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January Blues

Christmas is over and done.

The past belongs to the dead.
A bright new age has begun.
Fresh plans evolve in my head.
Do what the hell I may choose
Then... damn! January blues.
The wind blows chill off the sea.
So what? For the year is mine.
Mud in the pool on the lea...
gold in the dream down the line.
Solace is found in the muse.
Then... damn! January blues.
News is all chaos and hell;
buffeting gale in the streets,
winter is casting a spell,
rain covers the town in sheets.
But hey, Ill go on a cruise.
Then... damn! January blues.
Next year, things could be better;
future is bright, so they say.
Plan, then play by the letter.
Like wise men, live for the day.
Positive folk never lose.
Then... damn! January blues.
Charlie Gregory - January