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The Marketing Plan from Group 10

Imad Shahid Khan | Siddharth Bhagat | Soumya Suman | Nihal Raj | Ansai Sony

Group 10
Section A, 1st Semester, Bachelor of Business Management (2013-2016)

Executive Summary
The Product is a Smartphone comprising of a base with
various attachable-detachable blocks. This base is like an
Integrated Circuit with little plug sockets for the blocks to get
plugged in. Features like Camera, Processor, Battery, etc. are
in the form of separate detachable blocks which can be
attached as per any customers specifications making a
customized phone for each and everyone in the target market.
The Product is intended to be introduced into the market
under the joint venture with Micromax, as both are upsurging
and evolving businesses. The product has only one competitor
which is PhoneBloks and that still is at its developmental
Since the product itself is at its developmental phase, it needs
huge publicity and hype to spread awareness among people
something in the likes of Apple. Apart from challenges
coming on the Technological feasibility, there are other
potential weaknesses like Aesthetics or potential threats like
rivalry and lobbyists influencing government regulations.

Situation Analysis
The Customer Environment
Current and Potential Customer
This product is intended to target each group or segment, as
it can be customised according to their needs
It will be easily available through e-commerce and network
of dealers like Universal and Mobile Store as products like
this require more information which will be conveniently
provided by these distribution channels.
The benefit of this product is that people can customise it
according to their need, and in future if they require any
upgradation it can be easily done with less cost because
they have to just spend on that particular need.
Initial target Geographic Location can be Asia Pacific,
Americas, Middle East, and Europe.
Important players in purchase process can be Corporate
class, students, and the people who are tech savvy and also
those who have serious concern to the environment and
people who want to save money.
PhoneBloks are only customising at hardware level
whereas our product can be both customisable at hardware
and software level.

The Firms External Environment

This product being quite new has very little competition in its
category of Customizable Eco-friendly Smartphones.
Competitor: PhoneBloks Motorola partnership
Brand: PhoneBloks (Conceptual Phase)
Generic: Customizable Eco-friendly Smartphone
Total Budget: Undisclosed.

Characteristics of our major competitor

Motorolas PhoneBloks has the following characteristics:
1. Firms size
Under the partner company of Motorola which
possess assets worth $13.92 billion and an employee
base of 23,000, Phonebloks has only 2 developers
acting as a core team.

2. Target Market
This particular brand targets the part of population
which is not only serious towards deteriorating
environmental conditions, but also to the tech-savvy
consumers who intend to be always up-to-date with
the latest technological innovation without spending
at an extravagant level, every time a new
smartphone comes . With its customizable features
it tends to target people of every profession and of
every age-group.

3. Products
Despite the launch of Motorola Citrus, which is
considered it to be Motorolas best attempts towards
the eco-friendly smartphone segment; it hasnt been
able to tread with much success towards it. Joining
hands with developers of PhoneBlok, backed by
Google, it intends to break into the eco-friendly
smartphone market segment. Infact, this is
Motorolas first upfront project towards actually
reducing e-waste, as most of its previous models
were intended on being energy-saver.

4. Marketing Capabilities

With the product still in development, it plans
to launch 900,000 phones simultaneously in its
target market around the globe.

PhoneBloks claims its target market is
potentially everyone and so intends to launch
its product simultaneously around the globe.
With its partnership with Motorola,
PhoneBloks is also expected to use its high
rapport with various dealers and other
distribution channels thereby increasing the
availability of the product to the target market
around the world.

It has already created a hype with the use of
social media and social awareness media like
Thunderclap and claims to have 979,372
people interested and demanding the product.
PhoneBloks has active volunteers coming from
all walks of life from developers to marketers,
from senior citizens to pre-teens, who are made
a part in its development.

Although the pricing strategy has not been
disclosed by either PhoneBloks or Motorola,
cynics have predicted that the cost of
production as well as development will make
this phone pretty expensive and so the claim of
covering everyone in the target market may not
hold water after-all.

Other Strengths:
Motorola, now acquired by Google, has
tremendous potential to actually make this
project viable.
Having a huge following through social media
and other portals, the product already has a
certain level of brand loyalty, both from
environment-conscious people and die-hard
Other Weaknesses:
It is criticised for not being technologically
feasible, while some argue even if it is
actually made, it might be slower.
It doesnt score well with Aesthetics, as it
may look quite bland and thick. Consumers
like change, and it goes beyond the mere
technological updates.
Potential Competitors:
With e-waste becoming a major issue, many corporations
have initiated intense research and development for different
alternatives. Samsung and Nokia are the major potential
players who have invested a lot of effort towards this regard.

Economic Growth and Stability of the Target Market

With the economic downturn and continuous
implications of Recession, consumers are finding it hard
to prioritise their wants towards gadgets such as
smartphones which gets outdated in a very short span of
time. This kind of product would actually be boon for the
target market.
With little periodic investment, the customers will not
only have their desired features but the discarded blocks
can be refurbished and provided at much lower cost,
making this more available across all kinds of income
Political Trends
This product is a potential threat to the market share of
many well-established Smartphone businesses, so there
will be many barriers of entry for it to overcome.
Lobbyists of these competitors will try to influence the
political circle against the advent of the product.
Even with all kinds of pro-environment diatribe against
corporations, there is a zero or minimal effort from the
government to actually spread awareness about e-waste

management and that will as a consequence, hinder the

products marketability.

Legal and Regulatory Issues

Many NGOs and to a certain extent various government
agencies have become serious about e-waste
management and prevention which has led to stronger
call of more sustainable and long-lasting alternatives.
This has led to enactment of various legislations like
Electronic Waste Act, 2003 and like, have prompted
many corporations to invest more towards alternatives.

Technological Advancement
With the rapidly progressing technology and the surge of
innovations, the lifespan of almost every kind of gadget has
become very short. The gap between what a majority of
consumers possess and what technology is at, is too big. This
product will help bridge that deficit gap.
However, certain challenges might come in the way for the
part of the target which stresses more on aesthetical part rather
than the features. The idea of being stuck with the same

kind as all of the upgradations occur at the same gadget

might not be a really attractive option for them.

1) New technology which will enhance & customize
2) Strong & surging brand name of Micromax
(will merge with the company which will help
deliver new technology in the market)

us to

3) Low cost customize phone (as compared to the

competitor). The customizable option of this product
actually makes consumer the sole decider of what he
wants and what he does not.
4) Unique marketing strategy of micromax
5) Great employee, well experienced and well-learned.
6) Good management team of micromax
7) Different range so that all types of people can use it

1) New to market, unexperienced in the market
2) Finance
(we need finance to deliver the product)
3) Recognization level that is no brand value
4) Working with less no of employee
5) Variety will be less as we dont know that that our
technology will sell or not
1) Potential market for new technology
(rise of new innovative tabs, p.c,& smartphones
creates a potential to serve new market)
2) Advancement in technology that favours what to do
and changing trend towards product and service
3) Working with good team of Micromax will increase
overall experience
4) Demographic str. In india
1) competitors
2) Technology get outdated fast
3) rising cost of raw material which will raise my
own price or laws and regulation that will hinder my
product and cost

4) people might accept this or they would

completely reject it.
5) government policy like tax

Marketing Goals
1) To satisfy the need of the end customer
2) To make such a kind of product that the customer can
rely on us
3) Can establish long run business.
4) Finding customer need and serving those needs
5) To make profit as it is the legitimate goal of any
6) To attract and retain customer through long satisfaction
of their need
7) An organization has to select customer whose need can
be matched its capability to serve them
Marketing strategy
Its a customizable phone - new entrepreneur, less knowledge,
no experienced so the first step is Marketing research then
will merge with some other company mainly with micromax
so that we can use their suppliers dealers and distributers we
will use Micromax networking for our product to deliver to
the end customer and will share some profit with the company

like in 70:30 ratio then test marketing business research in

Pune, Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai of potential market will
sell samples within the people promotion will get customer
feedback through it (we can come to know uses of our
product, which age group uses the most etc. will organize any
cricket series will visit institute for our promotion and at last
after 3-5 year working with Micromax will diverge from it.
Tactical Marketing Activities






Specific Tactical Activities

Product Activities
1. Joint Venture with Micromax.


2. Aesthetics can be evolved and be customizable.

3. Wide range of customizable features.
Pricing Activities
1. Prices shall be set keeping in view the amount of
investment incurred for the development.
2. If necessary, agreement with various loan
agencies can be made for the sake of customer

Finance and

3. As the Break-even point nears, more value-added

offers can be included.
Distribution/Supply Chain Activities
1. Good rapport with various dealers to enhance
availability to the target market.

Marketing Sales.

2. Attract active volunteers from all walks of life.

3. Robust exhibitions and technological trade shows
like TED events.
IMC (Promotion) Activities
1. Aggressive Social Media Campaign.
2. Robust B2B campaign.
3. Attract active volunteers from all walks of life to
spread positive review.

Marketing Sales and