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1.For the autonomous system (t)=f(x); f(0)=0; if all the sufficient conditions for stability are
satisfied then the equilibrium x=0 of the system is stable if
[ ]
(b)dv/dt<0 (c)dv/dt=0 (d)dv/dt>0
2.The non-linear system =f(x); f(0)=0 is asymptotically stable at the origin if there exists a
constant, positive definite, symmetric matrix P such that the matrix F(x)= ____________ is
negative definite for all x, further more V(x)=fTPf.
[ ]
(a)J (x)P+P J(x) (b)J(x)P +PJ(x) (c)J (x)P+PJ(x) (d)all the above
3.Consider the system =[

]X + [ ]U, y=[1 2]X. A feedback signal u=r+[2 -1]X is

introduced then the system is

(a)controllable (b)observable (c)both a and b (d)partially controllable

[ ]

4.In the case of a single-input system, the estimate of kx would always be provided by an
observer of dimension ____________, where is observability index of the system.
[ ]
(a) +2 (b) -2 (c) +1 (d) -1
5.____________ is the branch of mathematics which is concerned with the finding of trajectories
that maximize or minimize a given functional.
[ ]
(a)calculus of variations (b)pole placement (c)reduced state feedback (d)full state observer
6.Given = -x+u; x(0)=x0, x(2)=x1. In finding u* that minimizes J= x2+u2)dt. *-2x*=_____.[]
(a)2 (b)-1 (c)1


7.In solving the optical control problem using minimum principle the important step is
(a)form the Pontryagin function (b)to find u*=u*(x t) (c)solve the set of 2n equations
(d)all the above

[ ]

8.Which is true with respect to Pontryagins minimum principle

[ ]
(a)formulation is easy (b)actual computation is more difficult (c)control variable inequality
constraints further add difficulties (d)all the above
9.The interception of attacking aircraft and missile is an example of ____________ problem. [ ]
(a)minimum energy (b)minimum time (c)minimum fuel (d)all the above
10.In _________ problem the performance index to be minimized is J=

u(t) dt


(a)minimum time (b)minimum fuel (c)minimum energy (d)all the above

11.The system (t)=f(x,t) is stable in the sense of ____________ at the origin if, for every initial
state x(t0) which is sufficiently close to the origin, x(t)remains near the origin for all r.

12.The linear system =Ax is globally asymptotically stable at the origin if and only if for any
given symmetric positive definite matrix Q, there exists a symmetric positive definite matrix P
that satisfies the matrix equation ________________.
13.The simpler techniques of constructing a Lyapunov function are ____________ and
14.A linear system which is not completely controllable can be stabilized by linear __________
if and only if the uncontrollable system poles are all stable.
15.The main goal of a ________ design is to stabilize an unstable plant or to improve the
transient behaviour of a plant.
16.A _______________ system is always pole assignable by appropriate state fed back.
17.Consider a system with state equations 1(t)=x2(t) and 2(t)=-x2(t)+u(t). The performance
index to be minimized is J=1/2

x12+u2)dt. The Pontryagin function is _____________.

18.The starting point of optimal control theory is the set of ____________ which describes the
behaviour of the dynamic system to be controlled.
19.In minimum energy problem the performance index to be minimized is _________________.
20. In a ___________ problem the objective is to maintain the system state x(t)as close as
possible to the desired state r(t) in the interval [t0, t1].