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Visit to San Tin Flood Prevention Centre Reflection

Teacher : Ms. Kellie Lam

On the 3rd December,our geography class went to the San Tin Flood Prevention Centre.It is
important to have these types of centres because it educates people about Hong Kong's
climatic and flooding situation.From this visit, I learnt that Every year Hong Kong receives
an average rainfall of about 2,380 mm the highest among major Pacific Rim cities.Most of
the rain falls in summer between May and September.Flooding has mostly occurred in the
natural flood plains and low-lying areas of the New Territories.With rapid development of the
NT,the storage capacity of the natural ground has been reduced,aggravating the flooding
The Flood Prevention Centre actually has a special scheme called the "Village Flood
Prevention Scheme"(VFPS).Embankments are built around a low-lying village to prevent
floodwater from flowing into the village during heavy rainstorms.Rainwater fallen is diverted
to a flood storage pond and then pumped to the drainage channel outside the
embankment.The version we were showed was a 3-D visual illustration of the scheme in the
The guide also told us how the HKSAR government and the Drainage Department strives on
improving flooding situation in urban areas,such as Happy Valley.Happy Valley being a low
and flat land,is vulnerable to flooding due to insufficient capacity of the existing drains
during severe rainstorm,especially when combined with high tides.To alleviate the flooding
problem,an underground stormwater storage tank inside the happy Valley racecourse below
the happy Valley recreation ground is proposed.Upon completion of the project,the drainage
systems in happy valley and its surrounding area s will be capable of withstanding rainstorm
of 50 year-return period.the contruction will commence in phases from mid 2012 to early
2018.the first phase is scheduled for completion in early 2015.
Later,we were taken to different sites to observe environmental measures made to benefit
local ecology whom may get affected by future flooding .The following are some examples
which incorporate environmentally friendly features into drainage improvement and flood
control projects that help support ecological life and promote the regeneration of riparian
habitat. e.g.1 mangroves created along the bank of Kam Tin river to provide environment for
birds feeding and to enhance aesthetic value. e.g.2 " in-stream refugia" are provided in the
splash zone of the river wall,and serve to provide a refuge to fishes and other aquatic animals
during times of high flow.e.g.3 Reed pond in San Tin creating valuable wetland habitat for
migratory birds and enriching local ecology.
This field trip was very educational and informative on how flood is prevented and what is
done for animals who's lives are affected.

Simrandeep Kaur 5M(25)