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Made and entered into by and between

_________________________________mandator AND _____________________________ mandatee
1. The undersigned Mandator hereby irrevocably instructs and authorizes Mandatee to find a property for the
under mentioned business as identified below, upon the following terms and conditions
A _____(Business and/or Property)_________________ _______________________________for
_____________________ at $____________________ or _____(Other Terms)_____________
2. It is hereby recorded that it shall be full and sufficient performance of the mandate if the Mandatee finds a
_____________ and a seller meeting the criteria set forth above, notwithstanding that no actual sale may be
effected as a result of some act or omission on the part of the Mandator and the Mandator hereby irrevocably
appoints __________________________ to be the sole buying agent of the above-mentioned business
and/or property with complete control and authority to negotiate in good faith on behalf of the Mandator with
effect as from todays date and expiring on__________________________.
3. The Mandator undertakes to pay Mandatee commission of ______% excluding (relevant tax, if applicable), of
the gross value of the transaction plus the value of any liabilities assumed by the Mandatee and irrevocably
authorize them to deduct the said commission from the deposit or any funds held in respect of this transaction
on registration of the transfer of ownership.

4.1. The Mandator further agrees to pay the Mandatee commission as above, in the event of any of the
following applying: 4.1.1. The direct purchase of a business meeting the criteria set forth above by the
Mandator or through any other agent during the period of this mandate; or 4.1.2.The purchase of purchase
of a business meeting the criteria set forth above after the expiry date of this mandate from any person
introduced by the Mandatee to the Mandator during the period of the mandate; or 4.1.3. Should the
Mandator withdraw, cancel or commit any breach of this authority during the period hereof.

5. No addition to, variation of, or agreed cancellation of this Sole Authority shall be of any force or effect unless
in writing and signed by me or on behalf of the parties.
6. As and when required I undertake to furnish Anoushiravan Khaze with all applicable financial information and
supporting documents in respect of the business and/or property, which we warrant as being correct.
7. The Mandator acknowledges that he though its lawfully authorized representative/s have read the Sole
Authority to purchase, understand it and accept the contents therein and agree to be bound thereto.
SIGNED BY THE PARTIES AT______________________________ ON THIS______DAY OF___________ .
Signed as Mandator for and on behalf of Capacity: ____________________________________________
WITNESS :______________________________________________________________
Witness Name (print)__________________________________________

The Mandatee accepts the benefits conferred upon him/her/it in terms of this Sole and Exclusive Mandate.

Signed as or for and behalf Mandatee: ____________________________________________________

WITNESS : ______________________________________________________________
Witness Name (print)__________________________________________