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Baja SAE Design Spec Sheet


Competitors please replace the sample specification values in the table below with those appropriate for your vehicle
and submit this as described in the rules. This information will be reviewed by the design judges and will be referred to
during the design event.
--Please do not modify the format of this sheet. Common formatting will help keep the judges happy!
--The sample values are fictional and should not be used as the baseline for your designs. Please DO NOT make up

Car No.



University of Baja SAE

Overall Length, Width, Height
Track Width
Curb Weight (full of fluids)
Weight Bias with 150 lb driver seated
Weight with 150 lb driver seated

95" (2413 mm) long, 62" (1575 mm) wide, 65"(1651 mm) high
70" (1778 mm)
55" (1397 mm)
50" (1270 mm)
436 lbs (198 kg)
312 lbs (142 kg)
274 lbs (125 kg)

Suspension Parameters
Suspension Type

Dual unequal length A-Arm, Fox Podium
X Coil over shocks, Adj. Roll bar.

Dual unequal length A-Arm, Fox Podium
X Coil over shocks

Tire Size and Type

Wheels (width, construction)
Center of Gravity Design Height
Vertical Wheel Travel (over the travel)

23x8-10 ITP Mudlite

23x8-10 ITP Mudlite
6" wide, Forged Al, 4/2 offset
7" wide, Forged Al, 4/3 offset
25" (635 mm) above ground (confirmed with testing (tip method))
6" (152 mm) jounce/ 4" (102 mm)
7" (178 mm) jounce/ 5"(127 mm) rebound
Recessional Wheel travel (over the travel) 2" (50.8mm)
0" (0mm)
Total track change (over the travel)
3.5" (88.9mm)
4" (101.6mm)
Wheel rate (chassis to wheel center)
25 lbs/in (4.8 N/mm)
43.2 lbs/in (7.6 N/mm)
Spring Rate
100 lbs/in (17.5 N/mm)
120 lbs/in (21 N/mm)
Motion ratio / type
0.5 / linear
0.6 average 0.4-0.7 actual progressive
Roll rate (chassis to wheel center)
4.14 degrees per g
Sprung mass natural frequency
1.2 Hz
1.5 Hz
Type of Jounce Damping
High and low speed adjustable
High and low speed adjustable
Type of Rebound Damping
Low Speed adjustable
Roll Camber (deg / deg)
2.62 deg / deg
2.62 deg /deg
Static Toe
-0.2 deg toe (toe out)
0.3 deg toe in
Toe change (over the travel)
1 deg
0 deg
Static camber and adjustment method
-1.5 deg, adj. via outboard rod end on A- -0.5 deg, adj. via inboard rod ends
Camber Change (over the travel)
6 degrees
4 degrees
Static Caster Angle
9 degrees, adjustable
0 degrees, non-adjustable
Caster Change (over the travel)
6 degrees
0 degrees
Kinematic Trail
2" (50.8mm)
Static Kingpin Inclination Angle
10 degrees non-adjustable
No Kingpin
Static Kingpin Offset
2" (50.8mm)
No Kingpin
Static Scrub Radius
-1" (-25.4mm)
No Kingpin
Static Percent Ackermann
Percent Anti dive / Anti Squat
40% Anti dive
30% Anti Squat
Static Roll Center Position
12" (305mm) above ground
13" (330mm) above ground
Number of steering wheel turns lock to lock 3
Outside Turn Radius

15' (4.57 m) to right

Brake System / Hub & Axle


Outboard, Fixed, 1018 Steel, 7"(178mm) Inboard, Single Brake, Fixed, 7"(178mm)
dia. X .125" (3.2mm)
dia. X .125" (3.2mm)
2 Polaris 3/4" bore master cylinders with adjustable bias bar

Master Cylinder(s)
256551834.xls.ms_office V1

16'(4.88 m) to the left

Hub Bearings
Upright Assembly
Axle type, size, and material

Willwood, Single Piston, 2" (50.8mm)

dia., Floating
Tapered roller bearings. Separate spring
loaded rubber lip seal
CNC 7075-Al, integral caliper mount
Fixed spindle, 1" (25.4mm) dia, 4130
steel normalized

Student Built, Dual Piston, 1" (25.4 mm)

dia., Floating
Single 5205 dbl row ang contact bearing
with integral seal
Weldment, 4130 sheet, heat treated, shot
Rotating axle, 1" (25.4mm), 4340 steel,
RC 40

CVT, Comet drive, student built 6061-T6 AL roller driven
Final Drive Type
Student built 2 speed gearbox 7075-T6 AL
Final Drive Ratio
Differential Type
Torsen LSD
Theoretical Top Speed (Power limited, Ratio 40
mph, 42 mph
1st gear ratio (Or Starting CVT Ratio)
2nd gear ratio
3rd gear ratio
4th gear ratio
5th gear ratio
6th gear ratio (Or Final CVT Ratio)
Half shaft size and material
30mm OD solid 8620 steel case hardened to Rc 60 1.3mm deep, Rc 28 core
Joint type
GKN 6 ball, 72mm
Maximum tractive effort
600 lbs
Acceleration time 100 / 150
3.5 seconds / 4.5 seconds
Maximum grade capability
30% grade
Predicted max axle torque
800 lbs-ft (1085 N-m)
Peak driveline torque threshold, what component 1000
fails lbs-ft (1356 N-m), Half shaft fails
Driver Size Adjustments
Seat (materials, padding)

Fixed seat and steering wheel. Pedals adjust fore and aft 3" (76.2 mm) from center
Carbon Fiber, 1" (25.4mm) thick PP seat foam , 2" (50.4mm) thick PP foam head
Dash mounted fuel gauge, 5 LED tach

Frame Construction and Material
Joining method and material
Targets (Torsional Stiffness or other)
Torsional stiffness and validation method
Bare frame weight with brackets and paint

4130 Tubular space frame with 1020 steel brackets and tabs
GTAW ER70-S2 filler
2000 lbs-ft/deg (2712 N-m/deg)
2100 lbs-ft/deg (2847 N-m/deg) CAE beam model, 1800 lbs-ft/deg (2440 N-m/deg)
55 lbs (25kg)

Optional Information
Body Work?
Special Bit A?
Special Bit B?

256551834.xls.ms_office V1

Vac-formed plastic body

LCD driver number display