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Foot Prints of Life

Christmas Reflectfuls, 2014

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India (December 25, 2014, 3:40 PM)

For heavenly life on earth.
Vision it. Define it. Make it ours. Live it.
Share with our special folks.
Our beginning and our destinations.

Challenging complexities of institutionalized

Innate pangs of discovery to be authentic
Distortions and swivels of Misinformation
Securities behind grotesque lies/deceptions
Power through perniciousness
Living daylights of blackness and
Crimson nights

Trails of lives
Stories told and untold
Less heavenly, more earthly, if not unearthly.
Joy, Serenity, Beatific moments, Graceful livings
Dreams sublime

Ever raised mind, heart and eyes

From virtualities of monumental merriments
Have you looked up from the social loops
Embroiled in instrumental sphere of livings?

The converse reality shows

Have you ever heard

Those fleeting questions of deeper selves?
Questions and doubts hitherto unheeded by minds

Preoccupied in the cacophonies of doing things

And demands to conform
To all complexities of life
Needing mediatory assistances?
Ever visited your whiteside?
The true side of yourself?
Your existence - that pristine innocence gifted by God.
To you and specially you
Whatever you are and whoever you could be.
The most comforting existential awareness.
Good to retreat within you.
Turn back to your trails
You surely have got the footprints of your life
All have marks of whitenessthe beacon of divinity
Gods own signage meant only for you.
Howsoever unwelcoming to communicate
How fiery it may be
Even those terror-filled red moments
God keeps leaving his mark of love
In all that has happened.

To get us back to our right trails of life.

Centuries of righting back and He keeps writing

For us to read back; our stories of life
And find the mark of His Presence
Including our oscillating positions;
Dont ever make it salable or tradable
In the arcade of irascible logics and unreasonablities.
Mad bargains and
Avaricious piracies of lives.

Mystery is something that HAPPENS

Not those HAPPENED.
Human induced mysteries are farce.
True Mystery is Divine.
Life keeps blooming and
God surprises with mysteries.
Footprint of life begins with those feeble tiny feet
Stamping on crches, the mangers of today.
Instinctive cries for attentions;
The pristine patter of laughers;
The adorable yawnings.
Slumbering in peace in response to serenity
Giving presence of God among grownies.
Who never knew of their feeble infantile start.
All that resembled the mark
Of Gods human presence on earth.
HIS historical interventions in a life.
He did to one little obscure woman
Mary of Nazareth.
One of so many characters of Biblical Silences.
Mary a Reflectful person - infinitesimal in a society
Of brute power and gender dominations
Mystery challenge and choice.
Yes after yeses
Following the overshadow of divine in person.
The relentless hounding of humanity by God

Every child reminds the mystery of Immanuel


To a child, everything is mystery to be surprised for

Even when predetermined by facets of societal
Like Divine Child, they carry - Mystery of Joy
Mystery of life that is unique, and
Dignified in every form of expressions
Unadulterated by brute science and sociotechnocrats.
Foot prints that we keep creating
Transforming mystery into unique histories
Enlivened trails to cherish and guide
Not to flag mythical extinctions
But actuated life here and now.
Life crumbs:
Droplets of mirth
Pearls of tears from soft hearts
Placid humane touches
Gazes of affections
Of bygone era? Never.
Contextual. Concrete. Present. Today. Ever.

Reaching downreaching the fallen

Reaching the wayward, strayed, lost and confounded.

Reflecting obscurity of God Childs birth

Reverberating the open echoes
Of Son of God on Calvary
Answering all unanswerables.
To preserve the salt of humanity
With Faith Trails.

Christmas disneyfied is a
Season of human enchantments
Expression of camaraderie joy
Ranked and Rated. Exclusive.
Lacking ubiquitous universality
With excluded mass.
Foot prints of excluded humanity
Those foot prints of your faith (in Divine)
Walking with and riding on co-trails
Of faith-lit lives - Sensus fidei
Flags of faith in God
Who hunts mankind with Love;
With stubbornness of the Divine (Commitment)
Towards begotten humanity.

The true story of God.

Flags of lives untold.
Foot prints disremembered.
Buried in faded memories
Of twisted tales of histories.
The God who shines light
On those fading footprints of little ones
Valuing the valueless.
Signifying insignificants.

Those foot prints Never

War path
Crowds of defiant politics
Predatory businesses
Hippocratic show-of-spiritualties
It is of you and your footprints
The toddler with Master
The Master of life and faith.
Who came to say: Go Ahead:
Your faith has healed you
Youre forgiven
Peace be with you
Be salt to the earth
Let your light shine
Joy to the world

These tweets of faith begun with a silent night;

Of birth of a child, ordinary
Lighting footprints of unknown trails of life.
And so a Christmas saying:
Be enlightened by Mystery of Life;
The mystery of God for your footprints in life.
Tomorrow is Gods own Mystery gift for you.
Footprints are your history co-authored by God in you.
Never ever fade it.

Never ever deny light of faith in your footprints.
Key Indicator: Presentence of faith in life trails is - Joy.