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Night Sky, Morning Star

Evelina Zuni Lucero

Prologue (Julian June 1996)
Julian walks down the corridor to the yard, returning from his parole hearing. The hearing did
not go well. Julian is worried and wonders how he'd tell the others about his hearing his
Indian brothers had held a drum and prayer ceremony for him the previous night. While in the
yard, Julian is attacked by Fly (another inmate) who landed his shoe in Julian's throat. Julian
started to choke and had an out-of-body experience where he saw his mother, father, tried to
speak the name Cecelia, remembered a high school basketball game. One of the inmates
shanked him to put him out of his misery. Julian managed to breathe Cissy and then lost
Voice Mail (Julian a Year Earlier)
Julian remembers leafing through an artsy lifestyle magazine in the prison library and
suddenly recognizing Cecelia on one of the photographs. She was in a studio, working on a
mass of clay. Julian remembers feeling disbelief, joy, and fear mixed together. He read the
photo caption, finding out she mentors students at the Institute of American Indian Arts, and
reread the article for weeks on end, searching for clues to Cecelia's current life. After a while,
looking at the photo only during library hours wasn't enough, so he took the magazine back to
his cell. It was confiscated in a shakedown and Julian's defiance cost him a week in the Hole.
Once he got out, Julian thought of Cecelia again and figured she must live in New Mexico. He
got lucky and got her phone number in Santa Fe. He called and got the answering machine,
which he listened to twice and analyzed later. After a few months, he called again, but the
number was no longer in service. He smashed the phone, which got him another week in the
Hole. There he thought of Cecelia, his life, and what it would be like if their paths hadn't
parted. He realizes he loves her (seeing that photo made him realize that).
Dreamcatcher (Cecelia June 1996)
Cecelia is at the Blue Corn Indian Art show selling her work at a booth. She remembers a
dream that came to her the night before, a herd of horses streaming down across the purple
blue sky, recalling that once she woke up, the first thought that came to her mind was the
name Julian, bringing back buried memories. It occurred to her that maybe she had dreamed
of Julian becuse Jude called her the previous day while she was pricing her clay pieces in
preparation for the show.
Jude is her son whom she had at a young age and left to Aunt Virgie to take care of him and
raise him. Cecelia saw Jude (now 23) from time to time. He called to ask who his father was.
Cecelia lied that she didn't know and felt they were both in pain. After the phone call, she
continues to price the pieces and realizes she's been holding a pot for quite a while. She
remembers she didn't know how to paint it for days, when inspiration came out of the blue
and she drew lightnings on it, deciding now that it won't be for sale. She fell asleep on her
clothes and dreamt of Julian, Jude's father.
At the show, she watches people, and it suddenly hits her that she will add to her pot the seven
horses of her dream.
She remembers Julian, how she liked him since 7th grade and finally ended up with him
senior year in high school. She hadn't heard from him in weeks at the time she suspected
pregnancy, she disappeared from college and later reappeared with her unconventional art.

A half-Indian man, Drew, is at her booth where they talk about her art while her cousin Marli
is near holding burgers. He works with the Southwest Prison Project in Santa Fe. He's
interested in Cecelia, takes her card, and gives his to her. Once he leaves, Marli tells her she's
here with Auntie Reena, who's Cecelia's late mother's older sister. Cecelia persuades them to
stay overnight.
Cecelia and Marli go to the artist reception, where Marli hits it off with Cecelia's friend
Auntie Reena wakes Cecelia up from a bad dream and she tells her of the horse dream. Reena,
frightened, tells her the dream means death. She had dreamed something similar when
Cecelia's mother died. Cecelia tells Reena about Julian (she never spoke of him to her family,
or anyone, before) and that he's Jude's father, and that she thinks the dream was about him.
She says he ended up in prison and doesn't know about Jude. She also told her she lied to
Jude. Reena tells her to straighten it out with Jude, that he should know.
Communications (Julian June 1996)
Julian wakes up in a hospital bed. It turned out that the shanking worked as a crude
tracheotomy which saved his life. The doctor told him he was stable, but may never be able to
talk again.
Julian remembers how he and his friends would sleep in one of their backyards, stay up late
and tell ghost stories. He calls the agency they lived in an oasis, a world of their own.
Peggy, the night nurse, walks in and asks him about his pain. She asks if she could pray for
him. Julian is surprised, but nods in agreement, thrown by the expression of grave concern in
her face. She began to pray, calling God in the name of Jesus. She prayed for him, his family,
his loved ones, and he was surprised to be affected by the prayer of a white woman; he started
crying. He wanted to thank her, but she had to see other patients, so she left him a writing pad
to put down his thoughts for when she came back.
He decided to write more than thank you. He wrote about oppression, Native prayers and
how Native prisoners can't excercise them often enough, about him being framed by the
guards so he would be denied parole.
Peggy came back early in the morning and read what he wrote, agreeing that their practices
are different, since she is Christian. Julian commented that she is the first and only Christian
he ever met that truly acted like one. Then she told him she came to God broken and hurting.
She used to be a midwife. She got married to her high school sweetheart and they tried hard to
start a family, until they found out Peggy was incapable of ever having children, which
destroyed them. She tried to kill herself at one point, but God came to her then. She switched
to general nursing.
Julian and Peggy began to converse by paper, and Julian eventually decides to tell her his
story, since she told him about her personal pain.
Sounds of Silence (Marli June 1996)
Marli is searching through her papers when she hears a song on the radio that reminds her of
past events:
She was with her college friend, Clyde, and they were on their way to a powwow. Clyde was
a great dancer. They danced and mingled with other dancers, Marli met up with her roommate
Jackie. They were both excited when they spotted Browning at the powwow, dancing. He
reigned as the champion fancy dancer. He was widely known by name, but few knew him
personally, and despite all the attention, he never flaunted himself.

She broke off the memory, feeling a deep sense of emptiness the memory stirred. Her
thoughts shifted to Rupert, whom she met at the party, and smiled thinking about him.
Thoughts of him lifted her spirit, but Cecelia and Jude weighed on her heart.
She picked up the phone and called Cecelia, who sounded irritated and said she had Jude on
the other line. They hung up. Marli is bothered because she overheard everything Cecelia told
Auntie Reena. She felt a little betrayed that Cissy didn't tell her. Marli suddenly realizes how
many times before Cecelia smoothed over the hard questions. She redialed the phone, but got
no answer.
She decides to drive to Cecelia's house, but before that, remembers her ex, Arnie. After a final
argument, he took off in her car. After he returned it, a CD case and a camera were missing.
She had later found out that half her papers that were in the car were gone as well, and she
had to write her paper again from scratch.
Marli got to Cecelia's house and found her just woken up and disshevelled. She told her she
knew about Jude and Julian and wondered if she had told Jude. Cecelia didn't want to tell him
over the phone, but Jude didn't want to come since he had a summer job he didn't want to
leave, which left Cissy frustrated and tired.
Marli decides to tell Cecelia the story she had buried deep down, thinking it would go away if
left alone, and never told anyone else.
Fancy Dancer (Marli 1974-1976)
Clyde was the only one of them who knew Browning. he once had an idea to shoot a film
about powwows and convinced Browning to be a part of it. That's when he introduced Marli
to Browning. They eventually started living together, travelling from powwow circuit to
powwow circuit. Browning had a friend, Goodwin Yellowhair, whom Marli didn't like and
who'd sometimes stare at her.
One day Marli stayed home while Browning and Goodwin hit the road, and Clyde came to
visit, after not seeing each other for a number of months. He seemed troubled and distant. He
came to tell her Browning has another girlfriend in L.A. and they had a kid, Cody. Feeling
sick, Marli remembered how Goodwin once tried to tell her something, but she mistook it for
affection, also remembering how Browning acted weird while they were in L.A., drinking too
much, being nervous and distracted. She also found a woman's shawl, hair clip, and Pampers
in their van.
She asked Clyde if he was sure, but he was, since he knew the girl's sister. She told him they
were getting married, her family pressing for it, in Indian style. Clyde blamed himself for
introducing Marli to Browning. Marli packed and left home to her mother, miscarrying a child
shortly after.
She tells Cecelia she used to hold Jude on her lap for as long as he let her during that time,
and it gave her such comfort.
Home of the Braves (Julian 1968-1972)
Julian's high school days. Him, Tobie and Herman go to the gym to play basketball. They run
into Cecelia, who is with her boyfriend, Julian is jealous. The gym was Stewart Indian
School's, and it was called Home of the Braves. Julian and his friends went to public school.
A Stewart boy, Devon, was in the gym so they played basketball with him for a while. Devon
was great at basketball. Cecelia and Jewell saw them play and Cissy asked Julian if he was
going to try out for the junior varsity team. Julian did, and became a hot shot in school. He
grew apart from Cecelia and was later surprised to find out she was dating Devon, who

became an even bigger basketball star of Stewart, and was often praised in the local paper.
Julian was jeaous of both Devon and his relationship with Cissy.
Devon continues to be praised as a player, while Julian considers he was better and it was
harder for him, since his tournaments were much bigger.
After graduation a few of them went to a party blah blah Julian kisses Cecelia while on the
hood of the car on top of a hill BAM they're a couple now. Cissy was different than his
previous white girlfriends, didn't play games etc.
A month before they left for college, Cecelia went for a sleepover at Julian's. She says she's
afraid he'd forget her. HE SAYS HE LOVES HER, she says the same, and that she's scared to
love him because she thinks he could really hurt her. They make sweet sweet love and HE
more hot sex in the following months.
Heaven's Blue Door (June 1996)
Heaven's Blue Door is a bar and everyone was there drinking. There is a handsome Indian
couple sitting there. Lex gave a nod in their direction to Devon, who shook his head. The
woman's name is Darla, and she was frightened when she thought she saw Lex. She and Lex
had been divorced for 6 months now. Lex and Devon were looking at Darla and her date
dancing, obviously looking for trouble.
When it was time to go home, Darla first went to the bathroom, and when she got out,
everyone was in shock there was a shooting. She ran to where she and her date parked their
truck. She saw him in a pool of blood and screamed: Herman!
That Guy (Reena July 1996)
Reena is at an Indian Artisans Show and is looking for Rupert's booth, her niece Marli's
boyfriend, in order to finally meet him. She takes her time going through the booths,
searching items for her shop. When she finally sees Rupert's booth, she froze in horror.
Standing there was Guy, her asshole of an ex-husband. Turns out he's Rupert's father, which
among other things means Rupert's mother was pregnant with him around the same time
Reena was preggers with yet another Guy's child (the last one they had together). She left the
show with painful memories on her mind. At home, she remembers her time with Guy and the
public shame he put her through.
Seasons (Reena 1953-1996)
Guy turned up after being absent for two days and he and Reena have sex. Wow. They go to
sleep, she wakes up to an empty bed and goes outside only to see a weird scene: first she
thought it was a horse, it turned out to be a man, and there was a woman who tossed a rope
over the man horse and straddled him. She rode him across the field. What. Reena is freaked
out, there's no sign of Guy, as if he was never even there. She was empregnated that night.
Cousin Rosie found Inez and Guy fooling around right under Reena's nose. Reena's face
burned with shame as she defended Guy. More incidents with Inez occur, but Reena is still
In September, as they worked on opening their shop, Reena herself walked in on Guy and
Inez. She raged and demanded Guy off the reservation. Guy made excuses about Inez being
an evil woman and a witch. Reena flipped out and threw an iron skillet at him.
Two weeks later, ceremonial clowns sang her story.

Guy took up with Izzie soon after Reena threw him out. Together, they opened the curio shop
Reena had worked so hard to birth. Jealousy burned like hot coals in her bones.
Reena went to the priest and demanded that he publicly excommunicate Guy and Izzie from
the Catholic church as adulterers. He refused. Guy and Izzie's business was a success.
With Auntie Lena's help, Reena finally pulled herself together, still pregnant with her latest
child, Carmen. Reena remembers how she turned to Auntie Lena for help when she wanted to
marry Guy. Reena ended up supporting the two of them, Guy being good-for-nothing.
Twenty years later, Buckley came into her life, at a christening party.
Reena wonders if Rupert and Marli are cousins.
Patty Hearst Did It (Julian 1972-1976)
Julian talks about meeting Viola, a politically radical Indian, leading long meaningful
conversations with her, and eventually convincing himself it must be love. She knew about
Cecelia and they were only friends at first, but the connection grew deeper, and Julian became
as involved as Viola in the American Indian Movement, even changing his last name to
Morning Star.
He realized he wasn't in love with Viola after she moved on to California with a Lakota
named Al.
Shortly after, he met up with Hector, who asked him to drive his car across the state line to an
AIM gathering. Julian agreed, and found he had company in the car. A cop pulled them over
on the way to the gathering, and it turned out that the other guy, Gene, was an ex-con with a
parole violation. They were both arrested, which was probably encouraged by AIM hysteria
among law inforcement, which was then at its height.
They set up Julian with a link to a rangers murder and rapidly sent him to jail.
In Recovery (Julian July 1966)
Julian finished his writing and was waiting to give the last piece of it to Peggy. She came in
and talked a bit about his writings, pleasantly surprising him with the fact that she took the
time to read it.
Three days later, Julian was scheduled for surgery. Another three days after the surgery, he
woke up with the ability to talk. He chatted to Peggy about the doctor who did the surgery.
Julian added an afterthought about Indian struggles to his story and about beatings in prison.
They came to take him back to prison even though his doctor said he's not fully recovered yet.
He imagined Peggy reading the rest of his story.
The Whole Truth (Cecelia July 1996)
Jude finally came to visit. Marli suggested to Cissy to see Drew about the possibility to locate
and contact Julian in prison.
Cecelia finally tells Jude the truth about his father and his whereabouts. Jude was ever
Cecelia dressed with care for her meeting with Drew. She asks him if he could help her find
Julian. Drew agrees. Cecelia realizes she needs to contact Jewell after almost 20 years, since
Jewell always knew everybody's business, and she might be able to help with her current
She phoned her and ended up telling her everything, including about Jude. Jewell promises
she'll find out whatever she can.

Practically My Whole Life (Jude August 1996)

Jude doesn't approve of Drew and the relationship he and his mother seem to be forming. He
just wants him to find his father already.
He talks about how he wanted to know who his dad was his whole life, and didn't even know
his name.
He remembers asking Cecelia about him, and couldn't believe her answer: I'm sorry. I was so
young. I just don't know who. After she finally told him, he felt relief his mother wasn't a
whore lol.
He again expresses his annoyance at Drew not finding anything out.
The Real Thing (Cecelia August 1996)
Cecelia and Drew attended an art show and Cecelia is deeply stricken by the photographs
exhibited. They later have an argument about art, freedom of expression and Indians and their
identity in general, and Cecelia realizes Drew is not the guy for her. Drew still continued the
search for Julian.
When Time and Chance Meet (Cecelia August-September 1996)
Jewell finally got back to her, but sadly found out nothing of importance.
After some time, Cecelia gets a phone call from Peggy, who tells her she's been desperately
trying to reach her on behalf of Julian Morning Star. Cecelia is in shock, and also realizes the
reason they could not locate Julian was because he had changed his last name.
Peggy told her about Julian and his time in the hospital, and how he opened himself up to her
about his past life and Cecelia. Cissy thanked her. Peggy prayed for her, Jude and Julian.
Since Peggy's call, Jude and Cecelia had become a whole family. They both agreed they do
not believe he belongs in prison. Drew takes up the role of Julian's lawyer and also believes
him innocent.
They head to prison to meet Julian.
The Race is Not to the Swift (Jude September 1996)
Jude and Cecelia advanced past the prison guards and are on their way to meet Julian.
Looking ahead, Jude sees his dad. His eyes meet and they connect. Julian's eyes move to
Cecelia and they shine with love, tears slipping down his cheeks. He holds his arms towards