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SuccessFactors is a cloud-based human resources information system (HRIS) system from SAP.

In September 2009, SuccessFactors introduced the BizX Suite. The suite, which uses the software as a
service (SaaS) business model, targets enterprise-class and small and medium-sized businesses.
According to SuccessFactors, the BixX Suite promotes cross-organization standardization of strategy by
using a set of goal-creation, tracking and educational tools; then, it optimizes employee performance
with talent management solutions; and finally, it accelerates business function with insight tools.
The San Mateo, Calif.-based company was founded in 2011 by Lars Dalgaard and went public on
the NASDAQ Global Market in 2007 under the stock symbol SFSF. The company's reach spans over 3,000
customers that have 15 million users, are part of 60 industries, and are located in 185 countries. In
addition to BizX and industry solutions, SuccessFactors offers professional, educational and support
Improve results with better business execution.
A gap exists between strategy and performance. Most strategies deliver only 63 percent of their
potential financial value.1 The obstacles that limit strategy occur at the point where people execute it —
inadequate performance monitoring, poor communication and collaboration, actions that are not
clearly defined, and blurred accountability.
To close the execution gap, people across your organization need the systems, processes, and tools that
can improve business execution and get results. SuccessFactors is a cloud-based business solution
designed specifically to meet that need in enterprise-class organizations andsmall and midsize
The first step in closing the execution gap is to align your people with your strategy across the entire
organization. We subdivide your strategy into a series of goals, cascade those goals to every employee in
the company, and then track progress against those goals. That’s the way we track how each person’s
work supports the strategy. The result is focus, visibility, and accountability. It’s easier to prepare for the
The next step is to optimize performance throughout the employee life cycle. You can find the right
people and get them into the right roles. You can help them gain the knowledge and skillsneeded to
succeed, and then reward them as you develop them into future leaders. Our tightly integrated talent
management solutions support a full set of mobile devices and functions across the suite.
Finally, you can accelerate your business with insights provided by the SuccessFactors Workforce
Analytics and SAP Jam solutions. You’ve never before seen these kinds of insights without help from
your IT team and plenty of internal resources.
That’s the power of better business execution, and that’s what we do.

SuccessFactors knows the cloud
Although everyone seems to be talking about cloud computing solutions for business, we’ve been in the
cloud from the beginning. What’s more, human capital management is one of the fastest-growing
market segments for cloud-based business solutions. But why is the cloud such a big deal?

Easier integration: In the cloud, it’s easier to integrate your other partners and support services with
our solutions, especially with our extensive network of partners. Part of this ease comes
from SuccessCloud, a key extension of SuccessFactors technology so third-party applications can
connect and integrate with our cloud platform.
Faster deployment: Cloud deployments are generally faster, as our software is designed to be
configured rather than customized. That means faster time to value. Plus, it’s easy to use and
requires much less training.

Regular updates: We deliver continual innovation with four releases a year and automatic upgrades
— you can opt in to the latest functionality or leave it off until you’re ready to use it.

Security: From data centers around the world with 24-hour staffed security to extensive application
security and data encryption measures, we protect data by using more measures than any of our
customers could ever adopt. Also, we operate under SSAE 16 SOC 2 certified controls, the secondgeneration data center audit standard that evaluates the design and operational efficiency of our
data centers against rigorous international standards.
Unique multi-tenant architecture: SuccessFactors has a hybrid, multi-tenant architecture so we can
provide easier and faster initial customer deployments.
Freedom from nonstrategic IT issues: Running in the cloud means that there’s no hardware to buy or

Easily integrate partners: Third-party applications can connect and integrate with our cloud platform
through SuccessCloud, giving our customers a single view of what’s most important to them.

Improved scalability: No matter how many employees you have or where they are located, our
solutions are available to you anytime, anywhere.

Lower, more predictable costs: Pay as you go instead of paying for everything up front.