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1. Can we have two pricing procedure in one sakes order?

Pricing procedure determine from sales area, document pricing procedure and
customer pricing procedure. In the initial screen of sales order you have the
option to give sales area that means you cant have more than one sales area
per sales order.
In the initial screen we have to give document type manually, means you can have only one
document pricing procedure. So logically we cant have 2 pricing procedure.

7. Standard output types in SAP SD.

Standard Output Types in SD are as under:
1. Sales Order Confirmation: BA00
2. Outbound Delivery Note: LD00
3. Billing Document: RD00
5. Cash Sales: RD03
6. Inquiry: AF00
7. Quotation: AN00
8. Contract: KO00
9. Picking List: EK00
How do you transfer request from Development instance to production or quality
I think you can do it in the following manner:
(1) Go to SE10.Find your request number ,then you will see one development request
number and one correction number.
(2) First click on correction number and the go to toolbar and click on the transfer request
button (lorry icon).
(3)The at the bottom bar you will find the change icon will transfer in a RED-YELLOW-GREEN
sequence. Once it became red you will know that it has successfully transferred.
(4)Now again go to find your request number and transfer it in the same manner.
So in this way you can transfer the request from dev server to quality server.
But iwant elaborate bit more.even though the process is
same as said by shilba.
Whatever the configuration done by da consultant and he
saves that configuration automatically system will generete
one request (in Ver 4.7c and above).All the configuration
what v did in the development server is stored in this
request.wen v want to test this configuration,it should be

transferred to quality server which is done by BASIS

Tcode-Se09/10, select our request which v want to release to
Basis guy, n then choose the release buttion(lorry icon)
that means now itz ready to release for basis guy
from dev to quality
Tcode- STMS(Sap Transport Management System),he ll find all
released requests by the consultants.Now he choose the our
request and transeferred it to quality.
There we will do the testing like whether outcome result is
met with expected result or not.
if the testing is successful.then by the similar process
above basis guy transferred the configuration to production
and u send the mail to enduser and tell him to use
it.after using n that configuration running successfully
enduser will send you the return mail stating that your
configuration is working properly.
Now again you send the mail to concerned person(TL
or PL)with the enduser's mail as attachment.
then they will close that ticket.
i.e. da process to close the ticked (as per my Knowledge and
how am closing the tickets)
for all the above mails we are using Outlook Express.

What are the challenging issues you have faced in implementation project/Maintenance
project in SD Functionality? How you have overcome that issue?

* High expectations from the clients

* lack IT awareness among employees
* End user training
* lot of complex business processes which lead to highly customised product etc..
What is line item?
There are 3 levels in a sales document i.e. header level,
item level and schedule line. Line item falls in the Item Level.
1)Line Item relates to material details or the item details such as item number,
name of material, quantity etc.
2)The item category of the item which is determined by the system (by
combination of Item Category Group from Material Master, Sales Document Type,
Usage and higher level item category)is copied at Item Level of the sales

3) Line Item contains the value and quantity also which are not normally found at
Header Level.
4) Examples of Line items are: Material, Order Quantity, Material Group, Plant,
Shipping Point, Route, Customer, Material, Sales Unit, price/discount/tax/freight
per unit.
5) Examples of Header data will make Line Item more clear: Sold-to Party, Pricing
date, Document currency, Price group, Customer Group, Incoterms, Payment
terms, Purchase Order Number etc.
What is Integration between SD and MM, SD and FICO?

The link between SD and MM:

1. when you create sales order in SD, all the details of the items are copied from
Material master of MM.
2. MRP and availability check related data is also taken from MM although you
control this data in SD also.
3. While you create inbound/outbound delivery with reference to a sales order,
the shipping point determination takes place with the help of the loading group,
plant data, shipping conditions etc. This also refers to Material Master.
4. The material which you are entering in a sales order must be extended to the
sales area of your sales order/customer otherwise you cannot transact with this
Link between SD and FI:
1. Whenever you create a delivery with reference to a sales order, goods
movement takes place in the background. eg. In case of standard sales order, you
create an outbound goods delivery to the customer.
Here movement 601 takes place. This movement is configured in MM. Also, this
movement hits some G/L account in FI. Every such movement of goods hits some
G/L account.
2. The accounts posting in FI is done with reference to the billing documents
(invoice, debit note, credit note etc) created in SD. Thus this is a link between SD
and FI
Integration Points Module
Availability Check - MM

Credit Check - FI
Costing - CO/ MM
Tax Determination - FI
Transfer of Requirements - PP/ MM
Billing Debit A/R - FI/ CO
Credit Revenue - FI/ CO
Updates G/ L - FI
Credit Memo - FI
Adjustment to A/R - FI
Reduces Revenue - FI
For cash sale how will availability check be done?

In a cash sale, the customer receives the goods immediately and payment is done
at the same time. The delivery document is created. The billing can be done later
on. If and only if the goods are available, the cash sale transaction takes place.
Hence, no availability check is carried out in cash sale.
Do you have any link for customer master and credit management?

There is link between credit management and customer master. In customer

master at sales area level on billing tab there is field credit control area. We
maintain customer credit information in fd32.
What is difference between SD account key and FI account key?

Both are one and same to find the right G/L account through condition
technique.SD Account key will be from pricing procedure and the FI Account key
is from the tax procedure.
Where do you assign Movement Type?

We maintain Movement types in schedule lines

eg : 601(customer goods issue) standard movement type
631(consignment fillup)
632(consignment pickup)
633(consignment issue)
634(consignment returns)
in stock transfers 101,645 etc.......
My PR00 is 1000 now changed to Rs.2000.00, How system configure in such a way that it
will detect Rs.2, 000 automatically

In copy controls (VTAA) we need to maintain pricing type as B-Carryout new

pricing. After that system automatically picks new pricing for next sales order.
Make sure that condition records should exist to 2000 price.
In delivery process how can pick up the quantity automatically? without doing manually?

You can do this in delivery item category settings. Tick on automatic picking, then
in delivery, pick qty will be equal to delivery qty & pick qty will be greyed out.
Logistics Execution



Define item category determination in deliveries

What happens if we check 'exclusive' indication in access sequence, and what happens if
we do not check?

It Controls whether the system stops searching for a record after the first
successful access for a condition type within an access sequence.
If you dont check it, even it finds a record with the first search it checks the with
remaining access. It is better to use this indicator in view of fine tuning of the
condition technique.
Where we define the customer rebates?

In xd02 we will put a tick mark in the check box of rebates field in sales area data
screen and apart from that we should check in our pricing procedure condition
type b002 is there or not. (VB01)
What is document flow and in which table document flow data will be store?

Document Flow shows if a document is open, being processed or completed. It

also shows references for a document. You can check the document flow if you go
to "Environment" tab and click on "Check Document flow" Sales Document flow is
stored in VBFA table.
What is Copy Control and how it works in sales documents?

WE can use copy control to define the requirements and options when
transferring the data from reference document to its subsequent document .Copy
control in the other words we can say as copy the data from source document to
target document.
What is cutover strategy?

Cutover strategy is nothing but to moving the data from legacy to SAP system.
They are 2 types.
Technical cutover: To move all the transport requests from quality server to
production server thru transaction code STMS.
Functional Cutover: Here we move all the master data and transactional data
(open orders also) thru LSMW (or) BDC.
Here SD consultant role is to recording the data and will give it to the ABAPER to

develop BDC. In case of LSMW, we only can upload the data without the help of
What is the difference between item proposal and dynamic product proposal