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North African Legion

Legion North African (LNA), or North African Brigade (BNA) or Phalange North African
(Dordogne), was a paramilitary unit co operating on behalf of Nazi Germany during the Second
World War . It should not be confused with the African Phalanx .


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The North African Legion was created in early 1944 by Henri Lafont , head of the French
Gestapo , and the Algerian nationalist Mohamed el-Maadi (former French officer member of
the far-right movement the hood ) under the command SS Colonel Helmut Knochen , No. 2 of
the German police in France ( Sipo and SD , including the Gestapo).
The North African legion, also called "Phalanx" constitutes an additional force for the German army
consisted of Muslims recruited from among the North African community living in France,
especially Paris. It should not be confused with the African Phalanx created by the Vichy
government to fight against the Allies in Tunisia after landing in North Africa in
November 1942 .
In January - February 1944 , the North African Brigade consists of 300 members and North
African organized into five sections led by Henri Lafont who holds the rank 's origins
Hauptsturmfhrer (Captain) in the SS. His deputy is Pierre Bonny , former "top cop France",
also a prominent member of the "French Gestapo" with the rank 'of Obersturmfuhrer (lieutenant).
The heads of the five sections are Maillebuau Paul Charles Cazauba, Alexander Villaplane Paul
Clavi and Lucien Prevost, all promoted lieutenants SS ( Untersturmfhrer ) as the driver of
Pagnon Louis Lafont appointed reserve officer (these men have nothing to do with the Waffen SS
French, they are the orders of another branch of the SS, the Sipo-SD, German Police SS, often
erroneously called "Gestapo").
The troupe also includes twenty French NCOs whose Abel Danos , Raymond Monange Louis
Hare, Jean Baptiste Chaves, Jean Sartore, Paul Victor, Jean Vinas, Jean Delchiappo, Fioraventi
Mathieu, Jean Thilmont, Charles Fels, Eugene Slovenski etc.
Officers and noncommissioned officers in uniform SS, SD design. Enlisted men wear special
equipment not unlike that of the Militia , belt and dagger of the Waffen SS as a bonus. All received
a green card in the Avenue Foch (SD) of Paris, certifying their membership in the SS.
The brigade took part in the fighting against the French Resistance in Corrze (three sections
involved in the fighting against the maquis) in Dordogne (one section) and Franche-Comt (a
In fact, the North African legion, upon arrival in the Dordogne, and during the five months of his
presence, especially distinguished himself by his countless atrocities and massacres including those of
Brantme (26 March 1944), Sainte-Marie de-Chignac (27 March 1944), Saint-Martin-de-Fressengeas,
Musselburgh (52 shot), Saint-Germain-du-Salembre and Cells Cornille.
The Legion was disbanded in August 1944 when the troops dispersed.
Some of the older members follow Mohamed el-Maadi in Germany in August 1944, took refuge

with his wife in Germany, where he was welcomed by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Amin alHusseini .

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