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General words relating to jobs and work

someones job or particular responsibility

Appointment noun
a job, especially an important job

gig noun
a piece of work that you do for money, especially if
you are self-employed

background noun
the type of career, training, or education that
someone has had
business noun
used for talking about business compared to things
that you do when you are not working
call noun
a strong feeling of wanting to do something,
especially as a career
calling noun
a strong feeling that you must do a particular type of
job, especially one that you consider morally good
career noun
a job or series of related jobs that you do, especially
a profession that you spend a lot of your working life
career noun
the time when a sports player, entertainer, or artist is
active or working

hot desking noun

a method of working in which people do not have
their own desk in an office but use any desk that is
available at a particular time
incumbency noun
an official position
incumbency noun
the fact of having an official position, or the time
during which someone has it
job noun
work that you do regularly to earn money. When you
ask someone about their job, you usually say What
do you do?, and not What is your job? The answer
would usually be I am a ... or I work as a..., and not
My job is...
job description noun
a list of all the things that someone must do in their

career noun
connected with someones career

job security noun

the knowledge that your job is permanent as long as
you want it to be

career adjective
a career politician, soldier, teacher etc wants to be in
their profession for a long time and to achieve
success or power in it

job-sharing noun
a system in which two people share the work from a
single job, so that each one works for part of the day
or week

careers adjective
connected with the process of choosing a career

labor the American spelling of labour

career structure noun

a system for making regular progress in your career
by moving to a more important job or position each
collaboration noun
the process of working with someone to produce
collaboration noun
something that people produce by working together
delegation noun
the process of giving some of your work, duties, or
responsibilities to a less senior person or a less
powerful person
division of labour noun
the way that the work that needs to be done is
divided so that different people are responsible for
different parts of it
employment noun
work that you are paid regularly to do for a person or
employment noun
relating to jobs and work
encore career noun
a second career that someone has after retiring from
the first
function noun

labour noun
line noun
the way that communication, authority, or
responsibility is shared between people in an
livelihood noun
something such as your work that provides the
money that you need to live
load noun
an amount of work that a person, piece of equipment,
or system has to do at one time
metier noun
the type of work that you are good at, or the subject
that you know most about
occupation noun
a job. This word is used especially on forms and in
formal writing
occupational adjective
relating to, or caused by, your job
off-site noun
a short trip for all the employees in a particular
department or company, especially so that they can
learn more about each other and how to work
together better
opening noun
a job that needs a person to do it

opportunity noun
a job that is available
opus noun
any piece of work that someone produces
order book noun
the total work that a company has agreed to do in the
future, which shows how safe its workers jobs are
pluralism noun
a situation in which someone has more than one job
or position, especially in a church
portfolio working noun
a way of organizing your working life in which you
work for several different employers and do several
different jobs at one time instead of working all the
time for one employer

work noun
a job that someone is paid to do
work noun
the things that you do as part of your job
work noun
something that someone makes or does in their job
work experience noun
the experience and skills that you gain in doing a
particular job
working life noun
the period of time in your life that you work
workload noun
the amount of work that a person or organization has
to do
careerist adjective

position noun
a job in a company
post noun
a job, especially one with a lot of responsibility
probation noun
a period of time during which someone who has been
given a new job is watched to see whether they can
do the job well and stay in the position
profession noun
a job that you need special skills and qualifications to
do, especially one with high social status
professional adjective
relating to your work or career
professional development noun
the process of obtaining the skills, qualifications, and
experience that allow you to make progress in your
professionally adverb
in a way that is connected with your work or career
prospects noun
chances of success, especially in a job or career
service noun
work or duties done for a person or an organization
situation noun
a job
slot noun
a job that someone has as part of a team of people
start out used about someones career
tenure noun
the period of time during which someone has an
important job or is an elected official
term noun
a period of time during which a politician or other
official holds their job
trade noun
a job or type of work that someone is trained to do
vacancy noun
a job that is available for someone to do

job-share noun
occupationally adverb
a good/smart/clever career move
an action or change of job that helps you to be
successful in your career
walk of life
the job someone does or the position they have in