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Happy Holidays & New Year Dr.

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In the Name of the Beloved, Love, and Peace

This year Christmas Eve coincided with the last day of Hanukkah and the Hegira of the prophet
Mohammad (PBUH), and was also within a very few days of Shabe Yalda (December solstice),
and the passing of prophet Zoroaster (PBUH). On this occasion, a wishful time for love and peace
on Earth, I wish you and your loved ones happy holidays and everyone on the majestic path of
love, peace, and compassion a wonderful, happy, healthy, peaceful, prosperous, and successful
New Year in advance. In honor of these momentous occasions let me share with you some of my
humble selections and translations of Rumis (1207-1273), Hafezs (circa 1315-1390), and Saadis
(circa 1210 - 1291) amazing poetry and profound teachings about love, peace, compassion,
humanity, and tolerance, especially Rumis beautiful poetry about holy Zoroaster (PBUH), holy
Moses (PBUH), holy Jesus (PBUH), and holy Mohammad (PBUH) and their messages and acts of
Let me start with a striking poem from Malek o-Sho'ar Bahar about the Persian ancient first
monotheistic religion in the world.
In Gathas, the holy Zoroaster (PBUH), stated,
Turn your back (and walk away) from the deceitful devil,
Lying is the accomplice of the devil,
And its hands are joined with every evil act.
Believe in merciful God,
And do not listen to the lies of deceivers.
Pray to Ahura Mazda (God),
And ask for what you need
Keep good words and good deeds,
And from these two your character becomes good.
When your thoughts and words become good,
Without a doubt, your deeds and characters become good.
Let me continue with a beautiful story about holy Moses, peace and blessings be upon him, from
Rumis book of Masnavi.
A sheep fled from holy Moses (PBUH),
Moses feet were blistered and his shoes were torn.
Following the sheep till night in searching,
His herd disappeared from his sight.
The sheep from exhaustion became weak and stopped,
Then Moses dusted off the sheep.
He was rubbing the sheeps back and head with his hand,
He was petting the sheep like its own mother.
There was not a bit of gloom and anger (in Moses),
Except love, compassion, and tears, there was nothing else.
He said, if you didnt have compassion for me,
Why were you cruel to yourself?
God told the angels at that moment,
He has the merit to become a prophet
Copyright 2014 by Dr. Majid M. Naini

Happy Holidays & New Year Dr. Naini

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In another splendid story in Masnavi, Rumi, one of grand masters of love, describes one of the
magnificent teachings of holy Jesus, peace and blessings be upon him.
A wise man asked holy Jesus (PBUH),
What is the harshest thing in the universe?
Jesus said, Oh my dear, the most severe thing is Gods wrath,
From that, even hell trembles like us.
The man asked, What shelters us from Gods wrath?
Jesus said, Leaving your anger at the time (of anger).
The origin of vengeance is hell,
And your vengeance is a part of that whole and the enemy of your faith.
If you are a part of heaven, your pleasure like heaven is everlasting.
Bitter is joining bitters for certain;
How can the breath of evil become a companion of the Truth (God)?
Hell is the anger and needs an enemy,
So it could live, otherwise a merciful one can terminate it.
If there were no enemy and foe in the world,
Then the anger would have died amongst people.
How can it live since it dies from the light of the (love of) righteous ones?
There are hundred thousands of darkness because of your anger,
Calm your anger, open your eyes, be happy,
Learn from your true friends and become a master (of love).
Rumi also explains that holy Mohammad, peace and blessings be upon him, insightfully revealed
that love is the reason for the creation of the universe and all creatures.
The holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said that God has stated,
My intention for the creation has been love (mercy).
I created so they would benefit from me,
And infuse their hand with my honey.
I didnt create to profit,
But to be generous to the creatures.
For love, God created the whole universe;
Every particle benefited from Gods Sun of mercy.
If it wasnt for pure love,
When would God have created the universe?
God created the universe,
So you may comprehend the glory of love.
The spinning of galaxies is a wave of love,
Were it not for love, the whole world would perish.
Rumi reveals that the elixir of love is the only thing which quickens the energy of our soul to soar
to the highest state of ecstasy. Love makes mountains dance and the whole universe sing a
heavenly song of divine unity. Love surpasses all the boundaries of race, nationality, gender,
religion, civilization, culture, etc. As love is universal, so is truth. Love is the healer of all of

Copyright 2014 by Dr. Majid M. Naini

Happy Holidays & New Year Dr. Naini

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humanitys ills and problems. Through love we can become an island of stability, joy, harmony,
serenity, and peace in our chaotic, unkind, and turbulent world.
Be happy, oh our well desired love,
The healer of all our ills.
Oh (love), the medicine for our pride and arrogance,
Oh (love), you are our Plato and Galen.
Through love, the earthly body soared to the skies,
Mountains began to dance and became agile.
Rumi openly declares that fear is nothing in comparison with love. Fear is a human illusion and
love is the description of the Beloved God.
Fear is not even a hair in front of love,
Everything is expendable in the path of love.
Love is the description of the Almighty,
But fear is the description of the servant (man),
Afflicted by lust and emptiness.
The fearful devout runs on foot,
The lovers leap faster than lightning and wind.
How would the fearful even catch the dust of love?
The passion of love makes the sky its carpet.
Unfortunately, last year our world was again plagued with wars, violence, hunger, corruption,
injustice, and greed. Many people, including innocent children, women, and men have been killed
or injured and have become homeless. Countless others suffer from insufficient food, water,
medicine, and shelter. I truly hope in the coming New Year we all try to be kinder and more
compassionate, tolerant, and generous towards each other and our environment. I wish a
miraculous heavenly light of love, wisdom, compassion, and humanity will shine through the
hearts of all people and their leaders to enlighten their hearts and souls to try for an everlasting just
peace on Earth. Saadi, another renowned sage whose verses appear on the walls of the United
Nations, skillfully reminds us of a simple universal truth:
Human beings are from one another,
in creation they are from one essence.
When calamity brings pain to one organ,
the whole body is in pain.
If you are not sorrowful from others tragedy,
you are not worthy to be called a human being.
Let me share with you another mystical message from Hafez, the great mystic man of love,
compassion, and eloquence:
If you allow me, I will tell you a mystical message:
Peace is better than war and (bad) judgment, oh the light of my eyes.
God will take the hands of those when they fall,
if they are compassionate towards the fallen ones.
Copyright 2014 by Dr. Majid M. Naini

Happy Holidays & New Year Dr. Naini

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Let me quote a great statement from the late Nelson Mandela (1918-2013), God bless his soul:
No one is born hating another person because of his color of his skin, or his background, or his
religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for
love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.
I truly hope that we all join our hands and hearts and pray to the Divine Supreme Creator, the
beneficent God of love and grace, for a better New Year full of health, happiness, love, prosperity,
tranquility, harmony, and peace for every living creature on the path of love, peace, and
compassion on our beautiful planet and the universe. May our prayers and good wishes become an
ocean of love and light to permeate and soften the hearts and souls of all inhabitants of the world
to come closer together to work and help in bringing about an everlasting worldwide just peace
and harmony that we need so urgently right now in our unkind and violent world. Let me share
with you another one of my humble selections and translations of Rumis message of love and
Who has arrived in the middle of night like the moonlight?
It is the prophet of love who has come from eternity (paradise).
He has brought a shining torch and has set fire to sleep,
He has come from the sleepless majesty, the King of kings,
Love has a key chain under its arm pit,
It has arrived to open all the closed doors.
Love is from the very beginning and lasts for eternity,
The seekers of love will be countless.
Tomorrow when the day of justice appears,
Whatever heart that is not in love will be rejected (from paradise).
My religion is to be alive from love,
The animal side of my life is my mortification.
Love is the flame that when it flares,
Except the Beloved, burns everything else.
Love is the description of the needless God,
Being in love with anything else is an illusion.
Whatever is besides the love of the most graceful God,
Even if it is eating sugar, it is really a tribulation.
The religion of the lovers of God is separate from all other religions,
God is the religion and nationality of the lovers.
The cause of the lovers (of God) is separate from all causes,
Love is the astrolabe of Gods mysteries.
I sincerely wish that we all remember Rumis great lessons and put them into practice for 2015:
This world is like a mountain and our action like sound;
Whatever you say in the mountain, the echo comes right back at you.
Copyright 2014 by Dr. Majid M. Naini

Happy Holidays & New Year Dr. Naini

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When you behave badly, you should be afraid and not at peace,
because it is a seed that God will grow.
Whoever plants the seeds of thorns,
dont expect to find him in a rose garden.
Set a fire in your heart from love,
Burn all ill thoughts and statements.
God (of love) stayed and everything else left,
Be happy, oh fierce love, the burner of all our ills.

Happy Holidays and New Year,

Majid M. Naini

Copyright 2014 by Dr. Majid M. Naini