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Syntax Description

dsmr-smpp-dest (Optional) Enables the ciscoItpDsmrSmppSessionState notification from

dsmr-table-load (Optional) Enables the ciscoItpDsmrTableLoad notification from the
dsmr-ucp-dest (Optional) Enables the ciscoItpDsmrUCPSessionState notification from the
gtt-map-state (Optional) Enables the gateway GTT map-state trap
(ciscoGsccpGttMapStateChange) in
Deprecated and replaced by gw-map-state.
gw-dest-state (Optional) Enables the gateway destination state change trap
(ciscoGrtDestStateChange) in
gw-gtt-errors (Optional) Enables the gateway GTT Errors trap in This notification is generated whenever any
global title error is encountered in the last interval specified by the
cgsccpGttErrorPeriod or when the cgsccpInstErrorIndicator is set to false.
gw-gtt-load (Optional) Enables the gateway GTT load table trap
(ciscoGsccpGttLoadTable) in
gw-isolation (Optional) Enables the gatway isolation trap (ciscoGspIsolation) in
gw-link-congestion (Optional) Enables the gateway link-congestion trap
(ciscoGspCongestionChange) in
gw-link-state (Optional) Enables the gateway link-state trap (ciscoGspLinkStateChange)
gw-link-utilization (Optional) Enable gateway link-utilization traps
(ciscoGspLinkRcvdUtilChange, ciscoGspLinkSentUtilChange) in
gw-linkset-state (Optional) Enables the gateway linkset-state trap
(ciscoGspLinksetStateChange) in
gw-map-state (Optional) Enables gateway Mated Appl (MAP) state trap.

gw-route-load (Optional) Enables the gateway route table load trap

(ciscoGrtRouteTableLoad) in
gw-route-mgmt-state (Optional) Enables the gateway route management state change trap
(ciscoGrtMgmtStateChange) in
mlr-table-load (Optional) Enables the MLRtable load trap in
This notification is generated whenever a load operation is started or
completed. Route table configurations can be loaded by CLI requests. In
addition, route tables can be loaded using configuration statements. This
allows MLR tables to be reloaded whenever a device restarts.
monitor-congestion (Optional) Enables the ciscoItpMonitorCongestion notification in
monitor-state (Optional) Enables the monitor-state trap in Notification is generated when a
connection changes states. The value of cItpmConnMonitorState indicates
new state.
route-state (Optional) Enables the route-state trap (cItpRouteStateChange) in
Deprecated and replaced by gw-route-mgmt-state.
xua-state (Optional) Enables the following traps in
ciscoItpXuaAspStateChange - ASP state change
ciscoItpXuaSgmStateChange - Mated SG state change
ciscoItpXuaAsStateChange - AS State change
ciscoItpXuaAspCongChange - ASP Congestion state change
ciscoItpXuaSgmCongChange - Mated SG congestion state change