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Quintus leads the dog into the field and greets his father.

The father and the son return home from the field with the dog.
Quintus sees many comrades in the road; he greets all of them.
The father leads the dog home, but Quintus plays with the comrades.
Flavius story: The siege of Troy
Agamemnon, the king of Mycenae, calls together all the Greek princes; he orders them to
prepare for war in Troy. His father, Menelaus, is present; Achilles, the bravest of the heroes,
comes from Thessalia; Odysseus is there from Ithaca with his many comrades. They prepare a
big army and many ships. They sail to the city of Troy and attack Troy.
But the Trojans defend their city bravely. For ten years the Greeks besiege the city but cannot
take it. At last Agamemnon and Achilles fall into a quarrel. Achilles is angry; he no longer fights
but waits idly near the ships. Troy is now conquering the Greeks and driving to their ships.
Agamemnon sends his friends to Achilles who orders them to return to the fight. Oh
Achilles, they say, The Trojans are conquering us and driving to our ships. We are in big
danger. You should return to the fight and defend the comrades. But he doesnt listen to his
friends nor cease to be angry.
Soon the Trojans attack and set fire to the ships. Patroclus, a dear friend, approaches Achilles
and says, The Trojans are now setting fire to our ships. You should cease to be angry and help
your friends. If you are not willing to fight, you should send me with your comrades into the
fight. And so Achilles reluctantly send Patroclus into the fight. He puts on the arms of Achilles
and leads the comrades into the fight.
When the Trojans see the arms of Achilles, they are terrified and flee to the city. Patroclus
runs into them and kills many. But Hector, the bravest of the Trojans, resists and calls Patroclus
into the fight. He throws his spear and kills Patroclus.
Fabella: ludus Flavii
Flavius waits for the children in school. The children enter and greet the teacher.
Children: Greetings, teacher!
Flavius: Greetings, children! Come in quickly and sit down.
All the children sit down and are silent.
Flavius: Today, children, you should work hard and write the letters well.
All the girls are working, but Gaius is not working; he is watching Iulia.
Gaius: (whispers) Iulia, wont you come home with me today?
Iulia: (whispers) Be quiet, Gaius! Flavius is looking at us.
Flavius: What are you doing, Gaius? Why arent you working?
Gaius: I am, teacher. I am working hard and writing the letters well.
Flavius: Come here, Gaius! I want to see your tablet.
Gaius goes to Flavius.
Gaius: Look, teacher. I write the letters well.
Flavius: You dont write the letters well, Gaius. You are lazy.
Gaius returns to his seat and works for a little. Horatia has already written all the letters and is
drawing pictures in her tablet. Flavius approaches her and looks at her tablet.
Flavius: Horatia, what are you doing?
Horatia: Im writing the letters, teacher. Look!
Flavius: You are not writing letters, but pictures. You are lazy. Write the letters again.
Quintus, who has written all the letters, is idling; suddenly he sees Scintilla through the window;
she is leading Argus through the road.

Quintus: (whispers) Argus, good dog, come here.

Argus hears Quintus; he runs to the window and barks. Flavius hurries to the window.
Flavius: Go away, bad dog! What are you doing? Go away at once.
Argus jumps through the window and greets Quintus; then he runs through the school and looks
for Horatia. All the children get up and chase Argus. Flavius despairs.
Flavius: Go away, children. You are dismissed. You, Quintus, take your dog out of the school.
1. magnum urbem
2. regem fortem
3. navem longam
4. matres laetas
5. omnes puellas
1. bono rege
2. puero forti
3. omnibus comitibus
4. princepe tristi
5. urbibus multis