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Its Not Just Education

By Rachel Schuett

Why go to college? Students often ask that question daily, as they struggle through
finances and studying for finals, sleepless nights and ramen for dinner. What is the purpose of
spending thousands of dollars for a piece of paper that somehow proves to the world that theyre
good enough, or smart enough to be a part of the educated society, and find a well-paying job?
Any college whether religious or a state institution believes the basic principal that college is to
mature and discipline a person and train them in their specified major to become upstanding
citizens and experts in their field. They both teach the liberal arts, which are the basics for any
person to know and understand how to function wherever they end up.
The dictionarys definition of the liberal arts is The academic course of instruction at a
college intended to provide general knowledge and comprising the arts, humanities, natural
sciences, and social sciences, as opposed to professional or technical subjects meaning it only
covers the basics, without delving into specific areas of study such as religion or a specific trade. defines liberal as favoring or permitting freedom of action, especially with
respect to matters of personal belief or expression, free from prejudice or bigotry; tolerant.
Liberal arts are what every person needs to know that will help them throughout their life,
instead of specific tasks that only certain people in certain fields need for their trade. The nature
of liberal arts is to teach only facts and not to imply personal beliefs that would affect them.
Taught on its own, liberal arts only sets things down and makes the student find out what to do

with the information. Integration of faith is needed to guide students on what they could do with
what they learn.
A state institution or traditional college teaches subjects without a religious bias. They
teach the liberal arts and specific subjects for each major yet they dont integrate their beliefs
into the subjects or say which way is right or wrong. They let the students figure out and decide
for themselves how they use the learned information in their lives. A Christian university or
college teaches the same subjects as a state institution yet they completely integrate their faith
into the teachings. Instead of letting students figure out for themselves what could be correct or
false, Christian professors guide them in biblical truths and ask the students what would be
morally correct, what would Jesus do. In any area of education, their faith has some insight on
how to view the subjects learned. Jesus can be and should be included in every area of a college
For example, at Dallas Baptist University there are the liberal arts courses, and classes
specific to certain majors like music classes and sports etc. They also teach Bible classes that
discuss Christianity in detail and develop an understanding of the Bible. Whats so wonderful
about the way DBU integrates their faith is that each professor describes how God is included in
their line of study, and how they see Him fit into whatever subject theyre teaching. Colossians
3:17 says to do anything and everything for the glory of the Lord. DBU lives that verse out very
well. The professors and staff reach out and act in such a way that their faith is obvious and
encourages others to do the same. Even the campus itself integrates Jesus, from the beautiful
statues and the engraved bible verses, to the prayer boxes and multiple chapels for quiet time. It
is much appreciated that Christianity is celebrated, encouraged, and integrated into the students
lives on campus at DBU, inside and outside the classroom.

Some students believe that because theyre Christian, they dont need to know much
about anything, because God is enough and if they are supposed to know something God will
enlighten them. Some might even frown upon learning so much, believing that its just clouding
the mind when all one really needs to focus on is the simple fact that God loves them and has a
plan for their lives, whatever that may be. It can be a difficult lesson to learn that they must do
their part by learning what they can about the world they live in so that they can delve into the
deeper topics such as politics, science, and theology and be able to advocate Christianity into
those topics, integrating them even on that level of thinking.
Personally, I believe that I can and should learn all that I can in every area of my life so
that Im able to integrate my beliefs into that area and be able to defend my faith when someone
confronts me on why I do things in certain ways that glorifies God. There have been many times
where my answer is simply, because the Bible tells me to or thats just what I was taught, I
dont know why I should act this way, I simply do. Thats not acceptable to a world thats
looking for intellectuals who can prove why they are the way they are. Christians need to be
proactive and able to defend themselves no matter what situation theyre in.
Liberal arts is necessary and good, but it can and should be taught with the
Christian perspective that adds Gods truth to the facts of this world that I live in. College is
where I should learn how to integrate, defend, and confirm the truth of the Good News in each
area of my life. When I become a music educator I should be able to know how to handle
situations such as a difficult student or parent in such a way that glorifies God and shows a
selfless servants heart rather than someone who lets their frustrations get to them.
As of right now I am a sophomore with hopes to become a music teacher either in the
public school system or in a homeschool community. That is near and dear to my heart because I

love music and singing, but I never had the opportunity to sing in a classical choir because it
wasnt offered in any homeschool co-ops I was a part of. My dream would be to become a music
director for a homeschool co-op and eventually be able to compete with private schools and
possibly public schools in classical choral competitions. It would be a wonderful advocate for
homeschoolers, so that the community would recognize homeschooling as an acceptable option
of education.
How I learn now will impact my career in the music I choose for my students to sing and
the tools I use to teach my students, especially in classroom management. Id love for my
students to follow a selfless servants attitude so that they would learn to love each other and
work as a team to sing not only to win a competition but to thank God that they get that
opportunity. I plan to learn everything I can about how to teach music and the correct tools I
should use, and ask myself how can I apply Jesus to my classroom and every lesson I teach?
How can He be glorified through these songs and activities? This is why I choose to go to a
Christian college that shows me how to be not just a music teacher thats Christian, but a
Christian music teacher. One day I will be recognized as the leading music director of
homeschoolers, and I want people to associate my name with the fact that I am a Christ follower,
devoted to letting His will be done over my own. That people talk of me positively and that I
enable and encourage others to let their musical gifts blossom and bless others.
The purpose of going to college, in my case a Christian college, is not just to go into debt
for a piece of paper, or even to learn how to be the best music educator in Texas. Its not just
education. The purpose of me going to college is to learn how I can be a mature Christian in the
real world, and how to apply it to everything that I would learn at any college. To learn how to

glorify God in each and every area of my life, so that I can prove exactly why I follow Christ and
why He is important to me.