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Oil & Gas

Hydrocarbon Dew Point Application

Hydrocarbon dew point is the temperature, at a defined
pressure, at which hydrocarbon liquids begin to form. The
determination of the hydrocarbon dew point (HCDP) for natural gas has become a critical issue for the natural gas industry
because of the rapid expansion of interconnecting pipelines
and the rise of non-traditional sources of natural gas. Hydrocarbon liquids in the gas stream can cause hydrate formation,
increase compression costs, cause issues with pressure regulator freezing, and lead to damage to end-user equipment such
as gas turbines. To protect against this risk, custody transfer
agreements are increasingly specifying limits for the HCDP,
which, in turn, requires a reliable method of reporting the
HCDP at the custody transfer location.

Determining the Hydrocarbon Dew Point

The traditional method of determining the hydrocarbon dew
point online is to use a chilled-mirror device that reduces the
temperature of a mirror in a measurement chamber filled with
the natural gas. Other dedicated HCDP analyzers using different measurement techniques are also available; however, they
all provide a HCDP only at a single pressure and are dedicated
analyzers that provide a single measurement.
The theoretical HCDP can be calculated using the composition determined by a gas chromatograph using industry
accepted equations of state at multiple pressures, along with
the cricondentherm (the maximum HCDP at any pressure.)
By including the equation-of-state calculation capability in
the gas chromatograph, the HCDP and cricondentherm can
be calculated and reported using the same analyzer used for
other custody transfer measurements, reducing the number
of analyzers and associated equipment required, and thus

will form the hydrocarbon liquid in the stream, so assuming

the values results in large errors (Figure 1) when compared to
a calculation performed with a full analysis up to C12.
To overcome this limitation, Emerson Process Management
developed the five-minute C9+ extended analysis application
to quantify the heavier components found in natural gas and
provide more accurate calculations with the Peng-Robinson
(PR) or Soave-Redlich-Kwong (SRK) equations of state. This
application uses two robust thermal-conductivity detectors
(TCD) more suited to the typical custody transfer environment than the flame-ionization detector required for the
C12 analysis, and provides results within +/- 5 F of the values
calculated using a full C12 analysis The calculation can be
characterized further to match isomer ratios determined by
detailed spot laboratory analysis.

Using a Gas Chromatograph to Calculate the

Hydrocarbon Dew Point
A C6+ gas chromatograph (typically used for the natural gas
custody transfer) calculates theoretical values for the hexanes, heptanes, and octanes used in the energy and physical
properties calculations from fixed ratios of the measured C6+
concentration. However, it is these heavier components that

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Oil & Gas

Figure 1 - Calculation errors for various gas compositions when using common fixed ratios of C6+ to calculate the cricondentherm

Practical Applications
The principal purpose for the HCDP application is to calculate
the cricondentherm or HCDP at a fixed pressure for reporting
and gas quality monitoring. However, the ability to calculate
the HCDP at up to four different pressures provides some
further practical applications.

Two-Phase Flow Early Warning

All of the flow measurement technologies will produce significant errors if there is two-phase flow (gas and liquid.) If there
is two-phase flow in the pipeline, the HCDP (at the flowing
pressure) of the gas that has been sampled and analyzed
by the GC will be at the same as the flowing temperature.
Therefore, calculating the HCDP at the flowing pressure and
Figure 2 - A typical phase curve showing the Cricondentherm
and the hydrocarbon dew point calculated at three pressures
for practical operational use.
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Oil & Gas

comparing to the flowing temperature can provide an alert if

there is two-phase flow, providing an early alert that the flowing stream is approaching two-phase to enable mitigation
efforts before it results in flow measurement errors.

Sample System Performance

The same principle can be used to compare the sample HCDP
to the ambient temperature to determine if the sample handling system is working correctly, and is not being affected by
ambient conditions.
The HCDP can be calculated at the regulated sample pressure
(typically 20 PSIG/100 kPa) and compared to the ambient
temperature. If the HCDP begins to track the ambient temperature, it can indicate that the heavy components are falling
out in the sample lines.

The 700XA Application

The C9+ HCDP calculation application has been available as an
option in the Danalyzer Model 500 and Model 700 chromatographs for many years. The recently released 700XA builds on
this heritage by including the HCDP calculation as standard
for all Danalyzer C9+ applications and enabling the calculation
pressures to be sourced from the analog inputs or through
the Modbus communication link. The single oven/dual
detector design, integral controller, improved repeatability,
expanded calculation and alarming capabilities, and increased
operating temperature range provides an effective package
for incorporating HCDP monitoring with the industry leading
natural gas analysis and custody transfer capabilities that the
Danalyzer is renowned for.

Pre-heater Control
The calculated HCDP at the line pressure and the downstream
regulated pressure can be used at regulator stations to determine the set-point of gas pre-heaters to optimize the heater
performance, lower heater operating costs, and reduce the
risk of regulator freezing or hydrate formation.

Figure 4 HCDP comparison with ambient temperature show-

Figure 3 Flow Pressure used to calculate flowing HCDP and

provide two-phase flow early warning. A hydrocarbon dew

ing sample system heating issue resulting in the heavy (and

point within 10 F of the flowing pipeline temperature indicates

high energy content) components dropping out in the sample

the immediate risk of a two-phase flow condition occurring.


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Oil & Gas

700XA Specifications

Sample Input Pressure Range (recommended): 15-20 psig

Standard: 24 VDC (21-30 VDC)

Carrier Gas Input Pressure Range (recommended): 90-100 psig

Optional: 90-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz

Detector: Thermal conductivity detector (TCD), flame ionization detector (FID), TCD/
TCD or TCD/FID dual detector configurations possible; flame photometric detector (FPD)
available (see FPD module data sheet)

Power Consumption at 22 C (72F):

Startup: 105 Watts DC (125 Watts AC)

Steady State: 35 Watts DC (40 Watts AC)
Note: Add 15.5 Watts DC (18 Watts AC) for LOI

Gating Options: Fixed-time or automatic, slope-sense gating of peaks

Streams: Up to 18 streams (including calibration stream), 8 streams standard

Environmental temperature:
-20 to 60 C (-4 to 140 F)

Chromatograms stored/archived internally: Stores up to 30 days of analysis report

data and up to 2500 individual chromatograms.

Environmental temperature without safety certification:

-40 to 60 C (-40 to 140 F)

Communications (Standard):

Ethernet: Two available connections one RJ-45 port & one 4-wire termination
with 10/100mbps

Enclosure Protection Rating: IP66 and NEMA 4X

Dimensions (without sample system):
711.20 mm H x 444.5 mm W x 497.84 mm D
(28 H x 17.5 W x 19.6 D)
711.20 mm H x 444.5 mm W x 670.56 mm D
(28 H x 17.5 W x 26.4 D)
1531.62 mm H x 444.5 mm W x 612.14 mm D (60.3 H x 17.5 W x 24.1 D)
Mounting: Free-standing (standard), wall- or
pipe-mount (optional)

Analog inputs: Two standard inputs filtered with transient protection, 4-20mA
(user scalable and assignable)

Analog outputs: Six isolated outputs, 4-20mA

Digital inputs: Five inputs, user assignable, optically isolated, rated to 30VDC @

Digital outputs: Five user-assignable outputs, Form C and electro-mechanically

isolated, 24VDC

Serial: Three termination blocks, configurable as RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 and

one D-sub (9-pin) port for PC connection

Approximate Weight (without sample system): 49.895 kg (110 lbs.)

Communications (Options):
Two expansion slots available for additional communications. Each slot has the capacity
to add one of the following:

Area Safety Certification Options:*

4 analog inputs (isolated) card

Class I, Zone 1, A Ex d IIC, T6
Class I, Division 1, Groups B, C, D, T6, Enclosure Type 4

Class I, Zone 1, Ex d IIC, T6
Class I, Zone 1, Ex d IIC, T6

4 analog outputs (isolated) card

8 digital inputs (isolated) card

5 digital outputs (isolated) card

1 RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 serial connection card

1 modem card, 300-19.2k baud


Ex II 2G Ex d IIC T6 Tamb = 60 C

Additionally, a Foundation fieldbus module is available as

an option.

Oven: Airless heat sink, maximum 150 C (302 F)

Memory Capacity: 128 Mb of flash memory for data storage; 64 Mb of SDRAM system
memory with 2 Mb static RAM (battery-backed)

Valves: 6-port and 10-port diaphragm chromatograph valves. Other types of valves,
such as liquid injection or rotary valves, may be used depending on the application
Carrier Gas: Application-dependent. Typically zero-grade helium, nitrogen, or hydrogen

Internal Modem (optional): 14.4K bps with V.42 bis. Providing up to 57.6K bps
Ethernet: 10/100 mbps with RJ-45 port and phoenix terminals.
*Use of the optional LSIV will result in a temperature rating of T4.
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Differential Pressure,
Gas Chromatograph,
Gas Turbine Meters,
Flow Computers,
and Services

Daniel Company Overview

When the stakes are
high, any amount of
hydrocarbon drains
the bottom line.
That's why companies
like yours count on
proven measurement
technology and
industry expertise
from Daniel to improve
service, reduce costs
and add value.

For more than 70 years, Daniel Measurement and Control, Inc. has
brought best-in-class natural gas and liquid flow measurement
products for fiscal custody transfer, systems and services to the oil and
gas industry. Known around the world, the Daniel name is
synonymous with quality products, industry expertise, reliable and
innovative engineering that delivers cutting-edge technology. Daniel is
well positioned to serve its customers with locations throughout the
world. All Daniel products meet or exceed international hydrocarbon
measurement standards. Daniel, as a division of Emerson Process
Management, empowers customers to achieve their business
objectives by providing better service to their customers, reducing their
costs and adding value to their bottom line.
As Daniel continues to innovate and build its product technology and
global organization, you can be confident that Daniel is stronger than
ever. As part of the Emerson Process Management group of
companies and its $15-billion parent company, Emerson Electric Co.,
(NYSE:EMR), Daniel has financial strength, staying power and proven
Change and continuous improvement means success for Daniel
customers. One commitment remains constant - to continue to earn and
keep our customers trust.

Industries and Applications

Daniel designs its gas measurement products and services to serve
the natural gas production, transmission and distribution industries.
Daniel measurement products are commonly found in onshore and
offshore production facilities, natural gas transmission pipelines,
compressor stations, processing facilities and city gates.
Daniel's extensive experience is also provided to industries that
consume large volumes of natural gas as a fuel or feedstock, such
as power generation, refinery and process and petrochemical

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Daniel Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Daniel Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters are natural gas flow measurement
instruments that have no moving parts and eliminate pressure loss common to
differential pressure measurement. This advanced measurement technology
provides higher accuracy and greater rangeability (turn-down) than traditional
measurement instruments.
The Daniel Ultrasonic Meter is easy to operate and maintain, using advanced
Windows based Customer Ultrasonic Interface (CUI) software and Mark III
Daniel's CUI software has set the industry standard for real-time ultrasonic flow
meter monitoring. Through a single monitor screen, virtually all live data is
simultaneously displayed in an easy-to-understand graphical format. Important
real-time information is readily viewed, such as alarms, flow profile, speed of
sound, signal-to-noise ratio, transducer gain, digital waveforms and much more.
Ease-of-use is further enhanced with several set-up wizards to simplify routine
technician tasks.
Mark III Electronics is the new scalable and upgradeable electronics platform
for Daniel Ultrasonic Meters. Mark III Electronics operates on the Linux
operating system and uses a single board for increased reliability. This new,
industry-leading electronics platform provides: transducers sampling up to 8
times faster than before; high-speed serial and Ethernet communications;
enhanced audit logging for ease of data verification; outputs updated within one
second; internal meter
health monitoring to
ensure reliable
operations, and much

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SeniorSonicTM Gas Flow Meter

The Daniel SeniorSonic Gas Flow Meter with Mark III

Electronics is designed for natural gas fiscal custody accuracy
and long-term, reliable performance. This advanced 4-path
meter helps customers reduce lost and unaccounted natural
gas with exceptional accuracy and linearity throughout the
flow range.
The Daniel SeniorSonic Gas Flow Meter is exceedingly
tolerant to noise and installation effects, and maintains
excellent performance in dirty environments. Accuracy after
calibration is 0.1% of reading with a rangeability exceeding

Features and benefits:

Excellent accuracy performance
Long-term stability
Easy-to-install and use
Advanced digital noise reduction without
need for transducer replacement
Excellent high and low-flow
Comprehensive audit trail
Dual communications ports with
Modbus, and Ethernet
Intrinsically safe, replaceable
transducer wiring
Available in 4 to 42-inch
line sizes

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JuniorSonicTM Gas Flow Meter

The Daniel JuniorSonic Gas Flow Meter is the meter of choice

for natural gas non-custody transfer applications such as check
metering, pipeline balance, storage measurement, production,
or wet gas applications. This ultrasonic meter is available in
single or dual path configurations. The JuniorSonic Gas Flow
Meter utilizes many of the same quality features common to
the SeniorSonic Gas Flow Meter such as the same transducer,
Mark III Electronics, CUI software and the same exacting
manufacturing process.

Features and benefits:

Economical ultrasonic meter for non-fiscal custody
transfer applications
Tolerant of wet gas
Available with two-path design for measurement
Accuracy is 1.0% of reading after
Available in 4 to 42-inch line sizes

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Daniel Differential Pressure Products

Depend on Daniel differential pressure products for reliable fiscal flow
measurement. This metering technology is fast, time-proven and allows
removal and/or replacement of orifice plates without line-flow interruption.
These instruments meet requirements and recommendations for accurate
measurement and are certified by the most important energy trade
associations and regulatory agencies in the world. They're available in most
sizes, pressure ratings and connections for users in gas transmission, gas
pipeline, gas distribution and other energy and process industries.
Differential pressure products contain a restriction that reduces the flow of
product through that section of the pipeline. As fluid approaches the
restriction, pressure increases slightly and drops suddenly as the restriction
is passed. Established procedures and calculations allow the flow rate to be
inferred from the differential in pressure.
Differential pressure products are the most widely used means of fiscal flow
measurement for natural gas. Daniel has been manufacturing differential
pressure flow meters since its inception more than 70 years ago. Daniel
delivers differential pressure products with outstanding quality and supported
with the most technically knowledgeable expert staff in the industry.
Differential pressure products from Daniel are found in all corners of the globe
and include the most complex measurement systems as well as routine

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Daniel Senior Orifice Fitting

The Daniel Senior Orifice Fitting saves users time and money
by providing a fast and simple method of changing orifice plates
under pressure without flow interruption.
The dual chamber design of the Daniel Senior Orifice Meter
eliminates the burden of bypass piping. In addition to multiple
sizes and pressure ratings, the device is field-repairable,
meaning no downtime and eliminating extra costs associated
with shipping to a repair site.

Features and benefits:

Quick and easy plate replacement with no down-time
Special trim
Available with soft seat
Available in 2 to 48-inch sizes

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Daniel Simplex Orifice Plate Holders

Daniel Simplex Orifice Plate Holders are single-chambered

fittings that allow for quick and economical inspection and
replacement of orifice plates without removing the Simplex
fitting from the flow line.
The Daniel Simplex Orifice Plate Holder is designed for fast, safe
and easy plate inspection or change with a minimum of line shut
down time. Since Simplex fittings use one piece bodies, there is
no spillage in liquid service, no rusted stud bolts, no nuts to
remove, no flanges to spread apart and no line strain.

Features and benefits:

Fast, economical removing or inserting of orifice plates
No flanges to spread
Plate removal without spillage
Available in line sizes 2 to 8-inch sizes

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Daniel Junior Orifice Fitting

The Daniel Junior Orifice Fitting has established a strong reputation

for safety, simplicity and reliable measurement at large meter
The Junior Fitting is a single-chamber fitting, engineered and
manufactured to make orifice plate changing quick and easy at
installations where line movement from flange-spreading is
Features and benefits:
Rack-and-pinion configuration ensures fast plate changing
Saves time without flange-spreading
Installation on liquid lines prevents product spillage
during plate changing
All parts can be replaced on location without removing the
fitting from the line
Available in line sizes from 10 to 48-inch sizes

Daniel Simplex Orifice Flange Unions

Daniel offers a complete line of Orifice Flange Unions
manufactured to ensure accurate measurement backed by the
reliability and experience only Daniel can provide. Daniel Orifice
Flange Unions provide economic differential measurement with little
or no maintenance.
Advanced machining equipment enables Daniel to meet the most
stringent tolerances and recommendations for flanges as specified
in ANSI B16.36: Steel Orifice Flanges, and ANSI/API 2530 (AGA
#3): Orifice Metering of Natural Gas. Careful attention is paid to
the tap location, bolt and flange facings and bore smoothness.
Features and benefits:
Holds plate in line effectively while saving money on
upfront investment
Designed for simple plate replacement
Meets strict AGA tolerances
Available in line sizes 1 to 12-inch sizes

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Daniel Orifice Plates

Daniel Orifice Plates are precision made from the finest materials and
undergo stringent quality testing to achieve the highest accuracy
standards in the industry. Daniel Orifice Plates are machined with
specially configured lathes and then validated on a CMM (coordinate
measurement machine) to verify tolerances. They are offered in a
wide variety of line and orifice sizes.
Features and benefits:
Special equipment and CMM machining ensure accuracy
Distinctive preparation, including individual inspection,
ensures maximum quality
Daniel offers Universal, Paddle Type and DVS plates
Available in 1/2 to 60-inch sizes

Daniel Meter Tubes

Daniel Meter Tubes are inspected and certified. Upstream and
downstream pipe sections are accurately manufactured to ensure
measurement accuracy of the flow meter.
Daniel Meter Tubes are up-stream and down-stream pipe sections
that incorporate the primary measurement instrument, such as an
orifice, turbine or ultrasonic meter, to guarantee accurate
measurement. Daniel Meter Tubes "smooth out" turbulence providing
for dependable and consistent determination of flow variables.
Features and benefits:
Quality-controlled manufacturing and testing
environment for greater accuracy
than field-fabricated tubes
Fabricated to the latest AGA / API
ISO compliance available

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Daniel Gas Turbine Meters

Daniel Gas Turbine Flow Meters are accurate and repeatable measurement
technologies used in custody transfer applications to measure natural gas.
Turbine meters operate with a bladed rotor that turns at a speed proportional to
rate of flow. As the turbine blades turn, they pass a pick-up coil that creates an
electronic signal, or pulse. The electronic pulses are totalized to calculate
volumetric flow.
Daniel Gas Turbine Flow Meters are low cost alternatives to other measurement
technologies. This value is achieved without sacrificing accuracy or
repeatability and has turn-down ratios as high as 200 to 1.

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Daniel Gas Turbine Meters

Daniel Gas Turbine Meters are preferred as a low-cost, accurate and
repeatable measurement technology. Daniel Gas Turbine Meters
have fewer moving parts than other turbine meters with a fully
electronic design. This delivers value in the form of reduced
maintenance and down-time in both standard and high-capacity
Features and benefits:
Linearity of 1.0% or better over turn-down ranges as high
as 200:1
Repeatable to 0.1%
Remote or local readouts
Two standard independent pulse outputs
Available from 4 to 12-inch sizes

Daniel Mini Gas Turbine Flow Meters

The Daniel Mini Gas Turbine Flow Meter is the right meter for natural
gas applications where there is a need to measure smaller volumes.
Meter sizes range from one to three inches.
Though small in size, this measurement instrument ranks high in
performance. The Daniel Mini Gas Meter offers the same accuracy
and repeatability as the standard 4 to 12-inch Daniel Gas Turbine
Flow Meters.
The Daniel Mini Gas Turbine Flow Meter is available in a wafer body
in one and two inch sizes. That design is especially important in
applications with limited space. Daniel also offers a flanged version
in two and three inch designs for low-flow pipeline applications.
Features and benefits:
Small size and light weight allow for ease of installation in
small spaces
High resolution, repeatability and rangeability
Vertical or horizontal installation flexibility

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Daniel Venturi Tubes

Daniel Venturi Tubes provide accurate measurement of non-viscous
fluids in clean or dirty streams. Venturi tubes are virtually
maintenance-free and corrosion-resistant.
The Daniel Venturi Tube is a low-pressure-drop metering device
identifiable by its tapered inlet, tapered outlet and straight,
constricted middle section. It offers a constant accuracy, a low
susceptibility to erosion, high-pressure recovery, and can be
installed at any angle from horizontal to vertical. Corrosion-resistant,
consistently accurate and virtually maintenance-free, this
measurement product performs in a breadth of applications that
include air, water, vapor, steam, gas, chemical, sludge and
slurry applications.
Features and benefits:
Can be used on slurries and dirty fluids
Low permanent pressure loss
Extended product life with no moving parts
Vertical or horizontal installation
Available in line sizes from 2 to 48-inch sizes

Daniel Flow Nozzle

The Daniel Flow Nozzle is a differential flow meter with a contour that
helps sweep suspended particles in the flow, therefore extending
product life.
The Daniel Flow Nozzle is a differential flow meter that creates a flow
restriction to create a difference in pressure. This measurement
device is commonly used for high-velocity, non-viscous, erosive
materials. The rounded design provides a more effective sweep
through of particles in the flow stream, which extends product life by
reducing wear and potential damage.
Features and benefits:
Rounded inlet not subject to wear or damage, extending
product life
Better sweep-through effect for debris and liquids, eliminating
the damming effect
Direct welding into line, eliminating potential of leaking
Available in 2 to 48-inch sizes
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Daniel Gas Chromatograph Products

Daniel On-line Gas Chromatographs set the standard in offering accurate
on-line analysis of natural gas, with decades of experience in providing robust
and reliable field-mounted gas chromatographs. Whether the analysis is the
heating value measurement, trace contaminant monitoring, pipeline integrity, or
product quality / process control, Daniel On-line Gas Chromatographs have
decades of experience in providing these measurements.
The Daniel Gas Chromatographs have established their place in the industry by
offering low cost of ownership. Due to the analyzer's ability to be
field-mountable without sacrificing the precision or reliability, the gas
measurement can be made at or near the sample point greatly reducing such
expenses as shelters, air conditioning, heating, and long / heated sample lines.
Furthermore, Daniel Gas Chromatographs are designed to operate for long
periods of time without maintenance. When adjustments are required, all
components are easily accessible, and can be performed in the field in minutes.
Many calibration adjustments can even be made remotely via a PC workstation
communicating over a modem.

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DanalyzerTM 700 Gas Chromatograph

The Danalyzer 700 Gas Chromatograph is the latest offering of
field-mounted gas chromatographs from Daniel. The Danalyzer 700
draws on the Danalyzer's long history of field-mounted performance
with over 8000 installations - most of which are in rugged and
uncontrolled environments. The Danalyzer 700 continues the
tradition of providing the most precise and reliable measurement of
the heating value of natural gas as well as other important gas
properties such as gas density, Wobbe Index, and full chemical
compositional analysis to C6+ and C9+.

Features and benefits:

One package for all fiscal metering and gas quality needs
including complete custody transfer analysis from C6+ to
C9+, as well as contaminant monitoring
Combine measurements and reduce analysis cost
Oxygen ( 0 - 2% )
Trace H2S ( 0 - 50ppm )
CO2 ( < 90 seconds )
Helium / Hydrogen ( 0 - 10% )
Hydrocabon Dewpoint ( +/- 2o C )
Reduced installation and operating costs with rugged field
mounting, low carrier and power consumption and the
longest gas chromatograph valve and column warrantees
in the industry
Extremely high precision of analysis (0.05% BTU over
complete temperature range and 0.025% BTU when
installed in temperature controlled environment)

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Danalyzer 570 / 571 Gas Chromatograph

The Danalyzer 570 (and the 571 ATEX-certified version) Gas
Chromatograph has long been known as the analyzer of choice for
the most precise measurement of the chemical composition of the
natural gas from N2 and CO2 through C6+. This analysis is so
precise that the precision of analysis is an amazing BTU in 1000
BTU (0.05%) over the entire ambient temperature range. Like all
Daniel Gas Chromatographs, the 570 and 571 are thoroughly tested
to verify their performance by running in walk-in environmental testing
chambers - cycling between 0F and 130F- for 24 hours minimum.
Features and benefits:
Compositional analysis of pipeline gas (C1 - C6+, N2 and CO2)
and calculates the heating value compressibility, as well as
other gas properties
Fast 4-minute analysis standard (optional 2 to 12-minute
analysis available)
Extremely high precision of analysis (0.05% BTU over
complete temperature range and 0.025% BTU when installed
in temperature controlled environment)

Danalyzer 590 / 591 Gas Chromatograph

The Danalyzer 590 (and the 591 ATEX-certified version) gas
chromatograph is the analyzer of choice for those natural gas
applications needing an extended compositional analysis for better
accountability of the heavier compounds. By using two detectors,
the Danalyzer 570 / 571 gas chromatograph is able to measure to
the C9+ peak with a 2ppm minimum detectability. This supports a
more complete AGA8 calculation, and even makes a hydrocarbon
dewpoint calculation possible. Furthermore, for applications
needing the measurement of H2S, this can be done in the same
analyzer if the compositional measurement is only C6+.
Features and benefits:
Ideal measurement solution for compositional analysis of
rich pipeline quality gas better accountability of the heavier
Supports a more complete AGA8 calculation as well as
providing an optional hydrocarbon dewpoint calculation
When doing a C6+ analysis, the 590 / 591 can also measure
0 - 50 ppm H2S in the same analyzer
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Daniel Model 500 Process Gas Chromatograph

Daniel offers a complete line of Gas Chromatographs made
specifically for process applications. The Model 500 Process Gas
Chromatograph has the analytical flexibility to handle a wide
assortment of applications ranging from natural gas processing and
fractionation, ethylene and other olefin processes as well as a
number of refinery applications. Each gas chromatograph is custom
engineered to meet the specific measurement requirements
including the sample conditioning system.
Features and benefits:
Ideal for liquid fraction facilities by being able to measure
liquid and gas samples in one analyzer
Each analyzer is custom engineered for each application
including the sample conditioning system
Due to its large ambient temperature specification of 0F 130F, the cost of an expensive analyzer shelter can often be

Daniel Model 1000 Process Gas Chromatograph

The Daniel Model 1000 Process Gas Chromatograph extends the

measurement flexibility of the Model 500 by using an air-bath oven
design. This oven design allows the use of a wider range of
detectors including a Flame Ionization and Flame Photometric
Detector as well has having space for more column switching valves
and columns if needed. The Model 1000 GC uses many of the
same proven analytical components and electronics as the Model
500 as well as the same powerful MON Workstation software.
Features and benefits:
Airbath oven design provides maximum application
flexibility with a maximum oven temperature of 150C
Supports Thermal Conductivity Detectors (TCD), Flame
Ionization Detectors (FID) and Flame Photometric Detectors
(FPD) as well as dual detector applications
Compatible with the powerful MON Workstation software
making operation and maintenance of the GC easy to do

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Daniel MON2000 GC Software

Mon2000 software is a menu driven, Windows based HMI that

will operate the entire family of Daniel gas chromatographs. With
its simplified layout and colorful display that puts only the
essential information in the right place, MON2000 makes start
up, validation, and troubleshooting, fast and efficient. Whether
youre a beginner or an expert, once you use this software, youll
never want to operate another Gas Chromatograph without it.

Features and benefits:

Chromatogram file is small, complete, and easy to email
-- timed events, peak intergration parameters, and
chromatograms on one screen.
Hot-key short cuts to instant access of raw data and
analysis results
Trend any component or calculated value, and store/recall
files effortlessly
Overlay and compare chromatograms for proactive
operation analysis

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Daniel Flow Computers

Daniel Flow Computers help businesses manage valuable flow measurement
data. Flow computers calculate, analyze and process data from oil and gas
production, pipeline and distribution operations.
They increase productivity by freeing personnel from data gathering and
processing, allowing them to focus their time and talent on more productive
They reduce cost by providing data that can be used to maximize production
yields. Daniel Flow Computers enable faster response to market changes,
reducing alarm response time and helping ensure compliance with safety and
environmental standards.

Page 18

2500 TurboTM Flow Computer

The Turbo version of the Model 2500 expands on the originals
programming by allowing more software code and data storage.
A simple upgrade also turns the Daniel TurboTM Flow Computer
into an instrument that meets tomorrows speed, power and
versatility challenges by adding more communication ports and
faster program application execution.
Thousands of users around the world have chosen Daniel 2500
Flow Computers, a powerful endorsement of this instruments
reliability and accuracy in flow measurement.
Features and benefits:
486/100MHz/4MB 32-bit microprocessor
Improves versatility by allowing user to modify standard
calculations for special applications
Uses existing transmitters and wiring, reducing costs
when replacing existing units
Minimal downtime for upgrading saves time and money

FloBossTM S600 Flow Computer

The S600 Flow Computer is a maximum performance,
panel-mounted instrument that ably handles six meter runs while
performing other tasks. In effect, it saves time and money by doing
the work of six single-stream flow computers.
In oil and gas applications, this flow computer is popular for fiscal
metering, custody transfer, batch loading, meter proving,
multi-stream measurement, station monitoring / control and other
applications that require high-performance measurement and
Its designed to be flexible, enabling users to adapt quickly and
costeffectively to application changes. It also connects to all
commonly available flowmeters.
Features and benefits:
Saves time and money by measuring and controlling
as many as six meter runs
Handles multiple types of applications, saving on cost
of additional equipment
Performs quickly and accurately
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Daniel Engineered Systems

Daniel Measurement and Control, Inc. is the industry leader in designing,

constructing and commissioning of complex oil and gas metering systems
to exacting standards.
This global organization offers decades of fiscal petroleum flow
measurement application experience. Customers rely on Daniel's
Engineered Systems Groups international fabrication facilities, customized
engineering and success in field-testing and support. From the simplest
single-stream skid to complex on-site installations, Daniel delivers both
natural gas and liquid petroleum turn-key applications. The Daniel
Engineered Systems team designs, constructs and commissions the
metering project, blending up-to-the-minute technology with decades of
understanding what customers need and expect.
Components of a Daniel Engineered System installation typically include
meters, valves, provers, flow-control instruments, instrumentation and
read-out equipment, and process management components. Computer
software and hardware are integrated with the measurement system.
Standard calculation methods include AGA3 (now API-MPMS-14.3), ISO
5167, AGA5/7/8, AGA9 and the API Manual for Petroleum Measurement
Daniel DMSS-2000 Supervisory Control System utilizes a sophisticated
Graphical User Interface, database server, and a dedicated PLC for the
metering skid/MOV interface. Redundancy is often used for custody
transfer systems and/or when system integrity is essential.
A dedicated Project Manager and Project Team are assigned to each
measurement system project. This team is responsible for overall system
design and project construction from start-to-finish. A separate internal
QA/QC group reviews all design details, inside and outside fabrication,
assembly and system testing.
Whether it is a pipeline, offshore production facility, or a loading facility for
ocean-going tankers, Daniel Engineered Systems is a proven,
single-source solution for customers throughout the world.

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Daniel Measurement Services, Inc.

Daniel Measurement Services, Inc. takes pride in being there with the right
solution for customers with gas and liquid fiscal flow measurement
Around the clock, and around the world, Daniel Measurement Services has
experienced, highly qualified people prepared to assist customers with:
Startup and commissioning
Preventative maintenance
Product repair/upgrades
Project management and integration
Meter tube inspection and recertification
Educational services
Remote diagnostics
Warranty Plus!
The Solution can be a warranty-enhancement program, or a remote
dial-up check of installed equipment that keeps desired performance a
fingertip away.
Daniel Measurement Services also offers a series of educational courses
essential to customer success. Courses can be at the factory or the
customer's location, and are taught by an accredited engineer, technician
or other trainer. Courses include product instruction on proper operation of
Daniel gas chromatographs, ultrasonic meters, presets and other
instruments for fiscal flow measurement applications.
Daniel Measurement Services' educational courses and the commitment to
being the world's leading provider of value-added measurement services,
affirms that the Daniel support of customers has never been stronger.

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