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SAP Solution Manager Overview (Introduction)

Role of SAP Solution Manager, in Application Life Cycle Management.

SAP Solution Manager enables the central access to all required functions and central availability of all
required information for Application Lifecycle Management

Application Management is a comprehensive support approach in the application

environment that spans the entire lifecycle if IT solutions from concept to phase-out.
Following the six phases of IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) application management, the
lifecycle consist of six phases:

Requirements: Collect requirements for new applications or for adapting existing applications

Design: Convert requirements into detailed specifications

Build and Test: Configure the application and create an operating model according to

Deploy: Transfer changes and the operating model into the existing live IT landscape

Operate: Provide IT services for ongoing operations

Optimize: Analyze service-level fulfilment and perform any activities required to improve results

Different Functionalities in SAP Solution Manager.

Landscape Overview

SAP Solution Manager serves as central system for the administration of solution landscapes. It consists
among others of Knowledge Workbench (KW) functions (used, for example, for the documentation of
processes), Change Request Management functions (used, for example, in Change Request Management
change documents) and a Business Process Repository (BPR), which is a central repository for
components of SAP Solution Manager Solutions.

SAP Solution Manager uses information about the system landscape. This information can be obtained
from a System Landscape Directory (SLD). In addition, SAP Solution Manager uses RFC destinations to
access information (for example, monitoring data) directly from the managed systems.
Note: The managed systems register to an SLD with help of transaction RZ70 (AS ABAP) or Visual
Administrator (AS Java). The system information then is send from the managed systems to the SLD
periodically so that SLD always gets the latest information.

Installable Software Units.

SAP Solution Manager Architecture

Sap Solution Manager Components:

Is a dual stack system (ABAP & J2EE)
Includes SAP Business Warehouse
Includes CRM 7.0
Includes a license for CA Wily Introscope
Uses SLD & LMDB for landscape data maintenance

Possible sizing options

Installation of SAP BW on separate host
Installation of Wily Introscope Enterprise Manager on separate host
Sizing of Wily Introscope with Manager of Manager Concept

Componenets in Managed System.

Managed System

Can be any kind of SAP / non-SAP system

Can include a local SLD (e.g. Process Integration)

Depending on system type (ABAP/Java/) different agents and plugins are needed.

Agents & Plugins

One Diagnostics Agent per virtual host

Agent applications are managed centrally from Sap Solution Manager system

One SAP Host Agent per physical host

For ABAP systems the plugins need to be installed, depending on the managed
system product (ST-PI and ST-A/PI)

For J2EE / Java and .Net systems, the CA Wily Introscope Byte Code Agent needs
to be deployed (can be done from SAP Solution Manager)