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Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus are natural benefics

Sun, Mars, Saturn, Ragu, Ketu are natural Malefics

SU. 13. Uchhe dharmanityata kaivalyam cha.

If the Atmakaraka occupies Meenamsa, the person will be fond of virtuous deeds and charities, and
will take residence in Swargadi Lokas or will attain to the final bliss or what is called by the Sanskrit
writers Moksha or final emancipation or freedom from rebirths
SU. 15. Poornendusukrayorbhogee vidyajeevee cha.
If Full Moon and Venus join Atmakaraka in the Navamsa, the person will command great wealth and
all comforts attendant on wealth and he will also earn money and live by the profession of education.

SU. 68. Ucche shurbhe shubhalokaha.

If benefics occupy 12 from Karakamsa, the person goes to superior Lokas.

SU. 69. Ketow kaivalyam.

If a benefic occupies Karakamsa; the person will have Moksha or Final Bliss.
SU. 70. Kriyochapayorviseshena.
If Karakamsa is Mesha or Dhanus with benefics there, the subject gets Moksha. If Mesha or Dhanus
happens to be the 12th from Karakamsa and Ketu is there, the person will get Moksha
SU. 71. Papair anyatha.
If the 12th from the Karakamsa is occupied by evil planets, he will go to hell and will have no Bliss.
SU. 72. Raviketubhyam shive bhaktihi.
If Ravi and Ketu are in Karakamsa, the person will become a Saivite or one who worships Shiva.
SU. 73. Chandrena gauryam.
If Chandra joins Karakamsa, the person will worship Gouri, wife of Shiva.
SU. 74. Sukrena lukshmyom.
If Sukra joins Karakamsa, he will worship Lakshmi spouse of Vishnu.
SU. 75. Kujena skande.
If Kuja occupies Karakamsa, he becomes a worshipper of Skanda or Shanmukha the warrior son of
SU. 76. Budhasanibhyam vishnow.
If Budha and Sani join Karakamsa, he will worship Vishnu.
SU. 77. Guruna sambasive.
It Karakamsa is joined by Guru, he will worship Sambasiva or Parvati and Paramesvara.
SU. 78. RahurJa thamasyam durgayam cha.
If Rahu joins Karakamsa, the person will worship evil spirits and Durga.
SU. 79. Ketuna ganese skande chaz.
If Ketu joins Karakamsa, the person becomes a devotee of Ganesa and Kumaraswami.
SU. 80. Paparkshe mande kshudradevata.
If Sani occupies the Karakamsa falling in an evil sign, the person becomes a great devotee of evil

rha of 1st house is also called PADA LAGNA or RHA LAGNA. rha Lagna stands for
"manifestation of self, in this My(illusory) world". In this manner rha Pada can be computed
for all the houses. They are called Dhana Pada (2nd), Bhrtpada (3rd), Mt Pada (4th),
Mantrapada (5th), atrupada (6th), Dra Pada (7th), Roga pada (8th), Bhgyapada (9th),
Rjyapada (10th), Lbhapada (11th) and Upapada (12th). Jaimini discussed rha Lagna (AL)
and Upapada (UL) extensively in his classical treatise
SU. 18. Lnbhapade kendre thrikone va sreeman taha.
If the Arudha Lagna falls in the 7th from Janma Lagna or Karakamsa or in the Kendras or
Konas the person becomes extremely rich.

SU. 19. Anyatha dusthe.

If the Arudha Lagna does not fall in Kendra or Thrikona from Lagna but falls in Dusthas 6, 8 and 12,
the results will be bad.

SU. 22. Patneelabhayordishtya nirabhasargalaya.

If the Arudha Lagna and the 7th from it have no obstructive Argalas, the person becomes

SU. 23. Shtibhargale dhanasamriddhihi. If Arudha Lagna and the 7th from it have beneficial Argalas,
there will be plenty of money.

SU. 1. Upapadam padam pitraitucharat:

Take the 12th house from Lagna. Find out its Pada Lagna or Arudha Lagna. This becomes upapada