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Harper and His CPC Are Pathological Liars

Types of Lies
1. error
2. omission
3. restructuring
a. distortion
b. minimization
c. exaggeration
4. broken promise
5. obscurantism
a. smokescreen
b. distraction
6. hypocrisy
7. denial
8. cover-up
9. fabrication

honest mistake.(1)
leave out relevant information
misrepresent the truth
diminish the truth
enlarge the truth
claim will do something, then dont


hide the truth

cloak the truth by diversion
say one thing, do another
refuse to acknowledge the truth
suppress the truth
falsehood; deception


A History of Lies links to articles at entries 2013_12_07 & 2013_12_09

(Simple model determines arbitrary order by assigned weight)
Senate scandal: cover-up as evidenced by constantly changing stories of what transpired, 8.
Attempts to buy loyalty of involved senators were hypocrisy because why do so if nothing
wrong, 6. Total weight: 6.
Fraudulent election: the 2011 election results were fraudulent. Done by 1 (possibly 9) by having
voters in certain ridings telephoned and given misleading directions to polling stations. Also, 8
by not having this investigated. Total weight: 5 (possibly 9).
Condoned Human Rights oppression: disbanded human rights tribunals calling these
totalitarian, 9. Total weight: 5.
Tried to force bitumen pipelines to be built: Omitted telltale data about possible environmental
damage, 2 (possibly 7). Thwarted democratic process by closing National Energy Board hearings
to public during consultation, 3a. Used fabricated figures about potential jobs created, 1 (possibly
9). Total weight: 5 (possibly 9).
Trade deals negotiated in secret, CETA & TPP: failing to provide necessary information to the
public so that the public could make informed decisions, 2. Total weight: 4.
CSEC spied on Canadians, monitored online politics chat rooms, restricted Access To
Information/Freedom Of Information requests: Harper promised openness and accountability,
6, 4. Total weight: 3 x 4.
Tried to ram through Senate Reform: tried to bypass laws defining Senate reform, 7. Total
weight: 3.
Neglected climate change: refuse to accept proof of evidence, 7. Total weight: 3.
Censored Canadas scientists: denied the truth of their reports, 7. Total weight: 3.
Tried to close InSite (Vancouvers safe drug injection site): refused to acknowledge proof that
Harm Reduction saves lives, 7. Total weight: 3.
Neglected Canadas Veterans: despite purporting to be on their side refused to grant military
pensions to all Veterans, 6. Total weight: 2.
Harper government broke promise to build new affordable housing: 6. Total weight: 2.

Ran numerous attack advertisements: attempts to obscure the truth about Harper and the CPC,
5a. Total weight: 2.
Harper government lost $3.1 billion: accounting error, 1. Total weight: 1.