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NAME: ____________________________________________________________ DATE:

Choose the appropriate alternative: active? or passive?
1) She studied English at Cambridge, where
7) The actor Harrison Ford is well-known
___________________ in 2008.
around the world. _______________ four
a) a first-class degree was obtained
b) she obtained a first-class degree
a) Indiana Jones has been played by him
2) The thieves got away with over $2 million
b) He has played Indiana Jones
in cash. However, two hours later
8) Spanish is the world's third most widely__________ at the airport.
spoken language.
a) the police arrested them
a) A.
? It is spoken by around 500
b) they were arrested
million people.
3) _______________every day. But nowadays
b) B.
? Around 500 million people
they are not happy. Declining fish stocks
speak it.
are threatening their livelihood.
9) One of the first antibiotics was penicillin.
a) Britain's fishermen catch nearly 2000
____________________ in 1928.
tons of fish
a) It was discovered by Alexander
b) Nearly 2000 tons of fish is caught by
Britain's fishermen
b) Alexander Fleming discovered it
4) I am writing to complain about the service
Thank you for your enquiry.
at the Palace Hotel. _________ on 18
_______________ within the next few days
to let you know the result.
a) A room was reserved there
a) I will contact you
b) I reserved a room there
b) You will be contacted by me
5) This is the Great Pyramid of Khufu.
A huge mixer combines flour and
______________ over 4500 years ago.
water to make dough. _________________
a) It was built by the ancient Egyptians
into strips.
b) The ancient Egyptians built it
a) This is then rolled flat and cut
6) J K Rowling has not always been rich.
b) Other machines then roll it flat and cut
Before _______________ , she was a single
mother struggling to make ends meet.
Our Book of the Week is Great
a) the Harry Potter books were written
Expectations. __________________ in 1861.
b) she wrote the Harry Potter books
a) It was written by Charles Dickens
b) Charles Dickens wrote it

Chose the correct answer.
1) Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire _______
by J K Rowling
a) was written
b) written
c) wrote
2) J K Rowling ________ Harry Potter and the
Goblet of Fire.
a) was written
b) written
c) wrote
3) The judge __________ Smith to five years
in prison.
a) was sentenced
b) sentenced

4) Smith _____________ to five years in prison

for robbery.
a) was sentenced
b) sentenced
5) Over a million dollars in cash __________
from the Bank of East Asia in Central.
a) have stolen
b) have been stolen
6) Thieves _____________ over a million
dollars in cash from the Bank of East Asia
in Central.
a) stolen
b) were stolen
c) have stolen

d) was been stolen

7) I'll have to come by bus as my car
__________ .
a) is repairing
b) is being repaired
8) The gold _____________ in a cave near the
top of the mountain.
a) was discovered
b) discovered
9) Archaeologists __________ the gold in a
cave near the top of the mountain.
a) were discovered
b) was discovered
c) discovered
The meeting _________ until the end of
the month.
a) has postponed
b) has been postponed
c) is been postponed
We have ________ the meeting until the
end of the month.
a) been postponed
b) postponed
VW cars _________ in Germany and the
Czech Republic.
a) making
b) made
c) are made
d) make
Your letter ___________ yesterday
a) was arrived
b) has arrived
c) arrived
Helmets must ___________ past this
a) wear
b) are worn
c) be worn
Any vehicles found parked in front of
these gates will ________________
a) removing
b) remove
c) be removed
d) are removed
Active or passive?
1) Wine ____ grapes.
a) is made by
b) is made from
2) The bridge _____.
a) is still built
b) is still being built
3) These shoes ____ of leather.
a) are made

We will ___________ any vehicles found
parked in front of these gates.
a) removing
b) be removed
c) remove
d) have removed
A number of people __________
following a demonstration in the Serbian
capital, Belgrade.
a) have arrested
b) have been arrested
Police _________ a number of people
following a demonstration in the Serbian
capital, Belgrade.
a) have arrested
b) have been arrested
It ___________ that the painting is a
a) is now believed
b) believed now
c) is believing
Experts __________ that the painting is
a fake.
a) now believe
b) is now believed
It ______ if you could reply as soon as
a) appreciate
b) is appreciated
c) would be appreciated
I would very much ________ it if you
could reply as soon as possible.
a) be appreciated
b) appreciate
All bills must __________ promptly.
a) settle
b) be settled
Two men ___________ following a
robbery in Mong Kok this afternoon.
a) are questioning
b) are being questioned
Police ________________ two men
following a robbery in Mong Kok this
a) are being questioned
b) are questioning
b) were made
4) I can't see it- it must ____.
a) be taken
b) have been taken
5) Their house ____ last week.
a) was bought
b) has been bought
6) Do you think the project _____ by Friday?

a) will be finished
b) is finished
7) The tablets _____ with food.
a) must take
b) must be taken
8) It ____ by courier this morning.
a) was sent
b) is sent
9) It _____ with at the moment.
a) is dealt
b) is being dealt
It ____ last week.
a) should be done
b) should have been done
It ____ Mexico.







a) is imported to
b) is imported from
It ____ next week.
a) is been published
b) is being published
It ____ by next Friday.
a) has been done
b) has to be done
She ____ promoted again.
a) is
b) has been
They are ______ by the police at the
a) questioned
b) being questioned

The sentences below make up a complete description of the wine-making

process. Decide whether the active or passive form is better for each one.
Select the best answer.
After the harvest, ___________ for primary
9) ______________ warm at this stage
a) It has to be kept
a) the vineyard workers take the grapes
b) They have to keep it
to a winery
while __________________________.
b) the grapes are taken to a winery
a) the yeast converts the remaining
where they
sugars into alcohol and carbon
a) press the grapes
b) are pressed
b) the remaining sugars are converted
and in the case of white wine,
into alcohol and carbon dioxide
a) the skins are discarded.
The secondary fermentation stage is a
b) they discard the skins.
bacterial fermentation process which
In the case of red wine, ____________ in the
fermentation process.
a) converts malic acid to lactic acid.
a) the skins are used
b) malic acid is converted into lactic acid.
b) they use the skins
a) The acid in the wine is decreased
To start primary fermentation, ______to
and the taste is softened.
the pulp
b) This decreases the acid in the wine and
a) they may either add yeast
softens the taste.
b) yeast may either be added
The time from harvest to drinking
or it may ____________ naturally on the
________ from a few months for Beaujolais
skins of the grapes.
nouveau wines, to over twenty years
a) occurr
a) can vary
b) be occurred
b) can be varied
__________________ during the process.
for those that _____________ as vintage
a) The yeast converts most of the sugars
in the grape juice into alcohol and
a) will be sold
carbon dioxide
b) the vineyard will sell
b) The sugars in the grape joice are
However, only about 10% of all red
converted into alcohol and carbone
and 5% of white wine __________ better
dioxide by the yeast
after five years than after just one year.
When this process is complete,
a) tastes
a) the wine is pumped off into tanks.
b) is tasted
b) the winery workers pump the wine into
Question Excerpt

1. Which sentence is written in passive

a) It was our tenth win of the season.
b) The scoreboard flashed the final
c) The game was won in the last thirty
d) The forward slam-dunked the ball in a
brillian last-minute play.
2. Which sentence is written in active voice?
a) No photographs can be taken inside
the museum.
b) All tourists must carry a passport.
c) Shoes must be worn at all times.
d) Only one small bag may be carried
onto the airplane.
3. 1 George Washington Gale Ferris began
his career in the railroad industry and
then pursued an interest in bridge
building. 2 Ferris realized that there was
a growing need for structural steel in
America. 3 G.W.G. Ferris & Co. was
founded to test and inspect metals for
railroads and bridge builders. 4 Only later
did Ferris gain fame as the inventor of the
famous wheel. If Sara wants to maintain
active voice in her text above, which
sentence needs to be revised?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4
4. Which of the following sentences is
written in passive voice?
a) Over half of the graduating class went
to college in the fall.
b) The committee is considering a public
transportation proposal.
c) The state exam was passed by over
half of the students who took it.
d) The researchers will publish their
findings in a report.
5. Which of the following sentences is
written in active voice?
a) Wuthering Heights is being read by all
ninth graders this year.
b) By then, the secrets will have been
revealed to the public.
c) Our mayor is being considered as a
potential candidate for the governor's
d) The director and his advisors have
written new guidelines.

6. Which sentence is written in passive

a) The desk was held together with wire
and promises.
b) The mother birds were nesting in a
tree near my window.
c) The demolition derby car backed into
every vehicle in sight.
d) When I entered the house, my dad had
already answered the phone.
7. Which sentence is written in active voice?
a) Four trains to New York were listed on
the schedule.
b) The short walk to the station was
covered in a few seconds at her
hurried pace.
c) The beautiful girl was dropped at the
corner by the mysterious taxi.
d) Did anyone meet her at the station?
8. Which sentence demonstrates passive
a) Two boys were seen near the gym
b) The telephone has rung ten times
c) Brittany's bracelet has 16 silver
d) Lisa's red sweater was lying on the
9. 1 NASCAR driver Bobby Allison entered
his first car race while still in high school.
2 He has had eight-four victories over his
career, which included three Daytona 500
wins. 3 His long racing career made him
a celebrity. 4 He was named one of the
top fifty greatest NASCAR drivers. Which
sentence is written in passive voice?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4
10.Which sentence is written in passive
a) Egyptian pharaohs were honored by
their people.
b) Ancient Egyptians depended almost
completely on the Nile River.
c) Plants for food and other uses grew
along the Nile's banks.
d) Egyptian people brought gifts by boat
up the Nile to the pharaoh.

Fill in the blanks with suitable active and passive verb forms.

1. This house ______ in 1970 by my

a) Built
b) Was built
c) Was build
d) Has built
2. The robbers ______ by the police.
a) Have arrested
b) Have been arrested
c) Was arrested
d) Had arrested
3. We ______ for the examination.
a) Have preparing
b) Are preparing
c) Had preparing
d) Have been prepared
4. It ______ since yesterday.
a) Is raining
b) Has been raining
c) Have been raining
d) Was raining
5. I ______ for five hours.
a) Have been working
b) Has been working
c) Was working
d) Am working
6. The students ______ to submit their
reports by the end of this week.
a) Have asked
b) Are asked
c) Has asked
d) Are asking



She ______ for a while.

a) Are ailing
b) Is ailing
c) Has been ailing
d) Have been ailing
8. The teacher ______ the student for lying.
a) Has been punished
b) Punished
c) Is punished
d) Was punished
9. I ______ to become a successful writer.
a) Have always wanted
b) Am always wanted
c) Was always wanted
d) Am always wanting
10. The inmates of the juvenile home
______ well by their caretakers.
a) Were not being treated
b) Were not treating
c) Have not being treated
d) Was not being treated
11. As the patient could not walk he ______
home in a wheel chair.
a) Has carried
b) Has been carried
c) Was carried
d) Was carrying
12. The injured ______ to the hospital in an
a) Were taking
b) Was taking
c) Were taken
d) Have taken

Rewrite the sentences using Passive voice.

1. Julia rescued three cats.
2. The students handed in the reports.
3. Maria crashed into the blue car.
4. Alex learned the poem.
5. Steven has forgotten the book.
6. The mechanic has not repaired the DVD recorder.
7. They play handball.
8. Sue puts the rucksack on the floor.
9. The girls had lost the match.
10.The teacher is not going to open the window.
11.They found oil in the North Sea.
12.We should not leave litter about.
13.Litter _________________ about.
14.They built new houses in High Street last year.
15.They sell sweets in this shop.
16.We should not pollute our environment.
17.Our environment _____________________.

18.They export electrical goods to other countries.

19.They produce planes in GB.
20.They export some products to Austria.
21.They grow coffee in Brazil.
22.They completed the Capitol in 1865.
23.The thunderstorm damaged some houses.
24.George and Bill sell old cars.
25.Jack the Ripper killed many women.
26.George collects stamps.
27.Cole Porter composed some nice musicals.
28.Your products impressed us.
29.Mrs. Smith wore these pearls last Christmas. Mrs. Smith last Christmas.
31.Mr. Important presented our new product at the fair.
32.They will place a trial order soon.
33.Frank had done all exercises.
34.Sam has just bought a new hat.
35.They made many plans at the party.
36.George Orwell wrote some famous books.
37.They are going to sell refreshments.
38.All people have left the town.
39.Brutus and his friends killed Caesar.
40.Joe has ruined Jill's doll.
41.Sam and his friends will probably play many games tomorrow.
42.Newton discovered the law of gravity.
43.They drank a lot of alcohol at the party.
44.Sally and Mary are going to decorate the room.
45.Dolly wrote these letters last week.
46.Jill feeds the little dogs.
47.The little dogs by Jill.
48.The postman delivered this letter last week.
49.Charles will visit Jack in NYC next year.
Read the news report, choose the correct verb form and write it in the box.
1. Millions of dollars' worth of damage has been caused by a storm which ____________
(swept/was swept) across the north of the United States last night.
2. The River Reiner _____________ (burst/was burst) its banks after heavy rain.
3. Many people _____________ (rescued/were rescued) from the floods by fire-fighters.
4. Firefighters _____________ (received/were received) hundreds of calls for help.
5. Wind speeds _____________ (reached/were reached) ninety miles an hour in some places.
6. Roads _____________ (blocked/were blocked) by fallen trees.
7. Electricity lines __________ (brought/were brought) down, leaving thousands of homes without
8. "Everything possible __________ (is doing/is being done) to get things back to normal," a
spokesman said.
9. One young girl ___________ (took/was taken) to hospital after she broke her leg.
10.She has now __________ (sent/been sent) home.