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The Irregardless Gita

Chapter 1
Infirm body, deteriorating mind
Of what import are these to me
Who am complete and whole
Little self vs Infinite Self, I vs God
Struggling effort vs spontaneous realization
What foolishness just to pass the time
Just dreams
Not to belittle the sincere seeker
But to enable him to wake-up
From the world of concepts into
Reality is a construct, invented
Longing is an excuse for the mind
Even the body is an excuse for karma
Reject all
It is not approachable as long as the I
Roams its favourite haunts and yet lives
Pay no attention to its meaningless games
Abandon I
I am worried, I am sick
I am inadequate, I am drained
See how it all starts with the I
No I, no suffering
I am proud, I am successful
I am here to make a difference
These too are baited traps
No I, no suffering
It is here now, you need not search
Clever words are there to enslave you
Don't wear these heavy chains because even
Hope implies I
No I means no excuses left
I has to die, stop nursing it
Annihilation of I will get you there
Chapter 2
Why worry about the small things
Why worry about the large things
Let worry worry about worry
Be as you are
Do not cultivate perfection
You are entering an endless race
Against yourself, a thankless task
Just be
It is when you strive, that is the first mistake
It is when you achieve, that is the second

Both strengthen the I, the original sin

Sacrifice I
There is naught to accept
There is naught to deny
Both only ensure that I continues
Discontinue I
Do not wander in the maze of philosophy
Do not get lost in the gardens of experiences
You will grow old before you escape
Be free
I is who you are when you are asleep dreamless
It does not speak, it does not think nor act
If that is the true I, then who is there to stop you
Just Being
I, a simple loop of consciousness
Sets you on a thousand year journey
To find its origin, the enigma resolved
Just Be as you are
No I, means no they, them, you or me
No me, means nothing to promote
No promotion, means no striving
Just be as you are
Tricky it may appear, but that is illusion
All complexity disappears
When you step outside yourself
Nothing to know, think or feel
Just a feedback loop squelched
Suddenly all is clear
Simply Be
When I move I am in error
It is the movement that creates the I
And it is the I that is the problem
Be still
How to solve the world riddle?
How to stop the confused dreams?
How do either matter?
Being is the answer
No trick to this obviousness
No arguments to wrestle
No time to waste
Be as you are
The Mind is a labyrinth
To which there is no exit
Use True-North
Be Silence
Accept what you cannot change
An arrow once released cannot be recalled
You must but live out your karma
No choices here

Finding your self is impossible

Losing yourself is even more impossible
Because there are no two
Just One
How much karma will you burn doing good deeds
Why thresh the wheat
When the bread is already in your hand
Eat and be satisfied
Chapter 3
Why do you ask questions?
Why take the mind seriously?
No answer can ever satisfy the mind
Why do you pine for higher states?
Do you know your present state?
Ignore the seeking of states
Why pray for material things?
Can God not figure out your needs?
Give up the ideas of good and bad fortune
Why enter into a competition?
Who are you trying to satisfy?
If it is the One, it is already satisfied
When the goal is reached
It will not be due to your efforts
It will be inspite of your I
There is but one step on the path
For there is no one on the path
Except the One
Stop searching for the One
The one who seeks the One
Is none but the self-same One
From Infinity if you subtract infinity
You are yet left with Infinity
The mind cannot grasp this logic
When you discover the snake
Was naught but a rope
Where did the snake go?
From One subtract one
And be left with One
Is the same paradox
From a full tumbler of water

A mythical person takes a sip

The tumbler is always full
The One does not admit of a second
Yet the second seeks the One
And complains that it is impossible to find
The one who seeks is the mythical person
Using an illusory path on a mirage map
Convinced the Real is just round the corner
X marks the spot
So obvious, so silly, such illusion
Feeding on itself and claiming
The Real hides from the Illusion
Is that even possible?
I and the world arise simultaneously
Illusory subject and illusory object
Fear and Desire are its lifeblood
I is its name
The slightest separation from the One
Creates a chasm ten thousand miles wide
Kill the I and you leap the chasm
In one bound
The secret is a simple One
Why invent an unnecessary I?
Do not budge from the One
In the first place
There is naught but the One
Sages call it the screen
Shut off the projector, stop the show
Chapter 4
Not by thoughts from Mind
Is Awareness built or created
This belongs to the One alone
The thought-free One
Not by thought piled on thought
Can the separate become un-separate
A house built on sand
Cannot stand
Not by thinking disciplined and fiercely
Can the One be realized
It is seen only when
All illusions die
Where does thought come from?
Know this and you have the answer
How we treasure our passing thoughts
As if they create Reality
The One is existence itself
Thoughts are mere distractions

The working out of karma

Endless and automatic
Cut the Gordian knot in one swift stroke
This confusion is a function of the Mind
To tie you up with irrefutable logic
Thoughts entwining thoughts
Do not indulge the Mind to appraise the knot
It will convince itself it can untie the knot
And spend lifetimes trying
The knot is not for untying studiously
It holds no treasure chest closed
It has been woven as a self-defeating device
It is called the I
The complexity of many thoughts interacting
Is a mechanism to convince itself
That the I exists and is the supposed seat of
Twirling a sparkler in the dark
Creates an illusory circle
This is just to trick the eye that
Unreality is Real
Thoughts speeding round and round
Faster and faster give the illusion
Of solidity, an I around which they spin
I think therefore I am
But this is a simple illusion to destroy
For you must slow down thought and
Finally reach for the thought-free state
Then the I disappears
Awareness is independent of the I
It continues even after the I vanishes
Awareness is non-different to Existence
Isness remains
Disparate becomes unified
This disappears into That
The One appears
A unified whole
Chapter 5
To seek, to find, to achieve
To change for the better every day
This is the primal error
Do not believe in I
Define an I and it creates the world
Destroy the I and the world disappears
Desires are its coin
The world is neither real nor unreal
In fact it never existed ever
Neither does I

Only Isness exists
All else is illusion
So when illusion fades
Only the One subsists
The Dreamer dreams the dream
But when dreamer disappears
The dream too vanishes
But One subsists
What is this mysterious One?
It is Unity, Non-differentiation, Advaita
It is Isness, Pure Awareness, Self,
Truth, Reality, the Absolute
It is the silence grasping the silence
It is the failure of words and concepts
It is the One that cannot admit a second
It is
It is the seed within the fruit of Nirvikalpa
It is the essence of the vedas entire
It is the distillation of wisdom of all scriptures
It is
It is the first letter of every alphabet
It is the first cry of the new-born
It is the first of all firsts
It is
It is awareness and realization
It is Truth and Reality
It is the primal Unity
It simply is
Chapter 6: Nobody home
Why do you close your eyes and sit
Why call it by the fancy word -- Meditation
Distractions are meaningless
If the I is dead
What is Samadhi when shorn of overtones
The dead mind refusing to react
No matter how hard
You whip it
Enjoy Sahaja as your natural state
But who is there left to enjoy
For the only way to enjoy Sahaja
Is for the I to die
Experience Bliss as the steady mind
Or is Bliss merely the absence
Of pain and suffering which has been
Our hitherto normal condition?
Bliss is sought as the summum bonum
But when it does arrive
There is none to see it
The I is dead

The absence of the I

Is the same as
The presence of Bliss
Where there was Chaos now find Unity
Where there was Worry now find Faith
Where there was War now find Peace
This is Bliss
Why call it the One?
Because of the unshakeable
Experience of non-personal Oneness
Thoughts come and go
They bring pain and suffering
Who is there to identify with them?
No I
Thoughts are mysterious things
They can be easily mistaken for reality
But they are passing clouds
That do not stain the sky
Thoughts if attacked strengthen
Thoughts if ignored quickly wither
To find the One, you must lose
The one who thinks
Thoughts are not where you live
Thoughts are unwelcome visitors
Put up a big sign on the door
Nobody Home
Chapter 7: Find the One
Concepts are worthless
Intelligence overrated
The mind cannot help you
Find the One
You say Its complex, hard to explain
Not really its simple, so obvious
Dont play with words
Find the One
All contradictions cancel out
No residual concepts of this and that
There is only the Isness when you
Find the One
Hey you! Stop describing the One
The more you describe it
The more you confuse
Find the One
It is neither tall or short, no throne
And no it doesn't have a long white beard
But it has an Immediate Presence
Find the One

See. I have begun to lie already

Presence implies a second
There are no two
Find the One
Please, dont think you have found it
Because it is unavailable to you
When you disappears then you
Find the One
Everybody thinks he knows
But it cannot be known
Be the One to
Find the One
Chapter 8: Who am I?
To find the One, first you must
Plant seeds of doubt
That you do not in fact know
Who am I?
To unravel the mystery
You must first be mystified
You must genuinely want to know
Who, really, am I?
If the question itself is not real
Then no answer will ever be real
You must accept the truth that you know not
Who am I?
As a child in all innocence
May ask this question
You too must ask
Mama, but who am I?
You will not solve the puzzle
Unless you are first convinced
That it is a question of life and death
Who is this I?
Rumi says It is the wound that lets in the light
Allow yourself the suffering that Life gifts all
Do not hide from this pain
Who is this I that suffers so?
Again and again the lash falls
Grit your teeth and experience the pain
Disappointment, betrayal, death, sickness
Who is this I that suffers so and why?
The body is an ox, the mind a monkey
Both learn slowly and only under duress
Life is the teacher and until you learn your lesson
You cannot go home.
Chapter 9: Nirvikalpa
Rules are for fools
Dont believe the rules
You can exist even
Without an I

You cannot give up the I without first
Experiencing Nirvikalpa Samadhi
Which is akin to deep dreamless sleep where
I disappears but yet you exist
The you that always exists is the One
But is unconscious in deep dreamless sleep
Barely conscious in Nirvikalpa Samadhi
Finally becoming fully conscious when I dies
Your continued existence even without the I
When you are immersed in Nirvikalpa samadhi
Grants you the courage, when the time comes
To kill your I on the sacrificial altar of
Chapter 10: The Essence
What do you worship? The light or the Sun?
Dont worship the candle while the flame burns bright
It is not the pot but the food inside that matters
Ignore words and worship meaning, if you must worship
Ignore the rose, enjoy its scent
Ignore the frame, enjoy the painting
Ignore the notes, enjoy the music
Ignore the body, enjoy life itself
For what is life without consciousness?
For what is existence without awareness?
For what is being alive without being?
For what is a human without self-reflection?
What is the light of the Sun? the flame of the candle?
What is the food in the pot? the scent of the rose?
The self-awareness of the human? Essence.
So is the One the essence of all existence.
You cannot be the essence nor become the essence
You cannot abide as the essence nor practice the essence
You cannot own the essence nor be owned by it
The essence is what is left when all else is destroyed
It is the One.

Chapter 11: Home

Neither bricks nor roof
Make up my house
I am always at Home
Neither rich or poor
Having paid the rent or not
None can evict me from my Home

Neither relaxed or stressed out

I am always comfortable for
Home is always sweet Home
Neither delighted or disgusted
It makes no difference
I never leave Home
Neither enlightened nor ignorant
I dont need any certificates
Home is where I am
Dont bother to call
Before you visit
I am always at Home
Chapter 12:
It matters nought if the I is sought
Rather be One with the One
For I certainly matters not
When there is only One
Becoming the One is impossible
Because I never ever existed
You are always the One
When there is only One
Its when you share
You show that you care
But who is there to share with
When there is only One
Chapter 13: Boatman
Tell me boatman
Where goest thou?
The other shore
The other shore
Tell me Boatman
What is your fee?
All that you own
All that you own
Tell me Boatman
Why do you seek?
I have no choice
I have no choice
Tell me Boatman
What will you achieve?
Nothing that I am not
Nothing that I am not
Tell me Boatman
Is there free-will?
As much as is destined

As much as is destined
Tell me Boatman
What of provisions?
The Ocean provides
The Ocean provides
Tell me Boatman
Does God exist?
His breath fills my sails
His breath fills my sails
Tell me Boatman
Who are you?
I am you
I am God
Chapter 14
Two plus two equals four
So simple it cannot be denied
How do we know this is
Is zero plus zero equal zero?
Does it need explanation
Or is it self-evident
Truth needs no justification
It is ever obvious
It has only to be directly grasped as
Chapter 15
Transcending the ego
Seeing it for what it is -- a mirage
How can free-will be claimed
And for whom?
The ego is the subject
Once the subject disappears
There is no one left to experience free-will
Or fate for that matter
We find it difficult to imagine
A world without ego
But Sages complain that they find it impossible
To visualise a world with ego
If you can only experience the world
Through your ego glasses
Then free-will makes perfect sense
It is the only reality
Once the ego is seriously weakened
Then the ego itself begins to suspect
That free-will is a bit illusory
And that allows the ego to weaken further
A virtuous cycle driven by pain
For ego and free-will imply misery and pain
And as ego weakens

The thick fog of misery thins and pain lessens

And then the day arrives that we are ready
To let the ego go
Something we have been protecting
Till this moment
And with the disappearance of the Subject
There is no target left to hit
For the sharp arrows of misery arising from
The regret of illusory choices
For then what wins
Fate or free-will
And the answer is neither
For the world itself is Illusion
Chapter 16: Teaching
There is no need to teach
There is no one to teach
Why encourage their separateness
Be the One
The ego of the student
Must be crushed and destroyed
But who has to do this
The Master or the student?
The Master can only guide
But the hard work is for the student
To accept the egos
At this stage the ego is already
Attenuated, so it seems
Harmless, but that is the mistake
That blocks further progress
At this stage the student is already
A Master in his own right
But this is the last temptation
To teach non-existent others
Humility says I will teach others
I will sacrifice my own progress
But this is the egos trick
Seeing yourself as Real
Who will teach and
Who can learn
If there is only