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3:47:42 PM

Pravin Harkulkar

Initial Question/Comment: SMPS Problem

3:47:48 PM


You are now being connected to an agent. Thank you for using Dell Chat

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Connected with Santhosh_Kumar_P

3:47:53 PM

Welcome to Dell PRO Support. My name is Santhosh Kumar P. May I know your Company name, Full Name, Phone
Number(landline and mobile)

3:47:57 PM

Pravin Harkulkar

3:49:03 PM
3:49:10 PM

Santhosh_Kumar_P May I know your Company name, Full Name, Phone Number(landline and mobile)
this is Pravin Harkulkar from Mazagondock ltd Mumbai. Phone nos- 022 237603038, 9757180372
Pravin Harkulkar

3:50:11 PM

Pravin Harkulkar

We have one T1650 machine having SMPS Problem.

3:50:30 PM

Pravin Harkulkar

R u there????

3:50:38 PM
3:51:23 PM

Santhosh_Kumar_P Yes'
Santhosh_Kumar_P Thank you for the details. How may I assist you today?

3:52:12 PM

Pravin Harkulkar

3:52:48 PM
3:54:17 PM

Santhosh_Kumar_P What is the problem you are facing with SMPS?

Santhosh_Kumar_P Not to rush you. Are we still connected?

3:55:19 PM

Pravin Harkulkar

3:55:41 PM
3:55:55 PM

Santhosh_Kumar_P Okay
Santhosh_Kumar_P Do you see any other LED's in the CPU

3:56:51 PM

Pravin Harkulkar

3:57:01 PM

Santhosh_Kumar_P Okay
i have checked the smps by shorting the green and black cable, but still smps fan not swings
Pravin Harkulkar

3:57:34 PM


As i mention earlier we have T1650 machine having SMPS Problem

As i connect the power cable to smps, and start the machine, led is not blinking, and fan not swinging

Power led is blinking with amber light

3:58:08 PM

Santhosh_Kumar_P On the back side of CPU on SMPS do you see any black button with any LED?
Santhosh_Kumar_P Okay

3:58:27 PM

Santhosh_Kumar_P Did you try connecting any other machine SMPS to this machine & check

3:58:44 PM

Pravin Harkulkar

i pressed that button also, normally after pressing that button smps get reseted, but same issue persist

4:00:01 PM

Pravin Harkulkar

yes i have checked, machine booted fine after connecting working smps

4:00:03 PM

Santhosh_Kumar_P Did you try connecting any other machine SMPS to this machine & check
Santhosh_Kumar_P Okay

3:57:38 PM

4:01:27 PM
4:03:09 PM

Santhosh_Kumar_P Can you run diagnostics in the machine with working SMPS
not possible now, other machine are used by other users
Pravin Harkulkar

4:04:09 PM

Santhosh_Kumar_P I'm asking you to run diagnostics in your faulty machine with working SMPS

4:04:43 PM

Pravin Harkulkar

4:05:14 PM
4:06:10 PM

Santhosh_Kumar_P Can you provide the s\ of this faulty SMPS

S/N:- CN-084J9Y-71300-265-004M-A00
Pravin Harkulkar

4:08:37 PM

Santhosh_Kumar_P Okay '

4:08:52 PM

Santhosh_Kumar_P Do you require any engineer to replace this SMPS

Pravin Harkulkar

4:01:39 PM

4:09:25 PM

i dont have working smps

1/5/2015 4:27 PM

Moxie Software(TM) Customer Spaces Channels Customer Client

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4:10:52 PM

Santhosh_Kumar_P I see that you have replaced this SMPS from working machine now.In the same way you need to replace the new SMPS
Pravin Harkulkar

4:11:48 PM

Pravin Harkulkar

4:12:28 PM

Santhosh_Kumar_P If you provide me the complete postall address I can check & update you

4:14:06 PM

Pravin Harkulkar

4:16:04 PM
4:16:19 PM

Santhosh_Kumar_P is this your complete postall address

Santhosh_Kumar_P Do you have any changes to this address for another 2- 3 days of time?

4:19:23 PM

Pravin Harkulkar

4:20:10 PM

Santhosh_Kumar_P Request you please confirm the functionality of Optical Drive, Keyboard Keys, mouse, monitor, all cables.

4:20:15 PM

Santhosh_Kumar_P Please check all ports / connector & let me know any visible damages... USB, VGA port, headphone connector, LAN port etc

4:20:20 PM

Santhosh_Kumar_P Any physical damages in the machine

no there is no such damage
Pravin Harkulkar

4:10:28 PM

4:20:56 PM
4:21:30 PM
4:21:53 PM
4:22:56 PM
4:23:16 PM
4:24:38 PM

how many days will take for part delivery??

MAZAGONDOCK LTD, 3rd Floor, Design IT Section, West Block, Dock Yard Road East Mumbai 400010

yes this is same address, there will be no change

Santhosh_Kumar_P Right now e have collected all the details from you to dispatch the SMPS through courier
Pravin Harkulkar
WE will be keeping this dispatch on HOLD now. Once you run the diagnostics in the machine today or tomorrow. Drop me a
Santhosh_Kumar_P mail with status if any errors found & if no errors found will dispatch only SMPS & if any errors found we may have to include
some more parts with SMPS.
Santhosh_Kumar_P This is the &
Pravin Harkulkar

4:26:18 PM

Santhosh_Kumar_P .Is there anything else I may assist you with?

no thanks a lot!!
Pravin Harkulkar

4:26:42 PM

Santhosh_Kumar_P Thank you for choosing dell and your valuable time, bye. Do have a great day !

4:24:57 PM

1/5/2015 4:27 PM