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Jupiter`s Transit Details- Table1

Jupiter`s entry into Gemini into

Mrgashira Star
Enters Ardra Star
Enters Punarvasu
Enters Cancer
Jupiter will be combust from 6th June
2013 to 2nd July 2013
Jupiter gets retrograde on 07.11.2013
while in Punarvasu, moves into Ardra
and resumes direct motion while in
Ardra ( Pada-3) on 06.03.2014. In all, it
is retrograde for 119 days.

The most important factor that influences Gochara is the annual movement of the
Jupiter.Why Jupiters movement is particularly significant is because it is the
only planet which not only can influence an individual chart in Gochara for
good or for bad in a significant way but also has benign power to neutralize
the evil effects of a malefic in transit. To understand the full impact of Jupiters
transit into Gemini, we need to understand a host of factors which prevail at this
point of time and understand its true implications.
Let us commence our discussion by having a look at Table 2, which gives us a
bird`s eye-view of Gochara effects.

Table 2
Janma Rasi


Moon, Venus
Mercury, Jupiter, Venus
Sun, Moon, Mars, Saturn, Rahu,
Mercury, Venus
Jupiter, Venus
Sun. Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu,
Moon, Mercury
Moon, Jupiter
Mercury, Venus
Venus, Jupiter
Sun, Moon, Mercury, Rahu, Ketu
All Planets

Sun, Saturn and Mars are beneficial in 3,6 and 11. This is true of Rahu and Ketu
but in addition nodes give favourable results in the 10th. Ironically all planets
(barring Moon and Venus) yield bad results in Janma Rasi, while all planets
(barring Jupiter and Venus) yield favourable results in the 6th. The 4th house is
a quadrant house where all natural benefics (barring Jupiter) yield good results. All
benefics (barring Mercury) yield good results in the 5th.
Coming to Jupiter`s transit of Gemini, applying these rules we infer good results
will accrue to Taurus, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius Rasis, as Jupiter is
supposed to do good in 2,5, 7,9 and 11. Transit rules in Astrology have been oversimplified by present day authors. Issuing predictions merely based on transit is
not the correct way to understand and interpret astrology. Planetary transits
are very complex by their very nature. Imagine a chessboard with pieces on either
side. Unless you know the chess game well, you cannot say who will win. A
novice in Chess will commence the game by moving the pawn in the front of the
King and so does Bobby Fisher. But the novice does not know, how a game will
develop, but Bobby Fisher while making the first move, knows all the
permutations and combinations of the next 46 moves.

Likewise please do not merely look at Jupiter in Gemini and draw inferences. You
have Rahu and Saturn in Libra. How are you going to interpret these in movements
simultaneously? Take Scorpio Rasi for instance; a novice will say Jupiter in 8 is
bad. I would say Jupiter in 8 is good because it blunts the evil effects of two
malefics in 12 and puts a temporary ceasefire on Sade- sathi.
Please understand this: Astrology is not simple arithmetic- it is something much
more than that. I can sum up this article by saying Jupiter is good in 2,5,7,9,11 and
repeat what textbooks say but I don`t wish to do that. Jupiter`s movement into
Gemini is just one of the factors influencing your destiny at this point in time.
Gochara can either augment the good results flowing out of the scheme of
Dasha-Bukti in tandem with Ashtakavarga system of prediction or throw a
spanner in the works by delaying the onset of expected benefits.


For readers who are not familiar with this term, I will explain it briefly.
Step1: Write down your Janma Rasi on a piece of paper(A)
Step 2: On the day of Jupiter`s transit, Moon will be in Aquarius. Consider the sign
Step3: Assess where the sign Aquarius (B) is from your Janma Rasi(A).(If Janma
Rasi is say,Libra, then Aquarius will be the 5th from your Janma Rasi.)
Step 4: Determine the placement for all the Twelve basis in the above manner and
fix the Moorthy Nirnaya based on Table 3.

Table 3

Swarna (Gold)
Loha (Iron)



Very Good

In the example , discussed above, for Libra Rasi, Jupiter will be Rajata Moorthy.
According to Moorthy Nirnaya method, Swarna Moorthy will give excellent
results while Loha Moorthy will be average. If you consider this factor along with
the textbook rule which says 2,5,7,9,11 are auspicious transit houses we find that
for some Rasis, the good promised by the textbooks could be whittled down by the
Moorthy rule, while the evil predicted for inauspicious transit houses could be
mitigated in some cases.

Vedha Houses: Vedha is a point of obstruction. If Jupiter is in 2, the benefic

effects are nullified by a planet in 12. Take Taurus Rasi for instance:- when a
planet is in Aries, the good effects of Jupiter in Gemini in 2nd, stands nullified.
(Refer Table 4).
Table 4
Vedha Table of Jupiter





Vipareetha Veda: There is a saying in arithmetic Minus into minus equals

Plus. By invoking the dictum called Vipareetha Vedha, the evil results of

Jupiter stand nullified. Take Gemini Rasi for instance; Jupiter in Janma Rasi is
bad. If some other planet comes to Gemini, the evil results are temporarily
suspended(Refer Table 5).
Table 5
Viparatha Vedha Table of Jupiter







Effects of Sthanabala: Jupiter`s effects will be modified by its Sthanabala;while

in Gemini , it is weak, being in the house of Mercury, who is an enemy of Jupiter.
If I don`t like someone, he or she is my enemy. But planets do not have such likes
or dislikes. Planetary enmity is based on their intrinsic qualities as well as how
their houses relate to each other in the Zodiac. Jupiter stands for intuition and
spiritual wisdom. Mercury stands for intelligence and worldly knowledge. A good
Jupiter will make you a saint, while a good Mercury will make you a Software
Engineer. Enmity arises out of contrary qualities. Exaltation, Debilitation,
Friendly houses, Inimical houses and own house are some of the features of
Sthanabala and planetary effects are suitably modified by the presence of these

One grey area in Astrology is Navamsa. It is the golden key to successful
predictions but seldom given importance. How Jupiter is placed in Navamsa is
to be assessed. All that we discussed just now for Sthanabala for Rasi applies to
Navamsa also. Please note that when Jupiter comes to Gemini in Navamsa in the
fag end of his transit, it will become very strong due to vargottama; it becomes
weak in Rasi Sandhi when it is close to the junction point. Please note that

Vargottama gives strength while Rasi Sandhi makes a planet weak. Care is
required in interpretation both in transit as well as in natal charts. It is the view
of some scholars that the Navamsa chart gives the astrological roadmap of
the soul in an eternal sense whereas the Rasi chart gives the souls present
condition with reference to the present life alone.

Readers of EST are quite familiar with this topic for which I don`t need to give any
specific reason- you have been reading Student`s Section for the past 3 years.
Assess Jupiter`s strength in Bhimanashtakavarga (BAV) as well as
Sarvashtakavarga (SAV) to know the effects (Refer Table 6)

Table 6
Less than 25
Above 39


Very Good

Constellation effects
Which Constellation Jupiter travels from your birth star will determine how good
the transit would be for you. (Refer Table 7)
Table 7
Parama Maitra



For instance let us say, Jupiter is in Punarvasu. Your birth star is Ardra or Swati or
Sadabhishek, which would be 2,11 or 20th from your birth star. Jupiter would be in
Sampat Tara and therefore yield good results.

Residual Factors:
1. Take Aqurius Lagna for instance, Lagna Lord is Saturn and wealth Lord (2nd
Lord) is Jupiter. In transit, when Jupiter is in Gemini, it will form a trine
with Saturn in Libra and therefore a powerful wealth combination is given
rise to. While we are on the subject of transits, the chief reckoning point
is Natal Moon or Janma Rasi. The Ascendant is generally ignored.
Bhavas tend to fructify when a common meeting ground is established
between the Lagna Lord and Bhava Lord.

2. According to Mantreswara, When the sub-period of a planet is in

operation, then during the course of its transit over its depression,
inimical houses or combustion periods, it will yield inauspicious
results. (vide Phala Deepika, XX /37). This rule will apply to those who
are in Jupiter sub-period according to their individual horoscopes.
3. A consolidated picture would emerge only after all factors discussed above
are taken into consideration. Needless to say, there is no rule- of thumb
to come to hasty conclusions based on transits of planets.

4. An individual is influenced by the Dasa and Bhukthi which are in operation

which yield results of a definitive nature (Drdaphala). Gochara results are
usually indeterminate (Adrdaphala). For instance if a person is destined to
experience Raja Yoga, the results manifest only when the Raja Yogakara
operates at the Dasha Level. When Gochara is supportive, results are sure to
be experienced.


Jupiter as Swarna Moorthy is bound to yield excellent results. Jupiter
aspects the Kama trines viz; 3,5 and 11. Your Midas touch would come to
the forefront.Recommended book for Study:Conversations with God
by Neale Donald Walsch.
The Kama trines (3,7 & 11) are activated. This means your desires,
ambitions and hopes are going to be fulfilled. Harmony in marital
relationships is expected Luck and Divine Grace is showered upon you.
Birth of a child is indicated. Friends and social networks go up. You spend
more time on E-Mails and Facebook than on your regular work. Weekend
outings become more frequent. Overseas holiday is indicated.
Finance & Career
Inflow of money is indicated. You gain through multiple sources. Gains
through speculation are indicated. In spite of money being spent on pleasureseeking activities, you still end up with decent money in the wallet. A good
year for finance and wealth in an overall sense.
You enjoy robust health and you are in the best of spirits. Excessive
indulgences could get you into health complications. Keep your temper
under control. Avoid too much of pickles or fast foods. Prefer to eat at home
than at Hotels.
This is a good time for both working women and homemakers. An ideal
time to get married or beget children. Those who are having an affair are
advised to take parental concurrence and make their wishes come true.
You run the home well through meticulous planning and shrewd marshalling
of resources.

Group study would be beneficial. Those who are into M.Phil and Phd shine
well. Overall a good year for students.Those who are into graduation come
out with distinction in exams.
Vedic Remedies:
Pray to Lord Ganesha daily. Visit Guru Bhagawan Temple at Alangudi in
Tamil Nadu. Donate food to the needy on Thursdays. Donate yellow dress.
Wear Yellow dress on Thursdays. Chant Vedas or hymns daily.

An extremely favourable period in the offing. This is a miss-not opportunity.
Perhaps you are now on the threshold of the best ever period of your life. Not only
Jupiter is in the favourable 2nd but its aspect on Saturn and Rahu in the 6th are
highly favourable .Saturn and Rahu are beneficial not only by virtue of being in the
6th but also by way of receiving Jupiters aspect. Expect nothing short of the best.
Read The New Earth of Eckhart Tolle.

The Artha trines(2,6,10) would get activated. Excellent relations with
cousins and relatives are in store. Peace and happiness prevail at home. Your
enemies, rivals and competitors may suddenly disappear. Income through

arbitration or out-of-court settlements is indicated. Refunds from tax authorities

come to you as a pleasant surprise.

Finance and career

A very auspicious period financially. At last Goddess Laxmi and Lord
Kuber are going to bless you to the fullest possible extent. You will build up a
sizeable bank balance. Income through shares and dividends will increase.
You are able to consolidate all your savings and convert them into good incomeyielding investments.You eliminate credit card loans and save unnecessary interest
Forget your family physician for the next one year. No need for any medical
expenditure. Acute diseases see complete cure .Chronic conditions see
considerable improvement. Your tendency to go on diet and exercise keeps you in
perfect health.
You will enjoy the full support and care of your spouse. Children tend to
look after themselves. You enjoy the full support of your children.Health of
children tends to improve.You spend time with your children and help them in
their studies.
Students come out with flying colours.You mix studies with recreation and get the
best of both worlds.Those interested in elocution competitions do well.You win
prizes in debates and inter-collegiate tournaments.Those in outdoor games such as
basketball and volleyball do well.Tennis and Badminton players get accolades in
inter-collegiate tournaments.

Vedic Remedies
Worship Kanchi Paramacharya. If possible, pay a visit to his Samadhi near
Kanchipuram. Offer betel leaf garland to Lord Hanuman on Thursdays.
Offer butter as an offering to Hanuman. Chant Hanuman Chalisa regularly.

Jupiter is in your Janma Rasi for the next one year. Moments of anxiety and
depression are possible. You need to keep up your morale high and always
overcome the challenges of life. Read - Waking from Sleep by Steve Taylor
The Dharma trines (1,5,9) are activated. Personal growth through right thoughts,
right speech & right action are indicated. Birth of a child is possible. You might
take dips in holy waters.In other words this is a year where you do all good things
only to reap harvest in the succeeding year.In other words just like they say in the
Income Tax Act,all your good deeds enjoy the benefit of Carry forward.
Finance & Career
Earnings come through self effort. Remember Failures are the stepping stones to
success. Incomes & Expenses balance themselves out. Try to avoid unwanted
expenses.Expenditure on account of visits of relatives is foreseen

You would be better off with homeopathy than other forms of treatment. If you can
meditate for 15 minutes in a day, 90% of your health problems can be avoided.
Avoid over-eating.This is a time for introspection and introversion.In any case you
wouldnt like to socialize much in this year.You enjoy solitude and that is good for
your health at least at the mental and spiritual level.

You may get more involved in social service. Misunderstandings with spouse
happen for no specific reason.Your relations with in-laws would give room for
friction.You have problems dealing with your neighbours
Guard against over-confidence. Avoid movies especially during times of exam.
Revision of examination portions of syllabus is necessary.Try not to omit any
portion while studying for exams.Attempt all questions.
Vedic Remedies
Going to Temple on Saturdays would be beneficial. Chant Aditya Hridayam
regularly. Fulfill vows previously undertaken.Visit to Tirupati would result in
fulfillment of wishes.


Jupiter is in your 12th sign. The harmful effects of Saturn and Rahu in the 4th are
considerably mitigated by Jupiter in the 12th. Summing up, Jupiter in the 12th is
bound to do more good than harm. Read Dying to be Me by Anita Moorjani
The Moksha trines (4,8,12) are activated which means you gain complete mastery
over your life through introspection . You will be blessed with all comforts. You
get sleep without any difficulty. Peace and happiness prevail at home. You devote
more time to mysticism and occultism.

Finance & Career

Marked change in Income & Expenditure pattern is indicated. You spend money
on noble causes. You spend more money on purchase of tonics and nutritional
supplements to keep yourself healthy. You tend to spend money on children.
Generally health would be good. Though a few health complaints could surface,
timely medical attention would help speed up recovery.Try to go for a walk in the
morning.Spend sometime chatting with friends in order to calm your mind.
More harmonious conditions prevail at home. Problems relating to servants and
labourers decrease.You enjoy collaborating with your servants in household
work.You take time to look after your garden.You enjoy listening to soulful music.

By sheer luck, you will succeed in your exams. Success in competitive exams is
indicated. Those taking up IIT and other Engineering Entrance Exams are sure to
succeed.You get good marks in medical entrance exams.

Vedic Remedies
Pay visit to Shirdi Sai Baba Temple. Visits to Lord Shiva temples on Thursdays
bear good results.Recite Bilwashtakam.Offer Bilwa leaves to Lord Shiva especially
on Pradosha days.

Jupiter is in 11, your house of wish fulfillment. What more is there to wish for?
Jupiter is now your Kamadhenu (Wish Fulfilling Cow) and Kalpakavriksha (Wish
Fulfilling Tree) Nothing succeeds like success and nothing fails like failuresYou are there to prove the first part of the Statement true. Read The White
Book by Ramtha.
Houses 3,5,7 and 11 are activated. You will have the proverbial Midas touchWhatever you touch will turn into Gold. You will have both luck and Divine
Grace. Birth of a child is possible. Bachelors and spinsters get married. Those
looking out for matrimony get suitable alliances. Those in love, tie the knot with
parental blessings. Pleasurable activities increase.
Finance & Career
Wealth goes up by leaps and bounds. High increase in income with expenditure
under check.Investments yield bumper returns.With more cash in the wallet, you
tend to socialize, party, holiday and find newer avenues to celebrate your financial
Your Health would just be excellent. It reflects your new found optimism.Take
more of alkaline food.Consume orange juice or for that matter any fresh juice.

However a word of caution.You have good health but to sustain the same you need
to be prudent.This is a year where the better you take care of your health,the less
medical attention you need in future.

Very good for homemakers and excellent for working women. Ideal time to get
married and set up a family.You have excellent relations with your
relatives.Chances of an overseas visit appear bright.
Group study would be beneficial. Those planning to go abroad would succeed in
GMAT, GRE and TOEFL Exams. Admissions to foreign universities come with
aid. You get admission to Ivy League Universities.
Vedic Remedies
Visit Lord Balaji at Tirupati. Chant Vishnu Sahasranamam and Adithya Hridayam
regularly. Provide food to the needy.Worship Mother and Shri Aurobindo of
Pondicherry.Try to visit their Ashram.

Matters related to house 10,2,4 and 6 come to forefront. You tend to uphold your
responsibilities in life without losing track of morality. Read The Divine
Matrix- by Gregg Braden

It is time to actively work for your material well-being. Family relationships would
be at an all time high. Peace and happiness are indicated.All pending matters get

Finance & Career

Though expenses tend to increase, sudden stroke of luck would see your income
going up substantially. Income through dealing in shares comes as a windfall.
Children abroad would remit money to you, thereby augmenting your wealth.
Health would show steady improvement. Care should be taken to avoid seasonal
infections.Avoid getting in contact with patients.Wash yopur hands before every
meal and keep yourselves clean.
Relationships with relatives of husband become cordial. Support of in-laws comes
to you as a morale booster.Children are a strong source of support.Practise
meditation everyday.
Success in competitive exams is indicated. Those who are planning to go abroad
for studies succeed in getting their visas.You come out with flying colours in
exams.You tend to participate in NCC,NSS,Scout etc..
Vedic Remedies
Visit Guruvayur and take the blessings of Lord Krishna. Offering Tulsi leaves to
Vishnu on Thursdays would prove beneficial. Visit Guru Bhagawan Temple at
Alangudi in Tamil Nadu.Pray to Lord Balaji of Tirupati.

Matters connected to relationships (3), Poorvapunya (5) and Bhagya (9) are at the
forefront of your life. A man who got caught had Saturn in the 8th, the one
who escaped had Jupiter in the 9th- so goes the Tamil adage. Even in the midst
of grave problems, your escape route is well defined. Your happiness is secured by
this transit of Jupiter. Read No Attachments, No Aversions; Autobiography of
a Master- By Lester Levenson
Activation of the Dharma trines (15,9) would mean the road to success is through
Dharmic means . Birth of child is possible. Parents extend their wholehearted
support. You could plan a pilgrimage.You indulge in philanthropy and perform
noble deeds.You focus not only on the happiness you get out of this world but also
think of the other world and act accordingly.

Finance & Career

You would earn through a combination of effort and luck. Gains through
speculation become possible. Your status and honour in the society will increase.
You become fortunate in respect of money through the support of your friends and
well wishers.
Throughout the tenure of a Jupiter in Gemini, you will enjoy robust health. You
tend to go for long walks in the beaches or parks. The more you spend time with
nature, the better it is for you.You spend time with friends and that tends to keep
your mind and body in good condition

Your self confidence and optimism is at an all time high. Your creativity requires
some form of expression or the other. Your talent gets recognition. You can think
of organizing home tuitions or teaching students either at school or college to help
them in their studies
You study well and get well deserved honours and laurels in exams. You come out
with flying colours in exams . You earn the love and support of your teachers.You
tend to get stressed up during exam time.

Vedic Remedies
Visit the Samadhi of Raghavendra Swamy at Mantralayam. Constantly chant the
hymn Om Shri Raghavendraya Namaha. Take the blessings of your teachers.
Visit Raghavendra temple on Thursdays.

Matters relating to 8,12,2 and 4 houses would be in the limelight. You rise like a
phoenix from the ashes. Read There is a Spiritual Solution to every Problemby Wayne Dyer.
The Moksha trines are activated meaning this is a time for self-mastery by
introspection and deep reflection. You would be blessed with good health. You
develop an interest in the metaphysical side of life.You look at both the material as
well as spiritual aspects of life in a positive way.

Finance & Career

Income would be subdued but so also is expenditure. A chance of buying a car is
bright. Gains through inheritance or insurance are possible.Long term investments
yield substantial gains.
You get relief from chronic ailments. You get a new lease of life. Your perennial
health issues subside on their own.This is an opportunity to take all necessary steps
to improve your health.
You get time to look after both your family as well as your husband`s family.
Relations with in-laws appear cordial.You tend to devote more time to
family.Spiritual goals of life tend to get more priority.
You burn the midnight oil to succeed. Marks are difficult to score but you seem to
be more determined than ever before. Hard work paves the way for success.You
tend to be more helpful to your friends in helping them to achieve their educational
Vedic Remedies
Visit Hanuman Temple at Namakkal, TamilNadu. Visit Lord Subrahmanya
Temple at Tiruchendur. Light Ghee lamp to Hanuman on Thursdays.Pray to Lord
Hanuman at Hampi.


Probably one of the best phases of your life. Not only is Jupiter ready to bless you
from the 7th by way of direct aspect but also the two natural malefics- Saturn &
Rahu in the 11th are at your beck and call ready to serve you. When you have the
best, why go in for the second best?. Read The Law of Attraction: The Basics
of the teachings of Abraham- by Jerry Hicks.
The Kama trines (3,7,11) would be activated meaning this is the time your desires,
wishes and goal reach fulfillment. You enjoy harmonious relationships with your
spouse. Birth of a child is possible. Those in love tie the knot with parental
Finance & Career
A very auspicious time is in store for you financially. You get multiple sources of
income. On your work front, you gain through promotions or increments.You tend
to be overindulgent with your money.
You come out of many of the complications you faced in 2012- the natural way.
You benefit immensely through homeopathy and use of tissue remedies.Health
tends to improve.You gain confidence through positive attitude.

Professional development, relationships and self-improvement would hold the key
to future happiness. A year of overall growth and happiness.You participate in
social activities.Spiritual satsangs give you greater confidence and optimism.
A year of resounding success. Your knowledge increases by leaps and bounds.
You become regular visitor to the library.You gain knowledge of the occult.

Vedic Remedies
Chant Hanuman Chalisa daily. Visit Hanuman Mandir on Tuesdays.Chant Vishnu
sahasranamam.Satsang will do wonders for you.

Jupiter is unfavourable in the 6th. However its aspect on Saturn & Rahu in the 10th
is beneficial. Read Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting:- by Lynn Grabhorn.
The Artha trines (2,6,10) would be activated. This is the time to be active in
realizing the material goals of life. Generally enmity and rivalry abate and you tend
to become calm.
Finance & Career
Money is spent on philanthropic and useful purposes. Unwanted expenditure is
restricted. You will be more inclined towards charity. Short term gains are
Health may not pose much of a concern, though overall care is required. Patients of
Arthritis and back pain see major relief.Care is required in management of blood
sugar levels.If you abstain from your routine walk you could put on weight.
Women would focus much on their career. Overall domestic peace of a high order
is vouchsafed.You tend to spend time in your house usefully.You get lot of support
from family members.

Progress in studies appear sluggish. You tend to forget answers while in the exam
hall. Those who attend tuition classes fare better than those attending regular
school or college.
Vedic Remedies
Chant Rudram Chamakam daily. Attend religious discourses. Practice Alpha Mind
Meditation. Listen to CD`S on meditation and devotion.

You are on the verge of the best ever phase of your life. All the good deeds of the
past blossom into flowers in the form of rewards. Jupiter is in the Poorva Punya
Sthana, what more do you want? Life is fun- so enjoy life. Read What the
Bleep Do We Know!?: Discovering the Endless Possibilities for Altering Your
Everyday Reality by William Arntz ,Betsy Chasse and Mark Vicente
The all important Dharma trines (1,5,9) would be activated and you reach the top
through right means. You would be blessed with health, happiness, & prosperity.

All the angels are waiting in queue to shower their choicest blessings upon
you. You may fall in Love with someone within your family.
Finance & Career
More money , more expenditure on drean travel plans, more money in the bankthat sums up your financial position. You are likely to worry over money so long
as Jupiter occupies your 5th house.
In case you have chronic health issues, this is the time to start treatment. Ayurvedic
treatment works wonders for you. You might take massage in Spas or Ayurvedic
Your creativity would be at an all-time high. You have fun with your friends. You
pick up new friends and enjoy the reunion of your past separated friends.
Your over- confidence would pay-off. Still try to keep your cool. You will come
out with flying colours. You tend to participate in cultural and other extracurricular activities.

Vedic Remedies
Pray to Guru Bhagawan . Visit Navgrahas on Thursdays and do Puja to Guru
Bhagawan. Wearing Yellow dress on Thursdays could help.


Jupiter is in the neutral 4th. Matters related to 4,8,10 & 12 would come to the
forefront. Divine Grace could see you through this transit. Read Shaman,
Healer, Sage- by Alberto Villoldo.
This is a time for self mastery. What you do in the next one year holds the key to
your future. Jupiter is moving to your 4th but in 2014, it will be in your 5th. You
have to get ready for that glorious period. The next one year is a preparation for
that great culmination. Jupiter by his benign aspect keeps Ashtama Sani and
Ashtama Rahu in check. Many problems get nipped in the bud through timely
Finance & Career
Income is more than your expenditure. You tend to be extravagant on noble causes.
You donate money to schools and educational institutions.You conserve resources
for more fruitful investments in future.
You tend to live without medicines. Good food, diet and exercise are the key to
health. You get good sleep and happy dreams.Health issues are sorted out on their
own without medical inrevention.
Your focus would shift from family to personal desires and ambitions. Relations
with husband would be good, while children prove troublesome.
Students have to burn the midnight oil to achieve success. Year in which more hard
work will result in success. Listening to advice of teachers would pave way for

Vedic Remedies

Keep fast on Thursdays, donate yellow cloth . Giving cows as a donation would be
good. Give food to poor and the needy. Keep your maid servant in good humour.
Watch spiritual TV channels and imbibe their message.Take bath in holy rivers.