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1. When someone ., they cry in a noisy way, breathing in short breaths.

She began to .again, burying her face in the pillow.
Her sister broke down, .into her handkerchief.
VERB V with quote
If you .something, you say it while you are crying.
`Everything's my fault,' she ...
A .is one of the noises that you make when you are crying.
2.If you, you make a low sound, usually because you are unhappy or in
Tony .in his sleep and then turned over on his side.
My head, my head,' he .. `I can't see.'
= groan
N-COUNT also a noun.
Suddenly she gave a low, choking ..and began to tremble violently.
VERB V, V prep/adv, V with quote, V that disapproval
To means to complain or speak in a way which shows that you are very unhappy.
I used to if I didn't get at least six hours' sleep at night.
about the weather.
Meg .: `I hated it!'.
The gardener was ..that he had another garden to do later that morning.
A.. is a complaint. (INFORMAL)
They have been listening to people's gripes, ..and praise.
PHRASE V inflects
If you have a, you complain about something. (INFORMAL)
You can go see him and have a good old.
N-COUNT usu with supp
A is a low noise. (LITERARY)
the occasional .of the wind round the corners of the house.
3. If you speak very quietly so that you cannot easily be heard, often
because you are complaining about something.
`God knows what's happening in that madman's mind,' she ...
She can hear the old woman about consideration.
He sat there shaking his head, .to himself...
She was staring into the fire..

is also a noun.
They make no more than a .of protest.
He heard .from the front of the crowd.
4. When someone .., they make a noise because air from their stomach has been
forced up through their throat.
Charlie ..loudly.
= belch
.is also a noun.
There followed a barely audible .
5. If something , it makes a low continuous noise.
The birds sang, the bees .
There was a low sound in the sky.
N-SING oft the N of n also a noun.
the of traffic...
When you ..a tune, you sing it with your lips closed.
She was ..a merry little tune.
He .to himself as he opened the trunk.
VERB V, V with n
If you say that a place, you mean that it is full of activity.
The place is really beginning to ..
On Saturday morning, the town ..with activity and life.
.is sometimes used to represent the sound people make when they are not sure what
to say.
., I am sorry but I thought you were French.
6. VERB V, V n, V with quote
If you.., you speak very quietly and not at all clearly with the result that the words
are difficult to understand.
Her grandmother .in her sleep.
He ..a few words.
`Today of all days,' she..
is also a noun.
He could hear the low ..of Navarro's voice.

7. If you, you speak with difficulty, hesitating and repeating words or sounds.
Five per cent of children.. at some point.
`Forgive me,' I
People cursed and ..apologies.
Someone who has a ..tends to stammer when they speak.
A speech-therapist cured his .
8. N-COUNT usu sing
If someone has a , they find it difficult to say the first sound of a word, and so
they often hesitate or repeat it two or three times.
He spoke with a pronounced ...
= stammer
If someone ., they have difficulty speaking because they find it hard to say the first
sound of a word.
I was trembling so hard, I thought I would when I spoke.
= stammer
He had to stop talking because if he'd kept on, the .would have started.
VERB V prep/adv, V prep/adv
If something.. along, it progresses slowly and unevenly.
The old truck .along the winding road.
The political debate .on.
9. VERB V, V n, V for n, V-ing
When people.., they shout loudly to show their approval or to encourage someone who
is doing something such as taking part in a game.
The crowd Premier Wayne Goss unveiled a lifesize statue of poet Banjo
Swiss fans ..Jakob Hlasek during yesterday's match with Courier.
the Irish Americans who came to the park to for their boys.
.crowds lined the route.
boo, jeer
N-COUNT also a noun.
The colonel was rewarded with a resounding ..from the men.
VERB be V-ed, V n
If you are by something, it makes you happier or less worried.
Stephen noticed that the people around him looked .by his presence.
The weather was perfect for a picnic, he told himself, but the thought did nothing to
= hearten sadden
very .news.

= heartening disheartening
People sometimes say `..' to each other just before they drink an alcoholic drink.
(mainly BRIT)
Some people say `.' as a way of saying `thank you' or `goodbye'. (BRIT
10.To ..means to make a sound like a long `s'.
The tires of Lenny's bike ..over the wet pavement as he slowed down.
My cat ..when I stepped on its tail.
Caporelli made a small .sound of irritation.
.is also a noun.
the of water running into the burnt pan.
a silence broken only by a steady from above my head.
VERB V with quote, V at/to n with quote
If you ..something, you say it forcefully in a whisper.
`Now, quiet,' my mother ..
`Stay here,' I her.
VERB V, V at n, also V n
If people someone such as a performer or a person making a speech, they
express their disapproval or dislike of that person by making long loud `s' sounds.
One had to listen hard to catch the words of the President's speech as the delegates
booed and ..
Some local residents whistled and at them as they entered.
N-COUNT usu pl
.is also a noun.
After a moment the barracking began. First came, then shouts
= hissing.
11.If you, you make a long, low sound because you are in pain, or because
you are upset or unhappy about something.
Slowly, he opened his eyes. As he did so, he began to ..with pain.
They glanced at the man on the floor, who began to ..
She was making small ..noises.
= moan
.is also a noun.
She heard him let out a pitiful, muffled
As his ball flew wide, there was a collective ..from the stands.

= moan
VERB V with quote
If you ..something, you say it in a low, unhappy voice.
`My legI think it's broken,' Eric ..
VERB V about n
If you ..about something, you complain about it.
His parents were beginning to ..about the price of college tuition.
N-COUNT also a noun.
Listen sympathetically to your child's moans and .about what she
can't do.
If wood or something made of wood., it makes a loud sound when it moves.
The timbers ..and creak and the floorboards shift.
VERB V under/with n, V-ing emphasis
If you say that something such as a table .under the weight of food, you are
emphasizing that there is a lot of food on it.
The bar counter ..under the weight of huge plates of the freshest fish.
a table ..with food.
VERB usu cont, V under n disapproval.
If you say that someone or something is ..under the weight of something,
you think there is too much of that thing.
Consumers were under the weight of high interest rates.