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Where Do You Get Prop/Fake/Stage Blood?










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Where Do You Get Prop/Fake/Stage Blood?

In most horror films today there is one thing you can almost always count on seeing. Its that red stuff we just cant live
without. Looking for the right stage/prop blood for your next project, movie or Halloween costume? HorrorBid has done a
little homework for you guys concerning successful homemade blood recipes and reliable purchasing sources (for lazy peps like
me). Yep, Weve even got Dick Smiths blood formula in here.
Read more for the low down . . .

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Where Do You Get Prop/Fake/Stage Blood?

FrightProps Secret Blood Formula
This aliphatic polyurethane coating can be used as a stretch coating for most plastics, synthetic rubber, latex, flexible
polyurethane foams, and polyurethane elastomers. When brushed or sprayed, FrightProps Secret Blood Formula will air dry
quickly to form a soft, stretchy elastomeric coating.
Click HERE to order.
Pale Night Productions Perma Blood
Perma-Blood is the haunt industries' BEST blood paint period. Most blood paints dry pink or brown or don't dry at all. PermaBlood dries bright red and glossy to always appear fresh. It dries completely tack free and is flexible and waterproof on most
surfaces. That makes Perma-Blood great for use on walls, props, and even costumes. The best part is, Perma-Blood can be
used on all your costumes and can survive trips though the washing machine. Perma-Blood is already in use in haunted
attractions all over the United States and all over the world. It has even been featured on a recent episode of Modern Marvels
on the History Channel and is currently being used on all the costumes for the new movie Zombieland.
Click HERE to order.
Hawg's Blood
Hawg's Blood was specifically designed for film by Hawgfly Productions, Inc. Developed for the ultimate color and consistancy,
Hawg's Blood is a rich blood color that shoots great on HD, film, and DV. It is non-sticky and can be thinned with water for
spraying and pumping while still maintaining its color. It can be removed with shaving cream, Ivory soap, or Dr. Bronner's
Pure-Castile Soap to take away any residual stain on skin as well! Hawg's Blood is available in "Original" and a "Thick and
Scabby" form that is perfect for cuts and abrasions as well as chummy ends on appendages and many other effects. Other
blood varieties are in progress and will be released soon.
Click HERE to order.


Recipe #1 - Corn Syrup
Ingredients: Light corn syrup, Red food colour (add a drop of blue if needed)
Instructions: None were given on the website but one would presume mix together then test on the dog.
Recipe #2 - Flour-based
Ingredients: 2 teaspoons of flour, 1 cup of water, Red food color (add a drop of green if needed)
Instructions: Mix the flour into the water and get all of the lumps out. Put into a pan and bring it to a boil. Let it simmer until
it has the consistency you want (about 30 minutes). Let it cool and stir in the color. Note: This one looks good on cloth but is
slightly slimy
Recipe #3 - Dick Smith's Blood Formula
For those of you looking for THE blood recipe here is a recipe created by master makeup artist Dick Smith. This is the same
blood that was used in the movies, TAXI DRIVER, THE EXORCIST and LITTLE BIG MAN among others.
Ingredients: 1 Quart White Corn Syrup
1 Level Tsp Zinc Oxide (any laboratory supply)
2 Oz. Ehler Red Food Colour
5 Tsp Ehler Yellow Food Colour
2 Oz. Kodak Photo-Flo *Poisonous*(any photo supply store)
2 Oz. Of Water
Instructions: Put the zinc oxide into a bowl, add an equal amount of water and paste. Add the food colouring and stir (If you
are not using Ehler's brand yellow, use only one-half the amount indicated). Add a little of the corn syrup and mix well. Pour
into a container that holds more than the final amount (you have to shake it up before use, as it may separate), add the
remaining corn syrup and mix well. Then add the amount of water specified and mix again. This will give your blood a normal
consistency. Keep this and all corn syrup recipes refrigerated when not in use (or it will grow mould) and mix well before use.
Note: Due to one of the ingredients being poisonous, this blood Recipe should not be used if it is likely to be swallowed during
or after application - that is of course, unless you want a real death in your movie...
Recipe #4 - Kiss Blood Recipe
Ingredients: 6 eggs shells and all
- 1/2 cup Dannon strawberry yogurt
- 1/3 cup cottage cheese (preferably with pineapples)
- 4 squirts red food colouring
- 1/2 cup Aunt Jamima maple syrup (extra thick)
- 3 heaping tablespoons corn syrup
Instructions: In a two-quart saucepan, combine eggs (with shells), yogurt, cottage cheese, maple syrup, and corn starch. Heat
over low flame for 15 minutes, frequently. Add colouring, stir, and cover. Cook for 5 minutes, or until mixture takes on the
consistency of phlegm. Makes enough for 2 concerts.
Source: stormforcepictures
Aquacolor Airbrush Makeup
3.5 oz Aquacolor
1 cup 91% Isopropyl Alcohol
1/8 cup fixier spray
Pulverize the Aquacolor. You can use a pistol and mortar. A blender to mix. All the ingredients is fine.
Blood Formula:
Bright red powder Pigment dissolved in a little distilled water and then added to corn syrup. 1 oz will color about 2 gallons of
corn syrup.
Permanet blood paint for latex masks
Gloss Acrylic Medium (sometimes known as Gloss Sealer)



Where Do You Get Prop/Fake/Stage Blood?

Gloss Acrylic Medium (sometimes known as Gloss Sealer)

Bright red powder cosmetic pigment
Dissolve the powder into a little water first.
1.5 to 2 teaspoons dye to pint of Gloss Acrylic
It dries quickly.

Basic Gelatin Forumla

80 grams 1/8th cup Glycerin
80 grams 1/8th cup Sorbitol
40 grams 1/8th cup Gelatin
Note: The weights are different but the volumes are actually the same
On all three ingredients. gram tsp. Zinc Oxide Flocking to desired effect, about tsp. or less if mixing colors. Cosmetic
Pigment in your choice of flesh color. (You can also use cake make-up Ground up fine)
In a microwave safe bowl mix most of the Sorbitol and glycerin. Leave
A small amount of the Sorbitol out so you can mix the Zinc Oxide into it before adding it all together. Slowly add the Gelatin to
the Sorbitol and glycerin mixture. Then add the Gelatin to the Sorbitol and glycerin mixture. Then add in the Zinc Oxide mixed
in the small amount of Sorbitol and some flocking. If you are adding flesh pigment or red blood pigment (you can use any
color) mix the pigment into a
small amount of Sorbitol before adding to the batch. Heat it in the microwave for another minute or two but be careful it
doesnt bubble over the container.
Easy Gelatin Forum (not foamed gelatin)
Dissolve 1 part gelatin into 1 part sorbitol, then add 1 part glycerin. Each part is by volume. Zinc Oxide can be added to the
gelatin at the beginning to makeend piece stronger and more opaque. Place in microwave heating in 1 minute increments
while mixing in between. Be careful it doesnt overheat and bubble over container. Very hot when it comes out so let it cool
before applying.
Source: fxwarehouse
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Nick Meece
04/16/09 @ 20:03

I found the corn syrup method to be the best, but instead of adding a hint of blue dye, I just add a little
chocolate syrup and there you have it: realistic looking, and feeling, blood (but this kind tastes a little



Where Do You Get Prop/Fake/Stage Blood?

04/16/09 @ 20:52

very good information guys. thanks for putting this together, i will be trying it out for our halloween get
together we have each year.

04/16/09 @ 21:08

interesting, good put together

04/16/09 @ 22:56

Great list! Here's one that's great for bloodying up knives, axes, machetes, etc.It will give you that gory and
"still wet" look.
Mix up a batch of:
5 or 10 minute clear epoxy
Tamiya X-27 Clear Red paint
For darker blood, add a drop or two of
Tamiya X-24 Clear Yellow

04/17/09 @ 15:47

Great info gotta hate when your trying to bloody up something and it comes out looking
sooo annoying :)

Harry Warden aka Ryan

08/28/09 @ 03:30

I was just researching this myself... This is a FANTASTIC thread!!!

Hmmmm... I wonder what the chances are of getting the actual Perma-Blood recipe??? I just bought an 8oz
bottle, because I read BooMan's thoughts on that stuff in the prop makers section... He's right... That stuff
is KILLER!!!
Now... Is there a recipe for it???

09/07/09 @ 11:39

So, I'm in a production of Evil Dead: The Musical... and i'm trying to find the best way to get giant amounts
of blood that is at least mostly washable (for the costumes). We're doing seven performances, and we
estimate using at least 2 gallons per night. We need it to clean up relatively easy, not blind people (we will
be spraying the "splatter zone" audience members), and be hypoallergenic... Any tips on which kind would be
best for this? The Hawg's seems perfect, but buying premade blood is VERY expensive, and our budget is
pretty low.

Jason Dilling
10/28/09 @ 14:20

Adding dish detergent to the corn syrup method can reduce the staining effect of the red dye, but you will
probably have to experiment to get somthing completly stain free

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Where Do You Get Prop/Fake/Stage Blood?

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Where Do You Get Prop/Fake/Stage Blood?

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Where Do You Get Prop/Fake/Stage Blood?

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Where Do You Get Prop/Fake/Stage Blood?

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Where Do You Get Prop/Fake/Stage Blood?

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Where Do You Get Prop/Fake/Stage Blood?

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Where Do You Get Prop/Fake/Stage Blood?

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