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Assignment on BRAC Bank
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Abstract or Executive Summary

BRAC bank is a commercial bank in Bangladesh. It is established by 1991 in Bangladesh. This

bank incorporated on may 20, 1991 and the company Act in 1992. It is started on July 4,2001
and this bank has a own vision that is support the people as if to promoting corporate and small
entrepreneurs and individuals all over the Bangladesh. It has 69 branches. BRAC bank is the first
bank which is provided online banking service as if customer known about the bank. This bank
also provides loan facilities to small and medium trading, manufacturing and service. This bank
already established communication network in different area. This bank try to develop economic
condition and provides loan facility 3 to 30 lace taka to the small and medium customer. BRAC
bank CSR already established 92 offices and 429 unit offices in Bangladesh and also1309
customer relation offices (CRO). BRAC bank when enter the CSR department in your bank they
provide CSR skills or knowledge. CSR do the work specially society, economy, and
environment. They help and try to best of work in BRAC bank. So every bank need good CSR
department as if they help the banking sector.

Table of Contents






Company Profile of BRAC Bank


CSR Activities of BRAC Bank


Analysis of the CSR Activities of BRAC Bank


Best CSR Practice






What is CSR?
Corporate Social Responsibility is the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically
and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and
their families as well as of the local community and society at large.
Why CSR is Important?
A strategic approach to CSR is increasingly important to a company's competitiveness. It can
bring benefits in terms of risk management, cost savings, access to capital, customer
relationships, human resource management, and innovation capacity. It also encourages more
social and environmental responsibility from the corporate sector at a time when the crisis has
damaged consumer confidence and the levels of trust in business. Helping to mitigate the social
effects of the crisis, including job losses, is part of the social responsibility of enterprises. In the
longer term, CSR offers a set of values on which to build a more cohesive society and on which
to base the transition to a sustainable economic system. By renewing efforts to promote CSR
now, the Commission aims to create conditions favorable to sustainable growth, responsible
business behavior and lasting job creation for the medium and long-term.

Company Profile:

BRAC Bank was founded on 4 July 2001 as a private commercial bank focused on Small and

Medium Enterprises (SME). BRAC Bank was founded to reach the large number of unbanked
people which were not covered by traditional bank. The main concept of the bank was to
facilitate Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). Since then the Bank has become a leading bank
in Bangladesh.
Our Strength emanates from our owner - BRAC. This means, we will hold the following values
and will be guided by BRAC as we do our work.
Value the fact that one is a member of the BRAC family
Creating an honest, open and enabling environment
Have a strong customer focus and build relationships based on integrity, superior service and
mutual benefit
Strive for profit & sound growth
Work as team to serve the best interest of our owners
Relentless in pursuit of business innovation and improvement
Value and respect people and make decisions based on merit
Base recognition and reward on performance
Responsible, trustworthy and law-abiding in all that we do.

CSR Activities of BRAC Bank

BRAC Bank Limited follows the 3Ps (People, Planet and Profit) philosophy in its
Operation. Besides core business, the bank carries a strong emphasis on Corporate Social
Responsibility-initiatives that support the people and protect the planet.

Brac bank CSR program focusedd on:

Social Welfare
Young leadership
Culture and heritage and
Community developmentt.

Key Highlights 2013:

Poor students realize dreams to pursue higher

students inspired for nation building

students inspired for science education

Students to continue study

Garment workers get medical treatment

Nurses get opportunity for higher study

Trees saved

SME Unit Offices salaried

Employees donate 1-days salary for Rana Plaza

Cold-hit people receive clothes for warmer nights

Employees run for humanity

Employee stand up to raise voice against violence
to women

Readers avail library


million people inspired to book reading

People find roots in classical music

Analysis of the CSR Activities of BRAC Bank

Education: Education enlightens people and society, it is the backbone of a nation. BRAC Bank
puts immense priority on education in light with the vision of the bank for an enlightened
Bangladesh. The bank extends its support to education initiatives to realize potentials of students
with exceptional merit and intellect.




BRAC Bank -- Prothom Alo

Adamya Medhabi
Patuakhali Journalist
Biochemistry Olympiad

To help poor students realize


224 students

To support children of
To inspire science education

200 students
1,200 students

The Daily Star O & A Level


To inspire nation builders of


5,000 students

Tetulia Pilot High School


To inspire meritorious female

students to continue studies

25 students

BRAC Bank Prothom Alo Trust Adamya Medhabi


Health: Health related issues come thrice in eight of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
earmarked by the United Nations. Healthcare crisis is acute in countries like Bangladesh. So,
BRAC Bank sets top priority on health initiatives. They invest in areas where it is needed most.
Together we envision a healthy Bangladesh.



Support to BSMMU on
nursing education

To facilitate higher
education in
Health awareness creation

50 nurses

Healthcare to garment

300 garment workers

Support to BSMMU on Nursing Education

Environment: BRAC Bank is a planet caring bank. Its 3p philosophy defines environmental
connection of the bank. BRAC Bank promotes green banking and support green initiatives,
through its social works and banking operations, for the sake of doing something for the Mother
Nature. Here are some of the initiatives.




Solarizing SME Unit Offices


To promote renewable energy

To promote e-statement
and save trees
To create awareness about
climate change

Bank and society as well

Bank and society as well

Sponsoring journalists to
World Climate Summit in

Whole country

Social Welfare: BRAC Bank is a socially responsible bank. The bank feels that it must do
something for welfare of the community it works with and the society it works in. The bank
comes forward for humanitarian cause with passion and affection. The welfare works are few of
many social commitments that this bank fulfills.




Support to Rana Plaza victims

To help deceased families

&injured workers
To raise voice for violence against
To renovate libraries


To stand beside the valiant

freedom fighter
To help humanity

1 women freedom fighter

Awareness for women rights

Support to Bishwo Shahitto
Lifelong support to Taramon
Bibi, Bir Protik
Standing beside tornedo
affected people

Whole country
10,000 library goers

50 families

Young leadership: As the youngest bank, BRAC Bank always stands beside young people and
inspire them. BRAC Bank keeps unshakable faith on dreams and potentials of the young
generation. BRAC Bank not a mere financial institution, it is an organization that helps realize
dreams and potentials of the youth.



Support to Wasfia Nazreen

Empowering women

1 iconic woman

Culture and heritage: Art and culture is the identity of a country. It refines human soul and
defines intellect and creativity of a society. As a Bangladeshi Bank, we promote and nurture art,
culture and heritage of the country. Our passionate and continuous attachments make BRAC
Bank synonymous with art and culture. Here are a few notable initiatives.



Bangla Academy Amar

Ekushey Grontho Mela
BRAC Bank Samakal
Shahitya Puroshkar
Bengal classical music festival
and Ustad Niaz Md.

To inspire writers and readers


To inspire writers and enrich

Bangla literature
Patronizing classical and
Bangladeshi music



There are some others CSR activities initiated by BRAC Bank Limited(2008).

Ekushey Boi Mela:

Amor Ekushey Grontho Mela 2008 was supported by BRAC Bank. This support would facilitate Bangla
Academy to continue its ongoing publications & Research & Development activities.

Bird Fair in Jahangirnagar University:

BRAC Bank as part of its CSR activity sponsored BRAC Bank Pakhi Mela 2008 organized by
Jahangirnagar University. This was done to raise awareness about conservation of immigrant
birds and thus to protect them from being endangered.

MoU with JCI for Health & Safety training initiatives for SMEs:
BRAC Bank Limited has signed a MoU with Junior Chamber International (JCI), Bangladesh
recently to promote Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Small and Medium Enterprises
(SMEs). This initiative will help SME Entrepreneurs in the country to be aware about health and
safety aspect of working condition, which included bio-security, fire & electrocution hazard at
workplace, etc. Selected BRAC Banks SME Clients from the sectors will be given technical
assistance, training and other necessary supports to improve their work environment towards
changing the lifestyle of self and community as a whole.

BRAC Bank organizes a workshop on Prevention of Fire Hazards in Business

BRAC Bank and Swisscontact-Katalyst have jointly organized a workshop on Prevention of Fire
in Business premises recently for a number of SME Entrepreneurs. The objective of the program
is to create awareness regarding fire related hazards in the business premises of the Small &
Medium Enterprises (SMEs) of the country, and to introduce the ways to minimize these hazards
among the participants.


National Vitamin A plus Campaign:

BRAC Bank has sponsored 1000 pieces of t-shirts for the volunteers of country wide Vitamin-A
campaign. Each year governments health ministry organizes this campaign where children of 0
to 5 years are given a drop of vitamin A, to prevent them from fatal diseases. To create more
awareness against such diseases BRAC Bank lent its support in the campaign.

Junior Tennis Initiative sponsored by BRAC Bank:

BRAC Bank has supported Bangladesh Tennis Federation to initiate Junior Tennis Initiative
(JTI) Program. Under this program young school children would be provided with necessary
training on tennis. This initiative is taken to create internationally acclaimed tennis stars from
Bangladesh. This is to create enthusiasm among the young school children about games and

Sponsorship of Viqarunnisa Noon Debating Club:

BRAC Bank sponsored the Viqarunnisa Noon Debating Club to organize their annual debat
competition. This initiative would help the youth to develop their creative skills and thus being the
future leaders to prepare themselves better to serve the society from the forefront.

Donation made to save a childs life:

BRAC Bank donated BDT 10,000 to help ongoing treatment of a child name Dorpon, who have
electrocuted himself and burned half of his body, while came in contact with a torn electric wire while

Sponsored Women Entrepreneur Association of Bangladesh (WEAB):

BRAC Bank supported WEAB to initiate a relief program under which they helped building
house for acid victims especially in cyclone SIDR hit areas namely Coxs Bazar and Barisal. A
cultural event was organized to raise fund for the charity.
BRAC Bank Partnering with Dhaka Metropolitan Police:


Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) commenced community police service in different parts of
the city, with a view to involve the community in the criminal administration and traffic control
system. In this regard BRAC Bank has supported Dhaka Metropolitan Police as part of its
ongoing CSR activities. BRAC Bank has provided the DMP with road divider, traffic cones,
police vests and umbrellas to assist them in serving our society for the betterment.

BRAC Bank sponsors Jatio Haowr Utshab at Mohonganj, Netrokona:

BRAC Bank as part of their CSR activity supported a 3-day long Jatio Haowr Utshab in
Mohangonj, Netrokona. Despite of having any distribution network in that locality, BRAC Bank
joined with Poribesh Bachao Andolon (POBA) to save the environment. The drive was to create
awareness to save the surrounding environment of Haowr areas and to protect its rich

ICDDR,B Inaugaration of BRAC Bank Short Stay Ward:

BRAC Bank and ICDDR,B representatives inaugurated BRAC Bank Short Stay Ward at Dhaka
Hospital of ICDDR,B. Its Dhaka and Matlab hospitals provide free treatment to 1120,000 patients each
year with a commitment to not to turn away anyone arriving for treatment. In the past, accommodating
these patients required the use of tents as temporary wards. With the support of BRAC Bank Limited the
short stay ward has been renovated with full air conditioning, new washrooms, hand washing sinks,
surrounding walls and upgraded floors and ceilings. This will facilitate ICDDR,B to treat
underprivileged patients with better care.

BRAC Bank Sponsors Bangladesh Travel & Tourism Mart:

BRAC Bank Limited was the title sponsor for the Bangladesh Travel & Tourism Fair, which was held
for 3 days in Bashundhara City Centre, Dhaka. BRAC Bank displayed its travel related services, such as
money endorsement, tour plan, airline booking, travel loan, etc at the fair.

BRAC Bank Sponsors National Career Fair:

BRAC Bank sponsored the 5th Annual National Career Fair organized by North South University. This
initiative for arranging the Career Fair was an effective means to open the window of opportunity for
bright and eager young students and graduates with employers for job searching & networking. BRAC
Bank contributed to this endeavor for a better way to the development of our nation.


BRAC Bank Limited partnered with DCCI for International Business Conference:
BRAC Bank Limited partnered with DCCI (The Dhaka Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce &
Industry) for the publication of the book Commercial History of Dhaka and marking the Golden
Jubilee Celebration of DCCI.
BRAC Bank supported the event of successfully celebrating the historic compilation of 400 years of
Dhaka that was acclaimed home and abroad.

BRAC Bank Series:

BRAC Bank Limited participated as the title sponsor of the New Zealand tour of Bangladesh series
styled BRAC Bank Series 2008: Bangladesh vs. New Zealand during September 30 October 30,
2008. Three One Day International (ODI) matches and two Test matches were played in Dhaka and
Chittagong in turn.

BRAC Bank supported Bangladesh Hockey Federation:

BRAC Bank has sponsored BRAC Bank Club Cup Hockey Tournament with Bangladesh Hockey
Federation. The tournament was sponsored to motivate and provide financial support for the promising
hockey players of Bangladesh

15th All Asians Inter Varsity Debate Championship:

BRAC Bank Limited was the event sponsor for the Youth Development Night of 15th All Asian Inter
Varsity Debate Championship organized by North South University (NSU). This is a praiseworthy
initiative by a Bangladeshi institution to organize such a mammoth event where more than 600 young
debaters from all across Asia participated.

BRAC Bank pays tribute to Artist Safiuddin Ahmed:

BRAC Bank pays tribute to the eminent Artist Safiuddin Ahmed by celebrating his 86th birth


anniversary with his 1st solo art exhibition in Bangladesh with Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts.

Best CSR Practice

Best CSR practice of BRAC bank are in education and social welfare sectors.As we can see these two
sectors are most developed sectors than others.
Education Sector:
kn education sector BRAC bank has taken many mojor issues depends on the present situation
Prothom Alo Adamya Medhabi one of them BRAC Bank-Prothom Alo Trust Adamya Medhabi
Scholarship was introduced in 2010 to help inteligent student of insolvent families fulfill their pursuit
of higher education. With the scholarship, many students are now studying in BUET, medical, Dhaka
University and other noted institutes. A total of 224 students have so far availed the scholarship. BRAC
Bank alsosupported the 9th award presentation ceremony organized by The Daily Star for the students
who earned more than 7 As in O-level & 3 As in A-level to salute and encourage the nation builders of
tomorrow. For BRAC bank 1,200 students inspired for science education in Biochemistry Olympiad ,
5,000+ students inspired for nation building,200 Students to continue their study.

Social Welfare Sector:

The other best practice is on social welfare sector. BRAC Bank has stood beside the victims and
families of Savar building collapse incident. BRAC Bank has donated or provided Tk. 1 crore to Prime
Ministers Relief Fund for rehabilitation of Savar victims people so that they can get rid from this effect
. Other initial steps include blood donation, donation of one day salary by all employees. Their 8,000
Employees donate 1-days salary for Rana Plaza victims, medicines for emergency treatment, assistance
for emergency surgery and also other oppurtunity.Their others activities in social welfare sector are
awareness for women rights To raise voice against women violence in the whole country.Their
600 Employee stand up to raise voice against violence to women,Support Bishwo Shahitto Kendro to
renovate libraries for 10,000 library goers, Standing beside tornedo affected people to help humanity in
50 families, Lifelong support to Taramon Bibi- Bir Protik women freedom fighter.Their 2,000
Employees run for humanity,16,800 Cold-hit people receive clothes for warmer nights from BRAC


In Corporate Social Responsibility, BRAC Bank prioritizes on long term programs rather than short
term ones for lasting impact on people and society. They develop partnership with long term
commitment to implement CSR programs to ensure sustainable impact on communities. They support
non-for-profit organization with seed money rather than one-off donation.After seeing the activities of
brac bank we can say that brac bank follows the 3p philosophy very well and they are trying to develop
all the sectors of our environment, economy as well as society.