriya) – Lil Alameen – Muhammad is blessing for the whole
It is stated in book “Arshagyanam” page 282, as Buddha having said
“All must believe the “Maitriya”, the prophet to come.”

In the Christian Scripture – The Holy Bible – in “Song of Solomon” 5:16 read as follow
(in the original Hebrew Language).
“Hikko Manittadim Vikklu Mahamadin Zahyudi Ver eur Raai Benute Yafus
“His speech is most sweet (His teachings are most sweet). He is Muhammad. He
is my beloved; he my friend. Oh, daughters of Jerusalem, I love him very much”.
In this song in Hebrew language, the word Muhammad is mentioned very clearly. The
last two letters – I’m which come with that word, are used as “word of respect” in
Hebrew Language. The Jews do sing this hymn even to-day; but do it as some sort of
rites; without really realizing what they are reading. In the bible of other language-
English, etc, that phrase has been translated as “He is altogether lovely” – the original
word Muhammad being left out; and replaced with “altogether lovely”!! – for reasons
known only to the translators)
Also in Deuteronomy 18:18, it says as God saying to Moses:
“I will raise them up a prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee and I
will put my words in his mouth; and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command”.
Although Christians may say that this prophecy refer to Jesus Christ, if the verse is
carefully analyzed, it can be clearly understood that it refer to Prophet Muhammad
a) Other than the fact that both Moses and Jesus were Jews and that both were
prophets, there are no other similarity.

b) If it is to be said that Jesus befits this verse because of these facts, then it can be
claimed that the prophets Solomon, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Hosea, Malachi, John
the Baptist, etc, should also fit this verse, because all of them were Jews, and they
were all prophets.

Whereas, Moses and Prophet Muhammad PBUH were alike because;

I. Moses and Prophet Muhammad PBUH both brought new covenants to the people
of the time. Jesus did not bring any new covenant but he came to affirm and
testify existing laws brought by Moses as he himself says in Matthews 5:17 – 18

“Think not that I am come to destroy the laws or the prophets. I am not
come to destroy but to fulfill.”
II. Moses and Muhammad both had a father and a mother. Jesus had a mother but not

III. Moses and Muhammad PBUH married and begot children, Jesus remained a

IV. Both Moses and Muhammad PBUH died natural death. Jesus, according to
Christianity, was violently killed on the cross.

V. Both Moses and Muhammad PBUH finally attained leadership and authority over
their society. They were both unproclaimed kings of their people. Jesus did not
attain this.

Also the verse says “FROM AMONG THEIR BRETHREN”!

Ishmael and Isaac were sons of the same father, Prophet Abraham, and so they were
brothers. Thereby, the children of one are “BRETHREN” to the children of the other. The
children of Isaac are Jews; and the children of Ishmael – who are Arab, are their
‘BRETHREN’. The Bible affirms this.
“And he Ishmael shall dwell in the presence of ALL HIS BRETHREN” (GENESIS
“And he Ishmael died in the presence of ALL HIS BRETHREN” (GENESIS 25:18)
The children of Ishmael are Brethren of the children of Isaac (Israel’s – Jews)
Muhammad was a descendent of Ismail; and thus he was arisen from among their (Jews)
brethren – thereby fulfilling the prophecy to the verse:-
“I will raise them up a prophet from AMONG THEIR BRETHTREN.”
THE NEW TESTAMENT of the Christians is no exception in prophesying the coming of
Prophet Muhammad.
Jesus says:

When the counselor comes, when I will send to you from the father, the spirit of truth,
who goes out from the father, he will testify about me. John:
But I tell you the truth. It is for your good that I am going away. Unless I go away the
counselor will not come to you; but if I go, I will send him to you. When he comes, he
will convict the world of guilt. John 16:7
I have much more to say to you, more than you can bear. John 16:12
But when he, the spirit of truth comes, he will guide you unto all truth. He will not speak
on his own. He will speak only what he hears and he will tell you what is yet to come.
John: 16:13
He will bring glory to me. John 16:14
It is clear that Jesus talks about somebody yet to come, after him. Who is that? Jesus tells
that he will be the Counselor and also he is Spirit of Truth. Now let us compare these
verses with the life history of Prophet Muhammad; and it will be seen that Jesus was, in
fact, referring to Prophet Muhammad. How?
Even during his younger day before the assignment of prophet hood Prophet Muhammad
was also addressed to as Al-Ameen meaning truthful man (spirit of truth), one who could
be completely trusted. Jesus also refers to counselor yet to come as Spirit of Truth.
And every reader of the Quran and the Hadith knows that Prophet Muhammad, at many
times, had testified and glorified Jesus as one of the mightiest prophet. In fact there is a
chapter in the Holy Quran named after Mary, mother of Jesus.
And verse 16:13 of john removes all ambiguity and arguments as to who this spirit of
truth is:
It is clearly Prophet Muhammad; because not even a single word in the Holy Quran is his
own; he merely repeated what he heard through Angle Gabriel (even ardent opponents of
Islam accept this fact).
And Prophet Muhammad has prophesied about many, many things that are yet to happen.
During the last 1400 years, it has been found that many of his sayings have been fulfilled.
(A long list of such prophesies that have been fulfilled can easily be quoted here; but due
to want of space in a small booklet such as this, I leave it out.)