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Vinco, Maria Karmela Louise T.


QMMC 5 :00 -10 :00 pm Surgery Ward

Mrs. Lilian Gaerlan RN, MAN

Gordons Functional Health Pattern

Patterns of
Health Perception

Nutritional Metabolic

Elimination Pattern


Before Hospitalization

During Hospitalization


According to the
patient, he perceives
himself as a healthy
He rarely visits a
medical professional
unless a severe health
problem exists.

According to the patient,

he is now more aware of
how important medical
health affects his
condition. He is more
conscious about his
health condition and rely
on the medical health
care team whats best for
his health.

d/t hospitalization, the

patient SO is now
more aware of how
consulting a medical
professional can help
his recovery from

The patient describe

his appetite as good.
The patient average
days food intake is 3
meals. The patient
loves to eat chicken,
pork, vegetable, fish
and oily foods. He also
drinks a lot of water,
about 8-10 glasses per
day. He also loves to
drink coffee.

The patient describe that

there is a decrease in his
appetite. He is also been
ordered by the doctor to
have LSLF( low salt,
low fat ) diet because of
his condition. The
patient said that his
meals in the hospital are
a bit tasteless because of
the restrictions.

The patient usually

3-4 times a day with
odorless yellow urine
and defecates every
other day. No reported
pain and difficulty
during urination
and defecation.

The patient urinates

4-6 times a day. He
reported that he felt pain
before urination. He
defecates every other

The patient rarely

exercise. He
considered his work as
a form of exercise,
because it uses
physical strength.

The patient activities are

limited because of his
condition . He just lying
on bed or sitting next to
wife to have chat.

The clients eating

habits and changed
due to his current
condition .

The patient has a good

elimination pattern
before but during
hospitalization the
patients elimination
pattern was change
because of his current

The clients ADL was

affected because of his

Sleep-Rest Pattern


Self Perception

Role Relationship

The patient finds it

The patient sleeps
difficult to sleep because
regularly. He usually
The clients sleep rest
of the change in
sleeps at 11:00 pm and
pattern change upon
environmental setting.
wakes up at 7am.
Patient does not
night. Patients sleeping
experience difficulty
pattern is disturbed upon
in falling asleep.
Sometimes he takes a feeling pain or upon
nap every afternoon.
getting v/s by the nurses.
Watching T.V is the
way of her relaxation.

The patient has normal

cognitive perception.
He can comprehend
well. He responds
easily appropriately to
verbal & physical

Nothing is changed in
his cognitive perception.
He can still respond
appropriately to verbal
and physical stimuli.

According to the
patient, he feels weak
The patients SO views
and uncomfortable
himself as a disciplined
because his disease
and loving father. He
also considers himself greatly interferes with
as a healthy and strong his daily activities and
individual that could
roles. He cannot perform
work and function very the things she likes and
usually do.

According to the
patient being a father,
he acts as the sole
decision maker in
their household,
making important
calls on finances,
health, family and
personal matters

The patient felt useless

since he cannot work
and provide his familys
needs, he became
impatient due to his
current condition

The clients cognitiveperceptual pattern

didnt change upon

The patients Self

perception was
extremely affected due
to his condition.

The patient has a good

relationship with his
family, but due to his
condition, it greatly
affect his role
relationship to his

Sexual Reproductive

Coping Stress
Tolerance Pattern.

Value Belief Pattern

The patient considers

himself as a man,
because he was able to
produce 6 children. He
has 3 daughters and 3

According to the
patient, he copes with
stress by verbalizing
feelings, talking each
issues and resolved it
together with his wife
and his children.

According to the
patient, he is a Roman
Catholic. He goes to
church every Sunday
with his

The patient said that he

is not interested about
sexual matters, probably
because of his age and
his condition.

According to the
patient he cannot
function same as before
because of his condition.
but his family gives the
their entire support in his
recovery, which makes
him more determined to
recover from his

According to the
patirent, they become
more closer to God right
now as they are facing

The patient sexual

reproductive pattern
had been following the
human nature, which
there is a decrease
interest in sexual
matters when a person
The patients coping
stress tolerance pattern
became stronger
during hospitalization.
The patient becomes
more aware of the
participation of his
support system to
recover from sickness.

His hospitalization
doesnt change his
value belief pattern.