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Mahendra Trivedi Physiology: The Nervous System

A lot has been already written and said about the unique and special physiology that Mahendra Trivedi
possesses. The reason behind the recognition of Mr. Trivedis exceptional powers and unusual body
structure, organ systems and incredible physical and mental capabilities is the fact that he has always
supported the integration of science and spirituality. The medical tests and evaluations conducted to
assess his physiology and the competence of his organ systems have substantiated an unfound fineness
and miraculous readings concerning his physique and structure. These tests have been conducted by
eminent physicians, doctors and scientists in USA, Australia, Canada and India and everyone in the
medical fraternity marvels at the superiority of Mahendra Trivedis singular physiology.

As a part of these medical examinations, several tests were performed to assess the Nervous System of
Mr. Trivedis body. The overall outcomes of these assessments revealed that Mr. Trivedis nervous system
generates a high magnitude electromagnetic field with very unusual thermal patterns. To understand the
experiment in detail, the authentic tests that were accomplished included the following:
1. Computerized Biofeedback test:

This test was carried out by Dr. R.H. Brian Costello, Chairman of the International Council of
Integrative Medicine, Australia. The parameter used in biofeedback tests produces data about the
operation of the Autonomic nervous system (ANS). The four parameters used for the tests on Mr.
Trivedi were galvanic skin response (GSR), pulse rate (PUL), peripheral skin temperature (TEM)
and surface electromyograph (EMG) of striated muscles.

The galvanic skin response is correlated with the activity of the sweat glands and is regarded as a measure
of autonomic arousal. The pulse rate, which is directly connected to heart rate variability, is interpreted as
an indicator of the stress being perceived by the subject at the time of the testing.

2. Medical Infra red digital Imaging (MIDI): This test was performed and analysed by Pip
McCahon who is running three Medical Infrared Digital Imaging Clinics in AUSTRALIA
Canberra, Brisbane and Sydney. In the MIDI test, a healthy persons surface temperature should
be balanced, the same on the right and the left. Medical Infrared Digital Imaging (MIDI)
technology has instituted precisely sound parameters which states that any deviation from the
symmetrical constancy of a healthy pattern comes with some pain, dysfunction and symptoms
that range from a lack of sensation and tingling to paralysis.

3. Electromyography test (EMG): It is the process of logging of muscle action potentials with skin
surface electrodes. It is used as an indicator of muscular tension. When in stress, the stimulation
of the sympathetic nervous system leads to an increase in muscular strain. The blood flow to the
brain also increases in such a situation resulting in a corresponding drop in peripheral skin
temperature which is one of the parameters of the computerized bio feedback test.

4. Electroencephalography: It is the recording of electrical activity along the scalp. EEG measures
voltage fluctuations resulting from ionic current flows within the neurons of the brain.
After conducting these tests, the observations and findings about Mahendra Trivedis physiology
corresponding to the nervous system were as following:
1. After the analysis of the four parameters in the computerized bio feedback test, it was reported
that Mr.Trivedis Autonomic nervous system was found to be in the highest state of excitement
(sympathetic part of the Autonomic nervous system) and the highest state of calmness
(parasympathetic part of the Autonomic nervous system) concurrently. This progression is
biomechanically unfeasible for humans because both systems create a contradictory impact in
blood flow; muscle function; hormone, enzyme and peptide release, etc. To see the complete
report of the bio-feedback test, click here:

2. The MIDI report indicated that his body has extreme temperature contrasts of 4.50 centigrade
within a few inches in each hand and each foot. There was a 7 0 centigrade difference between his
upper torso and his abdomen, and 50centigrade between the front and back of his torso. There is
asymmetry from right to left side and there were patterns of the farthest differences in
temperature in 40-50 locations all through the body that were wholly exclusive. To have a look at
the detailed thermal imaging report and figures, click here:

3. According to the EMG report, the motor conduction, sensory conduction, F-waves and the EMG
of sampled muscles was normal. Therefore, in clinical terms, the reports were regular. For the full
report, click here:

4. The EEG report states that the background activity comprised of alpha activity 9-10 c/s, which is
symmetrical in the occipital leads and spreading anteriorly interspersed with fast beta activity. In
comprehensible terms, no paroxysmal activity was seen. Moreover, hyperventilation and photic
stimulation is non-contributory. The EEG presented a normal record without the observation of

any epileptiform activity. However, the physician said that a normal EEG does not rule out the
diagnosis of epilepsy, as epileptiform discharges may be bursting. In the simplest words, the EEG
reported that his brain is in an alpha state when he is plainly normal. For the complete EEG
report, click here:
At the end of the entire analysis, Dr Costello stated that Mr.Trivedis measurements were uniquely
dissimilar from any other administered to patients and non-patient samples (1979 until 2004).
Therefore, the Nervous System and Brain level tests of Mahendra Trivedi left well known physicians
who had been practicing for decades in a state of perplexity and awe. These reports clubbed with reports
from the examinations carried out on Mr. Trivedis circulatory system, craniosacral system, digestive
system, endocrine system, musculoskeletal system, respiratory system etc. provide evidence that he was
born with a special physiology and anatomy which might be the underlying cause of his exceptional
powers and incredible divine energy. He is a spiritual master along with being a scientific pioneer and his
utmost motive is to bring contentment and calmness in the lives of all the humans on this earth. He calls
himself a normal individual and yet the Creator has crafted him in a unique way. To know more about his
special physiology, go to the website: