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A Systematic Approach to Health

Freudenberg technology for better medical services in India

India, January, 07 2015: Noise, air and water pollution - India faces a large number of
factors that are detrimental to health. The good news is that more and more people
can afford high-quality medical services as the middle classes in India are growing.
Private investors are forging ahead with the expansion and modernization of the
health system. A large number of private clinics and highly-qualified physicians are
working to the highest international standards. As a result, demand for medical
technology is growing. The internationally active Freudenberg Group offers a wide
range of products for this sector from precision moldings and tubes for implants
and catheters from the Helix Medical Business Group via nonwovens for stoma bags
and lung sensor belts to filter systems that ensure sterile clean room air quality in
operating theatres.
Analysts from Frost and Sullivan expect the Indian medical technology market to grow
dramatically from the current figure of about US$4.1 billion to around US$9.5 billion by
2017. Key factors in this development are the size of the population, catch-up effects,
growing incomes, increased incidence of lifestyle diseases and a growing number of old
people. By 2025, more than 200 million people in India will be over 60. In addition, there
has been a rise in medical tourism both Indians living abroad and patients from
industrialized nations who cannot afford treatment in their home country are coming to India
for treatment.
Very high precision in a very small space
The Indian health system especially needs diagnostic and monitoring equipment such as
ultrasound and x-ray units, implants, catheters and consumables. According to estimates of
the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, about 80% of the equipment and material
required is imported. Freudenbergs Helix Medical Business Group supplies silicone
precision tubes to India. For example, these are required for cataract operations.
Microscopically small moldings are needed both for inserting the artificial lens and for
flushing and removing secretions. In order to meet the highest possible hygiene standards,

Helix products are manufactured in clean rooms and sterilized in accordance with customer
Clean room filters from Pune
The filter systems required are supplied in India by Freudenberg Filtration Technologies. At
its plant in Pune, the company produces multi-stage air filter systems which provide
protection not only against dust particles but also against bacteria and viruses. The
principle is simple and effective. Filter stages that are adapted to each other remove
particles ranging from coarse to very fine. In a final stage, suspended material filters, highly
efficient in arresting fine particles, and made from fiber-glass paper, are used. An important
use case for these filter systems are hospitals. Freudenberg filters play a valuable role in
preventing wound infections in operating theaters and in keeping instruments germ-free.
Highly-efficient filters are also used in isolation rooms to reduce the risk of infection.
Giving the patient a good feeling
Since 2014, an Indian company has purchased a nonwoven material from Freudenberg for
use as a coating for stoma bags needed by patients with colostomies and urinary stomas
(artificial openings). The material is very soft, is gentle to the skin and can be worn directly
on the patients body. In addition, the nonwoven is completely silent in its application, which
means that people can wear their stoma bags largely unnoticed.
Medical technology has played a special role within the Freudenberg Group since 1957.
Innovations such as biodegradable wound dressings, systems for the real-time monitoring
of lung function and micro-implants make life easier for patients and physicians throughout
the world.
About the Freudenberg Group:
The Freudenberg Group is a family company offering its customers technically challenging product
solutions and services. The Group develops and manufactures seals, vibration control components,
filters, nonwovens, products for surface treatment, release agents and specialty lubricants, medical
and mechatronic products. Especially for mid-size companies Freudenberg develops software
solutions and IT services. The end-user can find modern mechanical household cleaning products
from Freudenberg in the shops under the brand names of vileda, O-Cedar, Wettex, Gala and
SWASH. The Freudenberg Group employed about 40,000 people in about 60 countries and
generated sales of more than 6.6 billion in 2013 (including pro-rata consolidation of our 50:50 joint
ventures). For further information, please go to
Media enquiry: Chidananda BA, PRHUB, Sr. Account Executive, 08970935708