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We have all been told that Christmas is to celebrate Jesus Christs birthday.

We have
found that this is false. We all believe that Jesus was born on December 25th C.E. but in the New
Testament, they give no actual date of his birth. Christmas began to be celebrated as a holiday of
Saturnalia on December 25th because of the Roman Pagan. It all began with a week-long
celebration, starting on December 17th. During this week, the courts were closed and no one
could get in trouble for damaging property or injuring another person. This festival began when
the Roman authorities chose someone who did not like the Roman people. This person would
represent the Lord of Misrule as they called it and this would happen in each Roman
community. They would then make this person nourish themselves with food and other physical
enjoyment during the whole week. Once the festivities were over on December 25th, the
authorities led themselves to believe they were destroying the forces of darkness by murdering
this person who did nothing very harshly. Christianity took away this festival from the Romans
hoping that they would get rid of the pagan masses in the 4th century C.E. The Christians
succeeded in helping these people believe in Christianity by promising they could still celebrate
their holiday, but only as Christians. This is where the Christians told the Saturnalia that the
concluding day of their celebration was Jesuss birthday, which then came about as Christmas.
We also have many symbols that go along with celebrating Christmas. First, the
Christmas tree that started with the Pagans. They worshipped the trees in their forests and often
brought them into their homes to decorate them. This was adopted by the church to be made out
to be a Christian appearance. When Saint Nicholas was born in 280 AD, he soon became the gift
giver of Myra. He would deliver gifts late at night, but wouldnt be identified so he became a
secret. He liked to travel all over by helping people and giving those presents and money. He did
not want to let anyone know who he was, so all of the children were told to go to sleep or he

would not come. Today, the children who believe in Santa Clause still have to go to bed early on
Christmas Eve or he would not come to bring gifts. This also brought about the origin of the
giving of presents on Christmas.
Today, we now celebrate once a year on December 25th, Christmas Day. We spend the
day with family and friends eating homemade dinners and opening presents around the
Christmas tree to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Just remember though, this holiday never
started from the religion of Christianity which is what we were led to believe!