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Politics and Morality go hand in hand

1) Indeed ironic are the modern times when the ultimate creation of God is split on the
opinion whether Politics and Morality are the passengers of the same boat?!
2) Good Morning Speaker Sir and fellow audience, I speak for the motion because Sir I
am ashamed! I feel ashamed because I have to rub shoulders with people who are a
disgrace on the face of the humanity, the people who believe that Morality is not a virtue
supposed to be exercised within the realms of politics, the people who believe that there
is no scope for morality in the ambit of political narrative.
3) But Sir, I wont abdicate! Like former PM of India Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee said- In
the field of politics one comes across disagreement but such is the beauty of politics that
in the disagreement lies hidden the seed of revolution There fore Sir I will Fight! Fight
for my understanding of morality.
4) Speaking in this institution named after the ever illustrious philosopher Swami
Vivekananda I yearn to re-invoke his words so that the deaf may hear, blind may see,
dumb may speak- so that my handicapped society may walk free- I will have nothing to
do with cowards or political nonsense. I do not believe in any politics. God and truth are
the only politics in the world
God and truth are the only politics in this world!
5) Speaker Sir, I would like to point out that in Bhagwad Geeta, God in the form of Lord
Krishna himself said that it is the moral duty of an individual which is pre-eminent in his
life, superior above everything else and in the dereliction of moral duty lies the gravest of
all sins!
6) Therefore Politics which I believe is a form of social service, a vehicle for real change
whose wheels of morality if are to be replaced by notions of pragmatism and realism,
then the path on which our society will tread would definitely conclude at the gates of
7) Morality is not a question about the difference between good or bad. Rather morality is
an unanswered question, a challenge towards self-conscience, which when lost leads an
evil Dushyasana to strip Draupadi thus inviting the decimation of his entire clan. It is this
morality which makes a proud secular India stand in stark contrast with a repugnant
theocratic Islamic state! So, it is my sincere advice to those speaking against the motion
to learn from the past and then voice their opinions after careful weighing of truth and
8) Hence, it is imperative to re-invoke the words of Swami Vivekananda- Only cowards
and those who are weak commit sin and tell lies. The brave are always moral
And I rest my case with the omnificent verse from the Quran Nasrulminallh wa fatah un
qareeb i.e God shall grant victory to those whose cause if just.