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The Truth About Alkalizing Your Blood

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The Truth About Alkalizing Your Blood
Every moment is a chance to turn things
Posted By Dr. Ben Kim Natural Health Care around, to change or build our momentum.
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Is it true that the foods and beverages you consume cause your blood to become
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more alkaline or acidic?

Contrary to popular hype, the answer is: not to any significant degree. Búscanos en Facebook

The pH of your blood is tightly regulated by a complex system of buffers that are Dr. Ben Kim
continuously at work to maintain a range of 7.35 to 7.45, which is slightly more Me gusta
alkaline than pure water.
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If the pH of your blood falls below 7.35, the result is a condition called acidosis, a
state that leads to central nervous system depression. Severe acidosis - where blood
pH falls below 7.00 - can lead to a coma and even death.

If the pH of your blood rises above 7.45, the result is alkalosis. Severe alkalosis can
also lead to death, but through a different mechanism; alkalosis causes all of the
nerves in your body to become hypersensitive and over-excitable, often resulting in
muscle spasms, nervousness, and convulsions; it's usually the convulsions that cause
death in severe cases.
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The bottom line is that if you're breathing and going about your daily activities, your
body is doing an adequate job of keeping your blood pH somewhere between 7.35 to
7.45, and the foods that you are eating are not causing any wild deviations of your
blood pH.

So what's up with all the hype about the need to alkalize your body? And what's to be
made of the claim that being too acidic can cause osteoporosis, kidney stones, and a
number of other undesirable health challenges?

As usual, the answers to such questions about human health can be found in
understanding basic principles of human physiology. So let's take a look at the
fundamentals of pH and how your body regulates the acid-alkaline balance of its
fluids on a moment-to-moment basis.

pH is a measure of how acidic or alkaline a liquid is. With respect to your health, the
liquids involved are your body fluids, which can be categorized into two main groups: Most Popular Natural Health Tools

1. Intracellular fluid, which is the fluid found in all

of your cells. Intracellular fluid
is often called cytosol, and makes up about two-thirds of the total amount of
fluid in your body.

2. Extracellular fluid, which is the fluid found outside of your cells. Extracellular
fluids are further classified as one of two types:

Plasma, which is fluid that makes up your blood.

Interstitial fluid, which occupies all of the spaces

that surround your
tissues. Interstitial fluid includes the fluids found in your eyes, lymphatic
system, joints, nervous system, and between the protective membranes
that surround your cardiovascular, respiratory, and abdominal cavities.

Your blood (plasma) needs to maintain a pH of 7.35 to 7.45 for your cells to function
properly. Why your cells require your blood to maintain a pH in this range to stay Recent comments
healthy is beyond the scope of this article, but the most important reason is that all I'm looking forward to. .
of the proteins that work in your body have to maintain a specific geometric shape to I'm from Grand Tower, Illinois. With the

function, and the three-dimensional shapes of the proteins in your body are affected New Year almost here, I'm looking forward
by the tiniest changes in the pH of your body fluids. to ushering in a...[1/3/2015 12:38:26 PM]

The Truth About Alkalizing Your Blood

Pamela Morgan
commented on:
The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. A liquid that has a pH of 7 is considered to be Bean Powder Giveaway
neutral (pure water is generally considered to have a neutral pH). Fluids that have a Frozen Shoulder
pH below 7 - like lemon juice and coffee - are considered to be acidic. And fluids that I suffered from this after a freak accident
have a pH above 7
- like human blood and milk of magnesia - are considered to be wherein I broke my arm. The arm healed

alkaline. very quickly by...

commented on:
How to Prevent
It's important to note that on the pH scale, each number represents a
tenfold Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis)
difference from adjacent numbers; in other words, a liquid that
has a pH of 6 is ten persimmons
times more acidic than a liquid that has a pH of 7, and a liquid with a pH of 5 is one Actually they are among my favorite fruits.
hundred times more acidic than pure water. Most carbonated soft drinks (pop) have a I LOVE persimmons, they are very
pH of about 3,
making them about ten thousand times more acidic than pure water. special.
I have also...

commented on:
Please remember this the next time you think about drinking a can of pop.
When you ingest foods and liquids, the end products of digestion and assimilation of Thankyou Helen Henie
nutrients often results in an acid or alkaline-forming effect - the end products are This comment really resonated with me
sometimes called acid ash or alkaline ash. because it helped me to see that I am not
perfect and in time...
Also, as your cells produce energy on a continual basis, a number of different acids
Kari K
commented on:
How To Forgive
are formed and released into your body fluids. These acids - generated by your Someone Who Has Hurt You
everyday metabolic activities - are unavoidable; as long as your body has to generate To Bright
energy to survive, it will produce a continuous supply of acids. Hello, I loved your comment about first
protecting yourself and then being able to
So there are two main forces at work on a daily basis that can disrupt the pH of your forgive an...
body fluids - these forces are the acid or alkaline-forming effects of foods and liquids
Kari K
commented on:
How To Forgive
Someone Who Has Hurt You
that you ingest, and the acids that you generate through regular metabolic activities.
Fortunately, your body has three major mechanisms at work at all times to prevent
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these forces from shifting the pH of your blood outside of the 7.35 to 7.45 range.

These mechanisms are: Dr. Ben Kim's Newsletter

1. Buffer Systems To receive free tips on how to experience your

health, I invite you to join our natural
Carbonic Acid-Bicarbonate Buffer System health community by subscribing to my free e-
Protein Buffer System newsletter:
Phosphate Buffer System  
2. Exhalation of Carbon Dioxide Email:

3. Elimination of Hydrogen Ions via Kidneys


It's not in the scope of this post to discuss the mechanisms listed above in detail. For
Your e-mail address is kept private and
this article, I only want to point out that these systems are in place to prevent you can unsubscribe anytime.
dietary, metabolic, and other factors from pushing the pH of your blood outside of the
7.35 to 7.45 range.

When people encourage you to "alkalize your blood," most of them mean
that you
should eat plenty of foods that have an alkaline-forming effect on your system. The
reason for making this suggestion is that the vast majority of highly processed foods
- like white flour products and white sugar - have an acid-forming effect on your
system, and if you
spend years eating a poor diet that is mainly acid-forming, you
will overwork some of the buffering systems mentioned above to a point where you
could create undesirable changes in your health.

For example, your phosphate buffer system uses different phosphate ions in your
body to neutralize strong acids and bases. About 85% of the phosphate ions that are
used in your phosphate buffer system comes from calcium phosphate salts, which are
structural components of your bones and teeth. If your body fluids are regularly
exposed to large quantities of acid-forming foods and liquids, your body will draw
upon its calcium phosphate reserves to supply your phosphate buffer system to
neutralize the acid-forming effects of your diet. Over time, this may lead to structural
weakness in your bones and teeth.

Drawing on your calcium phosphate reserves at a high rate can also increase the
amount of calcium that is eliminated via your genito-urinary system, which is why a
predominantly acid-forming diet can increase your risk of developing calcium-rich
kidney stones.

This is just one example of how your buffering systems can be overtaxed to a point[1/3/2015 12:38:26 PM]

The Truth About Alkalizing Your Blood

where you experience negative health consequences. Since your buffering systems
have to work all the time anyway to neutralize the acids that are formed from
everyday metabolic activities,
it's in your best interest to follow a diet that doesn't
create unnecessary work for your buffering systems.

Acid and Alkaline-Forming Effects of Common Foods

Generally speaking, most vegetables and fruits have an alkaline-forming effect on
your body fluids.

Most grains, animal foods, and highly processed foods have an acid-forming effect on
your body fluids.

Your health is best served by a good mix of nutrient-dense, alkaline and

foods; ideally, you want to eat more alkaline-forming foods than acid-forming foods
to have the net acid and alkaline-forming effects of your diet match the slightly
alkaline pH of your blood.

The following lists indicate which common foods have an alkaline-forming effect on
your body fluids, and which ones result in acid ash formation when they are digested
and assimilated into your system.

Foods that have a Moderate to Strong Alkaline-Forming












Sweet, seedless grapes







Vegetable juices



Alfalfa sprouts









Most herbs





Foods that have a Moderate to Strong Acid-Forming Effect


Soft drinks (pop)[1/3/2015 12:38:26 PM]

The Truth About Alkalizing Your Blood



White sugar

Refined Salt

Artificial sweeteners

Antibiotics (and most drugs)

White flour products (including pasta)


White vinegar


Most boxed cereals


Most beans

Flesh meats

Most types of bread

Please note that these lists of acid and alkaline-forming foods are not comprehensive,
nor are they meant to be.

If you're eating mainly grains, flour products, animal foods, and washing these foods
down with coffee, soda, and milk, you will almost certainly improve your health by
replacing some of your food and beverage choices with fresh vegetables and fruits.

The primary purpose of this article is to offer information that explains why I believe
that you don't need to take one or more nutritional supplements or "alkalized water"
for the sole purpose of alkalizing your body. Your body is already designed to keep
the pH of your body fluids in a tight, slightly alkaline range.

The ideal scenario is to make fresh vegetables and fruits the centerpieces of your diet,
and to eat small amounts of any other nutrient-dense foods that your appetite calls
for and that experience shows your body can tolerate.

I hope these thoughts bring some clarity to this often misunderstood health topic.


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The Truth About Alkalizing Your Blood

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Newsletter on acidity/alkalinity
Submitted by Margaret Mankiewicz, RN, BScN(Ed)
Kudos to you for explaining so well the importance of introducing more fruits and
vegetables as we nourish our bodies!

Of all the alkaline gurus out there, you have given the best explanation for the
non-medical person!

I am sending it to all my McDonald's Chompin' friends for them to digest mentally!

Thankyou once again!

» reply

Acid & Alkaline balance

Submitted by Silvana Schulz-Brown
I am always grateful to receive your newsletters which are packed with valuable
information in a digestible format. This article grabbed my attention in particular as
I have been drinking alkaline water for 2 years and have only just (with the help of
an ND) figured out that my candida / yeast overgrowth problems that I suffered for
the same length of time as the water intake was due to increasing my body's
alkaline level. I know that a lot of women suffer from candida and I urge them to
read this article and look at their diet
to try and tackle this issue like I did. Thank

» reply

Acid & Alkaline balance

Submitted by J. Thurston
your candida problem*is the result of depleted levels of magnesium and
potassium which occur whenever substances are taken into the body that
increase alkalinity. the Mayo Clinic commented on this very thing some time
ago in connection to successful (non-mainstream) alternative therapies such as
cesium chloride and cesium carbonate for cancer treatment as cancer cells
to die within 6-8 hours when pH is raised to 8.0. proponents of

alkalinated water products rarely if ever mention this little known fact*.

» reply

OMG Candida!
Submitted by Anonymous
OMG, thank you for this statement. I find it quite interesting that you
attribute candida to a magnesium and potassium deficiency. I was
diagnosed with bipolar 8 years ago and when
first hospitalized and given the
diagnosis I had candida outgrowth on my legs and hands. Doctors, however,
did not know what it was and neither did I at the time. Every time I have
been hospitalized for the BP disorder, my potassium levels were low and it
was right before my cycle. Over the years I have struggled with the candida[1/3/2015 12:38:26 PM]

The Truth About Alkalizing Your Blood

and the BP and have begun to eat more whole foods discovering that my
outbreaks are fewer except during the week before my cycle when my
progesterone is at its highest. Based on what you are saying, the
progesterone must be creating a more acidic environment??? Also, based on
what you are saying, my extreme mood swings could be a result of these


» reply

Submitted by Lisa
Isn't it WONDERFUL to find out that much of our mood stuff is really
about food stuff. (pardon the pun!)

I just had to write you and say I'm glad that you made that connection.
Whoever you are, you made me smile today. With this information here
I've never felt more loved.

» reply

Thank You!
Submitted by Anonymous
You cannot imagine the connectin that has been made by reading that! You
simply cannnot imagine it, especially after looking up the possible side
effects of low potassium and magnesium, depression, delirium, and
psychosis! Eight years of my life I
have been dealing with this diagnosis that
I believed to be incorrect. I lost everything in my life as a result of
this....lately since taking
more supplements I have been feeling better.
Unbeknownst to me, which I
discovered earlier this week, I was supposed to
be taking more than one
of the magnesium pills and potassium pills. Every
time I am hospitalized I have this rash somewhere on my body and it is
right before my cycle starts. I have been arguing with doctors for years

saying it was hormonal or some sort of deficiency. Since beginning

hormones last month I was better but the depression and mood swings

would not go away, the psychosis was eliminated with the hormones. I am
now going to up my potassium and magnesium. I went to the ER last week
with chest pain and blood pressure spikes, only to return home and find
that magnesium and potassium stopped the heart palps and the pains in my
legs and arms!

Thank You!!!

» reply

Please be careful taking

Submitted by Helen Hammonds RN BSN
Please be careful taking supplements like Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium,
and especially Potassium. Try to get them from natural food sources. As
you noted...the taking of Potassium made some heart issues you were
having subside. The window of toxicity with these salts is very finite, and
very narrow. The same symptoms you were having with the chest pain
and muscular pain, were resolved this time with K+ and Mg, but too
much K+ will cause erratic heart rate, and even stop your heart. The
heart becomes irritable reacts to the "highs" and "lows" of all of the
above mentioned salts. They are referred to as your
electrolyte balance.
I am not advising you to cease taking your supplements, just to be[1/3/2015 12:38:26 PM]

The Truth About Alkalizing Your Blood

extremely careful.

» reply

Submitted by Support OmniTech
The information about the excessive intake of minerals like sodium,
potassium, magnesium and calcium has been of good help for me.
Me as a person who take these supplements was negligent about the
side effects of them. This might have saved me from serious health
issues in the future. Getting these minerals from the daily diet is
going to me my priority.

» reply

BP/low Potassium and Magnesium

Submitted by Talusan
You talked about years of low potassium and magnesium and was not
corrected then. I thought your doctor would correct it as soon as your
blood results were made and reviewed by your doctor and made some

» reply

PH and lymph
Submitted by ChemicalRefugee
I don't want to come off all "angry patient" or "over the top" here but
... ??what the??

- a doctor CORRECTING a thing found in your blood??? Anything??

Especially a thing that shows up as nutritional? A thing that they
cut out of you, irradiate, or drug?

HA! You live in a different world. Nearly all of them ignore anything
that can't be treated with a prescription pad, or by cutting you open.

Most doctors have been taught in school to believe that nutrition just
takes care of itself no matter what we eat (magical thinking).

Oh, they talk about a "balanced diet" in terms of "any balanced diet

will keep you healthy", but never tell anyone what they MEAN by the
"balanced diet" (you can't pin them down as to what one would
be). They
also usually have had less than 3 hours total time of
nutritional information in medical school (not CREDIT HOURS, actual
clock hours)

Most MDs know so little science they do not know how to tell what

sort of antibiotic is the right one to use for a given infection and they
NEVER check to even see if you HAVE an infection before whipping

out the pad (and they can't do even the most simple parts of their
own lab work, and do not own a microscope).

They also cannot tell you the symptom picture of ANY nutritional

problem (not even scurvy or pellagra), much less know what the long
cumulative problems are from "sub clinical" nutritional problems
(ie, those that will not kill you outright, but will make you miserable
and slowly kill you).[1/3/2015 12:38:26 PM]

The Truth About Alkalizing Your Blood

You have to teach yourself, and treat yourself. Yes this is dangerous.
No, it is not the way things out to be. Yes, doctors are SUPPOSED to
know this stuff and do it and help you. NO they will not do so. and
yes - many people in the general public lack the ability to do this at
all safely - and you STILL have to do it yourself, because the

alternative is getting no treatment at all - because THEY won't do it.

They act more like "talk therapy" shrinks - you wait an hour or so to

see them, and then they listen for 5 minutes and do nothing of nay


Imagine that you went to a mechanic to get your car fixed, and that

they never REALLY fixed anything; but still charged you $150 just to

talk to them for 5 minutes (after waiting for an hour to see them).

Imagine you mechanic never did any work on you car. Imagine that
they never once looked at your car and did not have even the most
simple equipment to do so.

This is a perfect parallel of going to see most MDs. When was the last
time you saw an MD with a microscope? Most of them know so little

biochemistry that if you take hard science in to them, they can't

Try (for instance) taking the research into FMS/CFS (hard cold science
into : peroxunitrate, NO, dopamine levels and epigentics) to a

rheumotolgist or to your GP ... or try talking to an anesthesiologist or

a pain specialist about the Cytochrome P450 gene (two of the 50+

enzyzmes controlled by this gene, handle 90% of our prescription

medications and also get rid of most pollution - and a huge number
of people do not have fully functional P450 pathways) (way over
25%, some racial groups more than others)

Give them any real science to look at in an appointment, and FIRST

they will be offended that you presume to know anything - then they

assume you are an idiot, and they will be angry that you are
informing them about ANYTHING from the wor4ld of science - instead
of begging and grovelling at their feet as a supplicant.

They will not react well at all and will be quite offended by the idea
that you KNOW anything (even about your own body and what it is

doing before your own eyes...things that you can SEE, like a rash, or

that you have a sore, or are bleeding - you get anger and ego, not


Then they will look at you like you grew a second head and ignore

you, while trying to look like they are listening, and then take your

$150 to $500 dollars (the cost of your 5 minute appointment)and all
for doing nothing.

You get better information from reading PUBMED and talking to a


» reply

pH and Cancer
Submitted by Judith Dew
The notion that what you eat and drink has no effect on your

body's pH is ludicrous. Anyone who has studied cancer knows

that monitoring your body's pH is one of the best ways to pre-

vent cancer. The Einstein of modern medicine, Dr. Emanuel

Revici, discovered that people with cancer have abnormal pH

levels in abnormal cycles. He was able to cure cancer by

administering therapeutic lipids and sterols to his patients

in order to correct their imbalance. Normally, the highly-[1/3/2015 12:38:26 PM]

The Truth About Alkalizing Your Blood

acidic western diet is the culprit which creates abnormally

low (acidic) pH in the body that lowers the oxygen levels

in the cells. Without enough oxygen, the cells revert to a

primitive form of respiration - known as fermentation.

If a patient has had conventional treatments, their bodies'

pH can become too alkaline - as a result of the shock, and

the cancer cells traveling in their blood or lymph become

more aggressive. So, even though hyper acidity is the main

cause of cancer, hyper alkalinity can be a factor as well.

Good heavens, this is common knowledge. Please don't take

the lazy route to Heaven. Inform yourself. We need informed

people, or the cancer industry will go on killing us for


» reply

Well said.....I am sick of

Submitted by Allycat
Well said.....I am sick of doctors who dismiss and prescribe
prescribe prescribe.

» reply

However there are many other

Submitted by Kangen Water Advocate
However there are many other benefits of alkalized water vs alkalinzated
water, alkalized water is made alkaline without having to add minerals, as it
strips the acidity out of the water.

» reply

i really appreciated your

Submitted by mala to
i really appreciated your article. it made me understand about acid and alkaline
balance but according to this article i have several questions for you. How can
body get too much acid? Does alkaline balance diet helps prevent cancer or
other diseases?
if body has too much hydron ion where would they go? is it true
that no
matter how much alkaline food we not the affect the pH balance?

To prevent cancer or reduce chances of having cancer should we eat foods that
have more alkaline?

» reply

Fascinating, complex system

Submitted by Sam C.
I love your logical, science-based approach to every health topic as it's exactly how
I approach these issues as well. As a university student studying physiology, I just
learned all the information included in this article this past year and this is not only
a great, quick refresher but also helps me to use the information I've learned in a
different setting.

I had just come across a few websites advocating alkalizing supplements and[1/3/2015 12:38:26 PM]

The Truth About Alkalizing Your Blood

alkaline-water and had been wondering about them, and low and behold, it's the
next topic you cover! I had assumed basically what you concluded: the body's pH is
barely altered from hour to hour and day to day, but by balancing the acid and
base levels in our body through the foods we eat we may be able to reduce the
amount of work/energy our buffering systems (the lungs and kidney which I
learned about) must use to keep our pH levels in check. The human body (or any

mammal's for that matter) is truly amazing!

» reply

Acid/Alkaline-forming effects of Food...

Submitted by William Vincenti
Thank you for this very informative article and for not trying to sell your brand of
alkalizing supplement like pretty much the rest of the acid/alkaline cyberworld is up

» reply

I Agree
Submitted by Anonymous
I agree this is an amazing article to educate people concerning their health and
it was very generous of you to offer the information without trying to push
products and sales on people.....Thanks!

» reply

Your article on "Acid and Alkaline-Forming Effects of Food . ."

Submitted by Alicen Webb
As usual, your professional, factual and straight forward article makes it easy for lay
people to understand this
very important aspect of our body and how it works to
keep us healthy.

Dr Kim, I have been reading your newsletter for some time now and the
article really set my mind at ease about the Acid/Alkaline question. It is so easy for
a professional to frighten or confuse people who have less knowledge on a subject
- without making false statements even, but couching the information in such a
way as to alarm us. It is apparent that your goal is to inform and educate people so
that we are in a position to make informed decisions about how we treat our

For that, and the work that you and Margaret do is much appreciated. I know that a
lot of your time is spent in writing these articles for us so I just wanted to be on
record to say a big THANK YOU!!

» reply

Thanks for this article.

Submitted by Anita
Thanks for this article. This is the best way I have ever heard someone explained
this alkaline and acid forming effect. Thanks again.

» reply[1/3/2015 12:38:26 PM]

The Truth About Alkalizing Your Blood

Acid and Alkaline Forming Effects

Submitted by Terri

was a good article but I have a question. I have had 3 episodes of kidney
stones and have been told I have high levels of acid in my system. I drink a gal. of
water daily to keep my system flushed out and do not drink anything else but a
casual glass of milk occasionaly (once twice a month) I work hard at keeping the
acid foods down in my diet. I just learned even with this life habit I have another
kidney stone. It was found by accident when I had an x-ray from a car accident. It
is to alrge to pass and will have to be lasered. Do you have any suggestions.

» reply

Acid/Alkaline forming effects

Submitted by Patsy Reynolds
Are you drinking well water? I had 13 stones during a two year period of
drinking well water. Am using only distilled now (but also take good minerals)
and have not been bothered with kidney stones for several years.

» reply

acid alkaline balance

Submitted by Anonymous

you drink a gallon of water daily, what type of water?

Many types of water are acidic like some bottled and all distilled and R/O are
dead water and acidic in pH.

what is the makeup of your diet? most people eat more acidic foods than
alkaline. alkaline foods are simply vegetables and fruits, preferably raw.
pasteurized juices are not necessarily alkaline.

Highest acidity items include drugs, caffeine, sugar, artificial sweeteners,
grains-esp. white flour, processed foods, alcohol, fast foods, meat, dairy.
Acidity can also form through negative emotions-- anger, fear, worry, etcetera.

Acidity does not mean grapefruit, lemons, oranges--these are alkaline forming
in the body.

Ideally try to have 80% alkaline foods and 20% acidic in your diet.
Try a
change and notice the results, allow for a detox period.

hope this helps, rachel........

» reply

Kidney Stones
Submitted by Jen
If your kidney stones are calcium oxalate, and 80% are, you should drink juice
from a fresh squeezed lemon every day. My husband had chronic stones. He
would suffer two episondes a month and since jucing lemons everyday he
hasn't had one in over a year.
The lemon can also help with your current stone.
So far so good!

» reply[1/3/2015 12:38:26 PM]

The Truth About Alkalizing Your Blood

Kidney Stones
Submitted by Charla
I am an herbalist who also works with nutrition. I have assisted several people
who preferred no laser or surgery in dissolving kidney stones that were too
large to pass. The most dramatic was a friend with a 9mm stone. He began
taking a strong tea of Gravel Root (Queen of the Meadow ROOT not leaf) and
Hydrangea Root. In a few weeks the stone was 5mm. In a few more weeks it
was still 5mm but transparent and broken into several pieces. After some

months it was completely gone. All progress was monitored with ultrasound.

I also had him daily use umeboshi plum paste, a Japanese food that helps keep
calcium from being improperly deposited as stones. He used the tea for over 6
months and still uses the plum paste frequently several years later. If you eat
cooked greens or other cooked foods high in oxalic acid, it is important to use
some either umeboshi vinegar
or apple cider vinegar on them so stones do not

» reply

Thank you
Submitted by Maggie
Awesome Charla, I don't have kidnney stone ,so far I'm very healhty, but I
don't know about the umeboshi paste, I saw it but never buy it , here is
very expensive ( fl )but i will start using it, to avoid any future problem,My
sister have a huge stone they did the operation but it was so big that she
still reamain the same as before the operation, I will tell her your opinion,
thanks a million.11

» reply

kidney stones
Submitted by Tom
There is a supplement called Chanca Piedra by Amazon Therapeutix that
dissolves kidney stones rapidly. Not many health food stores have it, but if the
ones in your area don't you can order it online and have it overnighted to you.
It's very effective, I know a few people who've used it and had great success.
One person had 3
large stones too big to laser and were going to have to be
taken out by
surgery on a Monday. She started taking Chanca Piedra on the
Friday before and when Monday rolled around and she went in for her surgery,

the kidney stones were all gone! Costs about $10 for a 1 oz bottle.

» reply

Hi Terri, kidney stones are

Submitted by Jana
Hi Terri, kidney stones are formed from minerals in your diets. Kidney stones
are formed when the pH level of the urine is unusually high or low - and without
knowing your exact diet, I can only see the excessive consumption of water as
the cause. If
you're a female 2.2 litres (about half a gallon) and 3.0 litres for
are enough water and some of this comes in form of liquid in our food

(especially soups and fruit). If you drink a gallon a day on top, then your kidney
will be working to get rid of it as it upsets your electrolyte balance. Too much
water and not enough solutes (sugars and salts) creates a hypotonic
environment. This means water will be rushing
into your body cells and cause
them to burst. Ergo, the kidneys are trying to re-establish balance by removing[1/3/2015 12:38:26 PM]

The Truth About Alkalizing Your Blood

the water from the blood. A lack of solutes also causes a more acidic
environment in the urine (minerals are alkaline) and are a good sign that you
don't have enough minerals. I would recommend replacing the pure water with
more isotonic liquids, such as a water-juice mix (4:1 or 3:1 ratio), herbal teas
with a
spoonful of honey etc. So instead of avoiding acidic foods, increase foods
with minerals!

» reply

Food for good digestion

Submitted by Anonymous

I found this to be true but, Why do some people eat healthy but seem to be craving

sweet deserts a lot? What kind of food can just wipe out the sweet tooth?

» reply

I had an invelievable
Submitted by Anonymous
I had an unbelievable craving for sugar and sweets. In fact, I had dessert as a
dinner a few days in the week. The only thing worked effectivley to stop that
was drinking "Thyme water". You need to add 1/4th of a glass to a glass of

» reply

sugar cravings
Submitted by Anonymous
I may be wrong, but if you are craving sugar, this may point to a need for more
minerals such as potassium.

» reply

Using Baking Soda to alkalise the body

Submitted by Diana Moore
We have been using a pinch of baking soda in
our water. After we checked the p.h
we were shocked to find most bottled water and tap water is very acidic ..often
below 5. Adding just
a pinch is enough to bring it to a ph7.

» reply

Baking Soda/Akaline
Submitted by charleydan
Make sure your baking soda is aluminum free.
Some say they are and others
say not a thing. Making me think they may have aluminum in them?

I am told one teaspoon a day is sufficient with out crossing the line. Yet, I agree
with this article one should not need a supplement.

May consider if they have a condition (cancer)that causes a very acidic

condition. This is also used to prevent Metastasize(spreading) of
cancer by[1/3/2015 12:38:26 PM]

The Truth About Alkalizing Your Blood

some chemo therapies.

Some alternative medical use this basic method to eliminate cancer in Italy(Dr.
Tullio Simoncini).

» reply

Aluminum is not in baking SODA

Submitted by Charla
Aluminum is added to most baking POWDER. Baking SODA is pure sodium
bicarbonate. See Wikipedia for the differences between the two.

» reply

fight radiation and cancer

Submitted by obsessed with health
Food grade baking soda has no aluminum. Check out chlorella its an
algae supper food bentonite clay to detox taking metals out of your body
eat a teaspoon daily moistened glass water before and after repeat for
five days then again monthly if you wish. ionic silver solution pure water
better than silver collodial. All
of these work on a cellular level to assist
on body blood cleansing buy
bulk in health stores.

» reply

They are using bicarbonate in

Submitted by Helen Hammonds RN BSN
They are using bicarbonate in Italy, and elsewhere, and it is promising. It is
also effective according to released information. However, the bicarb is
inhaled, and IV. I am wondering if the same effects can be achieved with
ingestion. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a treatment for cancer that has
NO side effects,
and really works? Since my husband died of NHL, recently,
I try to keep
up with EVERYTHING. I hope by keeping the "knowledge base",
that maybe I
can keep it from happening t another loved one, perhaps.
There is also a
young girl that has created some type of nanocell that
destroys cancer.
Recent news. Not just one cancer--all cancer. Going to
research that, next.

» reply

Make sure you are testing the

Submitted by Anonymous
Make sure you are testing the water with an electronic PH meter. Sometimes the
water is SO PURE that strips or liquid drops cannot properly detect the PH and
will show it as far more acidic than it is. Adding the baking soda is simply
providing some contaminants to the water to make the PH strips or drops
function properly.

Even RO water PH is in the 6 range, so still acidic but not like what a PH strip or
drops will show.

» reply[1/3/2015 12:38:26 PM]

The Truth About Alkalizing Your Blood

acid-alkaline balance
Submitted by Anonymous
I believe that the foods and drinks we ingest CAN AND DO have a direct influence
on our pH. From my own experiences and from what I have read and studied a
regular, almost consistent ALKALINE pH (and it appears the ideal is a 7.365)

helps us to maintain health and wellness. I am a holistic practitioner (a
reflexologist) but am not a nutritionist or an M.D.

Personally I have been a vegetarian for 22 years. I have tried every form of
vegetarianism and tried being 100% raw on and off for years. I am not 100% raw
but i believe the energy level you feel and high nutritional benefits and enzyme
benefits are wonderful. I believe raw foods are good for everyone to add to their
daily routine however I think going 100% raw is too extreme for most people. Try
to consume 50% of your foods in a raw form and see how your energy level feels.

One or two days of consuming lots of acid forming foods is not going to ruin your
life. Consistently consuming stimulating foods and drinks, those labeled highly
acid-forming, is what creates the problem(s). Most Americans consume MOST of
their calories from acid forming foods, and instead we should concentrate on
consuming 80% alkaline forming foods and only 20% acidic forming; thats' the key
to balance.

In addition negative emotions are highly acid forming such as anger, fear, worry,
hatred, jealousy, resentment, and so on. Its' not just becoming alkaline by eating
well and getting fresh air, sunshine and exercise.

A regular, consistent acidic pH shows that your body is not working
efficiently to
detoxify/eliminate acidic metabolic wastes. These wastes
will build up and gradually
create symptoms like pain, arthritis, lumbago, loss of energy, insomnia, and so on.
As the acidity increases the symptoms get worse and can include becoming
chronic, and leading to diabetes, leukemia and even cancer.

Want to see if your food consumption CAN and will affect your acidity and energy
level? try a personal experiment. Buy some pH paper at the health food or
pharmacy. Test your pH a few times a day and see how it measures for each
experiment. Remember if you test your urine it will naturally measure more acidic
than your saliva.

For the first two to four weeks eat an extremely CLEAN diet-plenty of fresh raw
vegetables and fruits, good quality water, and stick to 50%
raw and overall 80%
alkaline and 20% acid foods. Whatever is comfortable for your palate to have yet
stick to the alkaline/acid 80/20

For the second two to four weeks consume a typical S.A.D.

diet. Have all of the white flour products, soda, sugar, alcohol, fast foods, meat,
dairy, coffee, cooked foods and pre-packaged foods you want. See how your
energy level and general health feel. See what happens to your pH testing.....

Yes I believe the food we eat and drink DOES make our pH go alkaline or acidic.
The Standard American Diet is maiming and killing American's and is the cause of
multiple symptoms and diseases. The only cure for anything is the removal of the
"cause" (prevention), this is the root of the problem. I believe over-acidity and an
over-acidic pH is
the basis for most if not all symptoms and disease.

Among the foods I do consume I have lots of fresh raw vegetables and fruit and
love green salads and raw smoothies.

I do sell an alkaline-ionized water filtration system (the Alkal-Life) and I also do
drink water with a pH of 9 or 10. It helps me maintain a healthy alkaline pH in my
body and gives me clean water to drink and to cook with.

namaste', rachel

» reply

PH Balancing
Submitted by Clinton Hickman
I stumbled across PH balancing a couple of years ago while looking for information[1/3/2015 12:38:26 PM]

The Truth About Alkalizing Your Blood

on my gum recession and tooth decay. I have had very positive effects from
following the guide lines to balancing my PH. I have just recently started
researching PH balancing again for the reason my Aunty is very sick with Cancer. I

came across your article and so far it has given me the best explanation
on how
this PH balancing in our body works. Thank you very much I am going to forward
this info to my Aunty.

» reply

Really good well written

Submitted by beryl
Really good well written article. nice to not be sold supplements. Good sound advice
thanks, Beryl

» reply

too much acid

Submitted by Sonya
I read an article recently which said something along the lines of scientists have
known since the 1920s that
cancer NEEDS acid to grow and spread through the
body , so too much acid in our system is bad in that it can contribute to this terrible
disease, and by consuming foods that can affect the alkaline balance in our bodies
we can help to prevent it.

» reply

How to select foods for both hypothyroidism and osteoporosis

Submitted by Archannetta
There seem to be a large variety of foods to
aid in bone building that will help with
osteoporosis. However, many of
these same foods are antagonistic with
hypothyroidism. I would like help in choosing foods for both conditions. Can you
give me some suggestions?

Thank you.

» reply

Submitted by Anonymous
Hi I had been suffer for a condition call IC
(interstitial cystitis) and i had read a lot
on internet since the dr medicine didn't help I came on with many of the natural
medicine pages that one of the problems of my conditions is the unbalance of PH,

reading your article I got the big picture of everything I had been reading I was a
big fanactic of coca cola prodicts no wonder why my ph it is bad, everytime I got a
IC pain condition I felt that I had ulcer pain so. so I will try to start to balance my
ph. thanks for the information

» reply

did ph balance help your ic

Submitted by Anonymous[1/3/2015 12:38:26 PM]

The Truth About Alkalizing Your Blood

I am curious about weather or not balancing you ph level helped with your IC. I
have recently been diagnosed with IC and I have a family member who has
been studying the effects of our PH level on our body. He has recomended that
I try HTZ water to bring my PH level up. Please let me know what results you
have had. Thank you.

» reply

IC and PH balance with Baking Soda

Submitted by Anonymous
I was Diagnosed with IC 12-2010 and have also had Hashimoto's thyroiditis
for 20 years. The IC DX was devastating but I have found some wonderful
doctors and great diet guidelines and a support group. I have done a lot of
research on IC and
with instructions from doctors, was using the 1tsp
baking soda to 6oz spring water 1-2x daily to lower my PH balance, I do
have to say it works quite well.

However, If you are prone to High blood pressure it is not wise to take it that
often. I feel that once you start a well balanced diet, avoid the foods that
give flares, ie, foods high in acid, exercise be it
yoga, walking or whatever
works for you, then you are on the road to healing. Now IC cannot be cured
but can be controlled. So, please speak with your MD about the baking soda
before adding it to your regimen.

Well wishes to all

» reply

I also have IC and high blood

Submitted by Linda
I also have IC and high blood pressure problems. I have found taking 1/4
teaspoon three times a day does wonders and has not upped my blood
pressure. I have also found juicing greens (1 qt) daily also lowered my
blood pressure, the result being lowered medication. Juicing greens is
very alkalizing. Hope this helps someone.

» reply

Acid/alkaline article
Submitted by Charles J. Lastrapes, D.O., ABFM
I thought that your article was well researched and very helpful to the general
public who are clueless about
such things and easily misled.

A short discussion on the renal acid load might have been helpful to illustrate that
acid ash plant foods, such as grains, are only slightly so, compared to meat and
fish which may render ten fold more acid ash.

I find your website to be honest and very informative and I read your newsletter

» reply

Submitted by prema
i have great respect for you Dr. Kim......[1/3/2015 12:38:26 PM]

The Truth About Alkalizing Your Blood

but in this situation i totally disagree with you as i have been alkalizing with not
only food but also drops and i feel better than ever
and my entire body is running

i have been vegetarian for 40 years and that was not the key......

plus there are tons of doctors that just disagree with you......

and actually you do imply here that alkalizing is good in order not to tax our own
systems....i go with your implication and not your actual

i still highly respect and appreciate you.....but my very own experience leads me to
believe that you need to look into this further.....


» reply

Alkaline - Acid Foods

Submitted by Linda
Your article gave me an easy to understand view of the acid situation in the body. I
now understand the need for better balance. I will strive to maintain a better
balance. In the past
I had kidney stone problems. The doctor only suggested lots of
water. However, I think implimenting less acid and more alkaline would be helpful.

» reply

Submitted by stu46
Hi The concern of acid/alkaline is of less importance, it's the lack of minerals in
our food and water, intensive farming has robbed our food of minerals, now
most people in US, are deficient in magnesium, iodine, Potassium and other
minerals, its hard to have a natural balanced diet, when the healthy veg and
fruits we are supposed to eat are deficient in essential nutrients, only seaweeds
and seafoods contain the minerals we need, but unfortunately also contain


» reply

Essential Details on Acid and Alkaline-Forming Effects of Food a

Submitted by Anonymous
I was wondering if you had any comments on the whole "Ionized Watering
Systems" and the effects they claim they have. I'm not even considering
purchasing if it is true. What I am curious about is, can you cause alkalosis by
drinking a high alkaline? One of the demos suggests to drink water with a pH 9.0
and the only reason tap water is at 7.0 is not a health reason but to prevent
of pipes and comparing it to what it is doing inside our bodies. I know
you said in the article about our bodies having a buffer system. But, you also said
that you can make that buffer system work too hard and can cause negative health
effects. So, could drinking the higher pH be water be beneficial or drinking too
much be detrimental? Because what
if your someone who doesn't eat right and not
enough fruits and vege's,
could this help? What about those who do eat right?
Could it be harmful?

» reply[1/3/2015 12:38:26 PM]

The Truth About Alkalizing Your Blood

Concerns re over simplifying the acid alkaline debate

Submitted by Janet
This is a very interesting article but I do have some concerns. From my study of
metabolic typing and functional medicine, it would appear that different body
types metabolize food differently. What causes an acidic ash in one type can
cause alkaline ash in another. Generally speaking those types classed as protein
who have a greater need of protein than carbohydrate types, are less

likely to have an acidic response when eating meat. I believe this maybe
some people who go on an pH diet do not improve and why others do. We are
not all made the same way. "One man's meat is another man's poison" is so
true in more ways than one.

I would be interested to know what others think about this

» reply

one man's meat is another's poison...

Submitted by Helen Hammonds RN BSN
In a way that is sort of true...Wouldn't be if all of us were active and health
conscious. But, the information given in this article--except for his opinion--
is sound. Our body does have the buffer system to de-acidize and take out
toxins, and strives to
maintain our blood pH at the ways he
described. However,
there has been too much research, and even a bicarb
cancer treatment that appears to contradict his opinion. Cancer cell seem to
die in an alkaline environment. If you are eating foods that alkalize, you are

lessening the production of acid, and therefore the stresses on your body to
do the same, and preventing long periods of acid OPINION. I
have a client with a respiratory disorder that prevents him from blowing of
excessive CO2 with normal respiration, At night, or whenever taking a nap
he is on a ventilator. I am pointing this out, because if a vent can be
medically sound for acid reduction, why can't eating or adding bicarb???
There is no logic. The vent prevents acid, which prevents organ damage.
Eating alkaline prevents acid, which prevents organ damage, and possibly
even has the boon of stopping and/or
curing cancer. My thoughts, and
opinion, with a touch of experience.

» reply

Were you refering to body

Submitted by Linda
Were you refering to body type or blood type? A friend told me about eating
by blood type. When I read the book, the info on Type A fit me to a T. I'm
type A. I've never done well with dairy, sugar or too much meat.

When I maintain a mostly vegetarian diet, I feel great and weight gain is no
problem. The type A food list is

mostly vegetarian.

A food is listed as Beneficial, Neutral, or Avoid for each blood type.

The theory is that each blood type reacts differently to different foods. I see
a lot of similariities. Perhaps

meat consumption in type A leaves an acid ash but leaves an alkaline ash
type O - meats are listed as beneficial for O type and listed as Avoid for type

For me, the blood type eating list is so similar to the Alkaline food list. One
seems to confirm the other.


» reply[1/3/2015 12:38:26 PM]

The Truth About Alkalizing Your Blood

Best explanation I've found

Submitted by Anonymous
Best explanation I've found after a lot of searching!

» reply

PH levels
Submitted by Anonymous
'Not really' doesn't sound too convincing Dr. I found your article to be splitting
hairs, neither here nor there.

I heard the same statements made by Dieticians of Australia about alkaline/ acid -
the very organisation sponsored by two dairy companies.
If the PH level is so
regulated then why don't we just go and eat whatever, knowing that our PH will
regulate itself forever.

» reply

My take...
Submitted by bgormley
I think the article explained that very well. If we eat whatever, the buffering
systems can be taxed too much and cause problems. For example too much
calcium leached out of bones and teeth.

» reply

As the article mentions, the

Submitted by SJ
As the article mentions, the pH scale is extremely coarse, with a lot of
variation even in 0.1 point. There is a big difference in enzyme activation,
urate solubility, etc, even between
pH 7.35 and pH 7.45, both of which this
article considers healthy.

I think a good diet, etc, can maintain pH between 7.4 and 7.45, in which
range a gout attack never takes place (urate solubility declines rapidly as pH
drops)and many other problems are less likely to occur or develop more

Oxalic acid is one of the strongest organic acid in the body and is present in
beer, corn, etc, when there is plenty of Mg, it remains in solution, but when
Mg and pH are low, Ca-oxalate (which is much less soluble) precipitates out.

The kidneys use glutamine, the most common free amino acid in blood to
regulate blood pH. Unfortunately, even moderate kidney damage results in
amino aciduria (long before there is proteinuria) and lower glutamate
so that after a large acidic meal the da,aged kidneys will not have enough
glutamine to regulate well blood pH, especially if there is also vit B6
deficiency (required to transform glutamate in food to glutamine).

» reply

Good idea that you...

Submitted by Henri
mentioned Vitamin B-6, SJ. I suspect that some people will need to
supplement with this amazing vitamin because of
who-knows-why. B-6,[1/3/2015 12:38:26 PM]

The Truth About Alkalizing Your Blood

from what I read, has more functions than any other vitamin. Really.

Ben, I kind of take issue with Gibran's idea that you quote: "Out of
suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the

most massive characters are seared with scars."

I think maybe you should modify this to say that there IS a point of

diminishing returns. People die from overstressed bodies and spirits

every day. But before they die, they just suffer like crazy. For my part, I
don't want to have a "massive character". Just a good enough character.
Joan of Arc had a "massive character" and was involuntarily cremated to
prove it. Just saying, Ben.

» reply

Great comment regarding the

Submitted by JWils72
Great comment regarding the 'why don't we just throw dietary caution to the
wind implication'...something I considered as well. I think the distinction, for
me anyway, is that Dr.
Kim qualified the overtone. It's relatively easy to garner
a fly by the seat of your pants approach, but I don't believe Dr. Kim mentioned

infinity with regard to the capacity of our internal buffering system. And, some
systems may be more downtrodden than others so there's quite a
bit of
variance and room for debate there as well. I liked your characterization of
splitting hairs...definitely a very interesting and thought-provoking topic. I'm
more on the side of our diets do, in fact,
affect our blood pH, if for nothing else,
the innate efficiency of these buffering systems that Dr. Kim talks about are not
the same in all
of us...there are many other health and lifestyle variables at

» reply

Clarification on the value of alkaline ionized water

Submitted by Christina
Dear Dr. Kim,

While I agree with the majority of your post, I cannot see how you can discount
alkaline ionized water from a pH water machine whle advocating alkaline-forming
fruits and vegetables since essentially they
do the same thing for raising the pH
levels of the extracellular and interstitial fluids of the body.

Also, by the time the produce is picked, packaged, shipped, received,

put on
shelves, brought home, and prepared it has lost much of its nutritional and pH
value, whereas soaking your fruits and vegetables in alkaline pH ionized water can
revive their pH level to their freshly-picked state and optimize the negative ORP
(oxygen reduction potential or antioxidant level).

Therefore, having a supply of alkaline ionized water on hand to supplement the

plant-based diet you propose is extremely valuable. I have been a vegetarian for
four years and started drinking alkaline ionized water 7 months ago and am now
feeling better than ever before.

» reply

Ionization Vs. Natural alkalizing

Submitted by Anonymous
Christina,[1/3/2015 12:38:26 PM]

The Truth About Alkalizing Your Blood

It's important to note that, if you are looking into buying a water alkalizing
system for your home, that you purchase one that doesn't use electricity to
alkalize the water, as that can lead to health problems over the course of years
due to lack of minerals. There are many systems
that alkalize the water
naturally by running the water through stones that contain minerals, thereby
allowing you to get your minerals via the
stones that alkalize the water. Much
like what happens in nature!!! In addition, as you have recently become a
vegetarian, it is important to either grow your own fruits/veggies, so you can
monitor the mineral composition of your soil, or buy organic locally, preferably
from someone you know, because it's not only the travel time that diminishes

the nutrients in our fruits/veggies, although it does contribute, it is mostly due
to the soil they are grown in, the pesticides that are sprayed on them, and the
quality of the seed. Choose wisely!!! =)

» reply

Submitted by Anonymous
I do believe I experienced a case of acidosis earlier this year. This came after a
round of unhealthy eating throughout the holidays. The symptoms I experienced
were severe fatigue,
slight jitters, teeth sensitivity, difficulty breathing as if I

couldn't catch my breath, anxiety, and a dental carie on a front tooth.

I drastically changed my eating habits, cut out all processed foods, and detoxed on
a raw food diet. All my symptoms went away including the dental carie! Now the
only issues I am still battling are indigestion (low HCL, bad bacteria in gut), joint
pain/aches in my knees and elbows,
and sensitivity of 1 tooth when tapped with
my finger. I am praying for
complete healing of my body as I am a 29 year old
female and at times I
feel so much older.

Thank you for your helpful articles!

» reply

Submitted by Jeanne82
I too am a 29 year old female that has been wondering what has been going on
with my body and making me feel at least twice as old as I am... have been
displaying signs of multiple autoimmune disorders since I was 15 and they have
gotten significantly worse since 2007... In the last 2 years I have experienced a
sinus infection that lasted for 9 months despite multiple rx's of antibiotics,
lung infections resulting in pleurisy, severe allergy symptoms, thinning hair and
fragile nails and teeth, chronic severe pain, depression, and fatigue... have
actually been forced to cut back on exercise because the muscles in my arms
and legs will "freeze up" and stay that way for up to 4 or 5 days... I also get
frequent headaches and migraines mostly due to nearly constant muscle
spasms in my neck... I could go on and on, LOL... I try to eat very balanced
meals if I feel like eating at all and I take a couple different kinds of

multivitamins in an effort to avoid having my muscles "freeze up" on me and
avoid getting sick but my problems continue anyway... This information has just
made my day!!! I have already started alkalizing my body with baking soda and
water and hopefully it will work quickly to
start just making me feel better,
because it's such a drag to try to prepare healthy food when you are sick and
tired and in pain all the time... I just want to be happy and healthy and feel like
myself again... I also really hope that raising my PH balance reduces my allergy
symptoms because right now almost all fruits and veggies make my
mouth and
throat itchy or give me hives... It's no fun eating my fave healthy foods when
all of a sudden I have miserable reactions to them...
Good luck to all of you
who have decided to alkalize your bodies!!![1/3/2015 12:38:26 PM]

The Truth About Alkalizing Your Blood

» reply

Submitted by Anonymous
please try to alkaline your body Baking soda
and honey hot water helps the
quickest and will help flush out acid and
put your body back to an alkaline

» reply

Your muscle problems are

Submitted by Anonymous
Your muscle problems are probably due to magnesium depletion from all the
antibiotics, especially if you were taking Cipro, Levaquin, or another
antibiotic in the fluoroquinalone family. The FQ antibiotics literally chelate
(tie up and remove) magnesium from your body. Magnesium is one of the
most important minerals in the body and is known as the relaxation mineral
since it allows muscles to relax. Get your magnesium levels back to normal
by using magnesium oil (magnesium chloride brine). You'll feel a rapid

improvement in your muscle problems. I am speaking from personal


» reply

Submitted by Lili
What u described is me the cant catch your breath check your self out . I
discovered my sarcoidosis like that not catching breaths 28 years old here i feel
like sixty in bad shape and just getting blowed everyday more this article was

» reply

Submitted by K2 advocate
Regarding sarcoidosis. There is a bacteria often associated with sarcoidosis-
Chlamydophila pneumoniae. When you get
enough vitamin D3 (from the sun
or supplementation) your body creates 'cathelicidins'. These kill
Chlamydophila pneumoniae......So it might be
that too low vitamin D is
causing sarcoidosis. See pg 210 in "Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox" by
Dr Kate Rheaume-Bleue, ND. Great book.....she talks about the bacteria and
cathelicidins. I then looked up sarcoidosis on the internet and found that the
bacteria is associated
with it. The book also talks about vitamin D and
vitamin A--both involved with vitamin K2.

» reply


Submitted by Anonymous
Hello,[1/3/2015 12:38:26 PM]

The Truth About Alkalizing Your Blood

I found your article to be most enlightening. Strange as it sounds I am allergic to
the foods listed above that have the alkaline forming effect. I realize that this is not
a comprehensive list, however I also notice that they are all plant based. I
supplement heavily, eat lean meat,

and whole wheat in an attempt to maintain my health and weight. I would

appreciate any other input to help me maintain my health. I was not always allergic
to fruit,vegetables, and nuts, this happened to me after
having kids.

Thank you in advance

» reply

Have you looked into doing a

Submitted by Rachael
Have you looked into doing a Candida cleanse? I know that an imbalance in
intestinal flora or overgrowth of yeast can cause food allergies.

» reply

Alkalizing your body

Submitted by Jake
Thank you for your insightful explanation. This was exactly the info I was looking

» reply

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