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January 2, 2015
Today, the family of Darrien Hunt filed a lawsuit against the City of Saratoga Springs, Corporal Matthew
Schauerhamer and Officer Nicholas Judson related to the death of Darrien Hunt. The City and the officers dispute
many of the critical factual allegations in the complaint and intend to vigorously defend against those claims.
The Utah County Attorneys Office conducted a thorough investigation of the facts and, based on those
facts, determined the officers were justified in using deadly force. The complaint filed by the Hunt family
mischaracterizes the important facts that support this finding and omits statements by civilian witnesses that support
what occurred.
The interaction between the officers and Hunt began when a worried citizen called 911 to report a
suspicious man walking with a samurai sword. Corporal Schauerhamer and Officer Judson responded to that call.
They located Hunt and started talking with him to assess whether he was a threat. They did not order him to stop.
Rather, Hunt voluntarily and cooperatively engaged in a conversation with them. During the conversation, the
officers, standing only feet away from Hunt, asked him to put the sword on the hood of the car while they talked.
The officers did not demand that he do so. When Hunt refused, they did not take the sword from him or threaten to
arrest him but simply tried to persuade him to put it on the hood of the car. While they were talking, Hunt suddenly
and violently unsheathed the sword and swung it at the officers. The officers jumped back, according to a civilian
witness. She said if they had not, one of the officers would have been struck in the stomach. To defend themselves,
both of the officers shot at Hunt.
Instead of dropping the sword and surrendering, Hunt ran toward retail businesses with customers. The
officers yelled for him to stop but he continued to run toward nearby retail shops and businesses. Corporal
Schauerhamer shot at Hunt several times just before Hunt could have turned the corner to a busy gas station or

Press Release
January 2, 2014
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proceeded straight toward a crowded Walmart parking lot, which made Hunt an immediate threat to others. Several
of those shots hit Hunt in the back and arms, causing him to drop the sword and fall to the ground.
Contrary to Plaintiffs allegations, Hunt was not shot because he was running from the officers nor was not
shot while on the ground. In truth, had Hunt dropped the sword before fleeing, the officers would have continued
chasing him on foot.