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SPECIAL EDITION – January 2010

2009-2010 Teacher of the Year 2009-2010 Teacher Assistant of the Year
Ms. Nancy Hanley Ms. Valarie Turner
Ms. Nancy Hanley was voted Conn’s Teacher Ms. Valarie Turner was bestowed the honor of
of the Year for the 2009-2010 school year. Conn being voted Conn’s Teacher Assistant of the Year
has been fortunate to have Ms. Hanley on our staff for the 2009-2010 school year. Ms. Turner has
for 13 years where she has held the position of been in education for 24 years. She began her
Conn’s AG teacher for the past 8 years and taught career in education by spending 20 years as an
5th grade for 5 years prior to that. In addition, she educator at the daycare level for ages newborn
has spent time teaching English in grades 7-12 and through elementary.
taught Years 4/5 in the UK for a year. In her spare She then became a substitute teacher with the
time, Ms. Hanley enjoys reading, traveling, Wake County Public School System for
gardening and walking. Kindergarten through 3rd Grade at the beginning of
One of Ms. Hanley’s favorite teaching the 2005-2006 school year. She is currently a
experiences was during the 2001-2002 school year teacher assistant at Conn in 2nd Grade and has been
when she participated in a teacher exchange through for the past three years. When outside of the
the Visiting International Faculty Program. As a classroom, she stays involved at her church by
cultural ambassador, she was responsible for singing in the choir, sitting on the Deaconess board
teaching the UK curriculum to a high standard, and as a Sunday School teacher. In addition, she
sharing life and travel experiences with students and mentors students, serves elderly members of her
community members, and promoting an church and spends time with her family.
understanding of the culture of the United States. Ms. Turner particularly enjoys watching the
Throughout the experience she particularly enjoyed students she teaches mature and grow as they
communicating with colleagues, traveling and prepare for the next level. She especially enjoys
participating in classes offered by the British having the opportunity to be reunited at Conn with
History Museum. some of the students that she taught during her
When asked why Ms. Hanley pursued a years at the daycare level.
profession in teaching, she answers simply because Teaching has always been one of Ms. Turner’s
she loves school. She enjoys sharing her passions. She knew from the time she was very
enthusiasm for learning with students and finding young that she wanted to be a teacher and is
new ways to nurture creativity. From an early age, thankful to be living her dream.
she identified teaching as a way to make a
difference in the world and inspire habits of lifelong
learning and good communications skills.

CONNgratulations CONNgratulations
Many thanks to Ms. Hanley for her to Ms. Turner for receiving this honor
many years of dedication to our Conn and we thank her for her many years of
students. Her recognition is well-deserved. service to the education of children.

PTA President’s Message willingness to voice our concerns with conviction.
The new school board majority says that, more than
“TOWN HALL” MEETING JANUARY 26 anything else, they respond to the will of parents.
This event will be a great way to let them know
As Wake County’s only Active Learning and how we feel. I look forward to seeing you on the
Technology magnet school, Conn Elementary has 26th.
Linda Davis
attracted a growing number of students from all
PTA President
across the county in recent years. Our current
school population is 595 students from downtown
Raleigh, Garner, Holly Springs, and even Wake Conn Student Directory Is Here!
Forest. Classes comprised of students who come The Conn Student Directory is now available
from rural and urban communities, wealthy and online for all Conn PTA members! Simply access
economically struggling households, native and the Conn PTA website at
ESL students – all these factors are enabling our The directory is organized alphabetically by
students to grow into stronger citizens ready to grade and includes only the information parents
compete in the 21st century global economy. The provided for it early in the school year. Users can
families I’ve spoken with believe that Conn’s rich print the specific pages they need.
diversity is key to the educational experience we If you would like your child's entry changed, or
want for our children. if you are a PTA member and do not have online
Another key to our success is the continuity of access, please contact Adrienne Berney at
the teachers and staff. The Conn Family is really a or 828-5599. Remember,
community of people who care for and want the an individual PTA membership is only $5.00.
best for each other. Don’t you love knowing that Adrienne Berney
Student Directory Chair
our children are safe, happy, and able to do their
best every day?
Last fall’s school board elections resulted in a January 2009 Calendar Items
new majority that were elected with a turnout of Wed., 1/13 10:00 a.m.: 2nd Grade Dance Performance – Even
only about 10% of registered Wake County voters. Exchange Dance Company
Fri., 1/15 2:45 p.m.: K-1 Storytelling Performance - Donna
At their first official meeting in December, the new
majority took quick actions that have raised
Sat., 1/16 10:00 a.m.: Green Team Grounds Workday
concerns and questions about the future of magnet
Mon., 1/18: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday
schools, the school calendar and eliminating
Mon., 1/25: Teacher Workday
mandatory year-rounds in Wake County, and Tues., 1/26 6:00 p.m.: Conn PTA Town Hall Meeting on
ending early release Wednesdays (PLTs), which Future of Magnet Schools in Wake County
Conn’s staff has found very beneficial.
In an effort to address these concerns, Conn
Elementary PTA is hosting a Town Hall-style
meeting on Tuesday, January 26, from 6:00 – 8:00
p.m. in the Gymnasium. Our goal is to share
information, discuss proposed ideas and answer
questions that Conn families have about current
education policy issues. We are inviting all
members of the Wake County School Board,
including Keith Sutton, who represents the fourth
district (which includes Conn) and is a Conn parent.
I hope you will mark your calendar and plan to
join us for the Town Hall meeting. Our involvement
in the discussion of these issues is vital to the future
of our children’s education. Continuing to improve Ms. Hanley and Ms. Turner!!! 
the quality of education at Conn depends on our
January 2010 CONNector  
2009-2010 Conn Elementary PTA
President Linda Davis 821.7602 210.4420
President-Elect Dakeisa Parker 803.2035 264.7744
VP Fundraising Julie Thomas 434.9690
VP Membership Melissa Madrid 255.5219
Secretary Dionne Lester 792.2442
Treasurer Toddi Steelman 513.0408 271.2844
Asst. Treasurer Joe Sinsheimer 821.9487
Butterfly Garden Christine Murphy 832.3298 345.1807
Communications Reid Serozi 807.1878
CONNector Julie Snee 210.5586
Cultural Arts Peggy Hayes 870.0599 522.7995
Soo Keith 834.1811
Lisa Ferrando
(Staff Liaison) 828.3534
Fall Carnival – Lisa & Rob
CONNivale Vanderberry 872.0741 271.4350
Family Spirit Night Jared Ollison 247.4478
Green Team Jeff Cherry 878.6177 915.1012
David Thome 834.2735 215-0420
Holiday Shop Chrissy Pressley 834.6488 368.3856
Hospitality Capricia Conyers 833.1732
Legislative Matthew Brown 834.6488
Literacy Night &
Campaign Pam Hartley 428.0992
Media Center Kelly Turner 846.9317
Room Parent
Coordinator Carol Lawson 761.1013
Parent Classroom
Liaison, K-2 Carmon Pullen 376.0844 291.8803
Parent Classroom
Liaison, 3-5 Jaime Baker 231.9878 931.1478
Positive Behavior
Support Mary Williams 846.5019
Reflections Kelly LeVoyer 833.2297
Betsy Alexieff 524.8936
Room Parent Coord. Carol Lawson 761.1013
School Store Daphne Shuler
School Spirit Merch. Mary Williams 846.5019
Student Directory Adrienne Berney 828.5599
Teacher Apprec. Susan Robson 212.8733
Yard Sale Gabriella Corter 833.2078 827.3681
Yearbook Mary Williams 846-5019

January 2010 CONNector  
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