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Product information KLIPTEC 400 made from aluminium

Simple installation by means of a clip over arrangement

The Product
The aluminium KLIPTEC 400 is the
new EasyClip raised seam roof
system from Corus. KLIPTEC has a
single cover width of 400 making it
not only very simple but also extremely quick and economical to install.
The KLIPTEC 400 aluminium sheets
can be used as a roof covering for
domestic, commercial and industrial
buildings accommodating various
roof configurations, both insulated &
uninsulated. What is unique about
the method of fixing is the strength
given by the longitudinal edge when
the two raised seams are interlocked.
Their secure connectivity prevents
high wind suction loads from peeling
open the side lap.

Product Advantages

Areas of use

Simple, non-penetrative installation

in most weathers
No additional fastening components
No special tools required
Extremely economical single width
Highly durable aluminium alloy
Easy to handle quick to install
Fully recyclable

KLIPTEC 400 raised seam system

can be used for a roof pitch of approx.
3 degrees and above.
Forming the outer sheet of a warm
roof construction with insulation
and various supporting liners &
decks such as trapezoidal profiles
or timber work

As the outer sheet for cold roof

construction with ventilated void
For renovation, repair and
remedial work
For private housing
For industrial buildings
For commercial buildings

Product information KLIPTEC 400 made from aluminium
Simple installation by means of a clip over arrangement


Technical data

Incredibly quick and easy installation!

KLIPTEC 400 made from aluminium
can be quickly and simply installed
by hand. Firstly, the roof area is
divided up in accordance with the
modular width of the raised seam.

When installing sheet on steeper

roof pitches, the longitudinal joint
can be made with the help of a
rubber hammer. A completed roof
area can therefore be achieved in
a very short time.

Figure 1
The first sheet is secured to the
structure via fasteners through the
retaining edge.

Load span tables are available on

request. Fasteners & performance
together with any additional technical
information are available on request.

Figure 2
The next sheet is installed over the
longitudinal secured seam.

Figure 3
The raised seam is finally locked
together metre by metre by firm even
foot pressure.



The information and product descriptions contained in this publication are provided to
the best of our knowledge and are based on our experience and studies. They do not
refer to any specific application and cannot give rise to any claims for compensation.
We reserve the right to make any changes to the construction or product range which
seem technically sensible in view of our high demands for quality and progress.
Copyright 2003 Corus Bausysteme GmbH


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