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KNJ1072 Engineering Drawing

Report Presentation
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Properly labeled figures and tables.

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Recognizes limitations of the project.


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improve/approach the project.


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Give full citations of all references used.


references that are used.


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Table of Contents



We had given a project to design a machine or device that can contribute to agricultural rural
farmers to improve their productivity. So our project is to design a device that is called
(INSERT NAME HERE) device This device is very important to the society, or precisely, to
the farmers. This device will certainly increase the rate of productivity of the farmers in our
country, Malaysia. In some way, this project have make us understand better what we had
learned before in Engineering Drawing subject. We also know how to apply it in real life


To help the rural farmers to extend their business/farming.

To improve the productivity of farming in our country.

To expose the farmers to modern technology.

This is our group organization chart :

Hanif Bin Md

Nursyamil Haziq
bin Ahmad

Abdul Haziq Jolhi

Ahmad Khairul
Iskandar Bin

As we can see from the organization chart of the group, the project manager is Muhammad
Hanif Bin Md Radzan . His role is to supervise and provide technical direction to project

team, mostly and especially to the designer and the project coordinator. He is also the
responsible person to hold a weekly meeting of our group, to make sure that everything is
going according to the schedule. As for Nursyamil Haziq bin Ahmad, he is the project
coordinator. A project coordinator is a person who is skilled and professionally qualified to
offer guidance on a project. The project coordinators responsibilities include communication
and schedule management and assisting the project's team members with their individual
contributions to the project. He is chosen to be the project coordinator because he has strong
communication skills as he is relied upon to confirm the progress, and to report to the project
manager. He is also the one who sets up the methodology. Next, the project designer is Abdul
Haziq Jolhi, he is responsible to design our device. Also, he is the one who need to fulfil the
objectives and requirements of the project through his drawing. The drawing stage occurs in
several parts. First he draw the orthogonal drawing of the device with complete
dimensioning, then the designer draw the 3D drawing of the actual product and its
components. He has completed all the drawing based on knowledge form the previous
Engineering Drawing Class and with the help of other group members Ahmad Khairul Adli is
the engineer for this project. He is responsible to manufacture, or in other words, to construct
the device. The engineer is also responsible in choosing the right material to use for the
construction of the device, and make sure that the device is ready to be used in the estimated
time. Finally, the assistant is Muhammad Iskandar Bin Nasarudin. He is responsible assist the
team members with their needs, and also note down the important point from this project. He
is the one who need to complete the report of this group project.

We have used a few concepts, knowledge and fundamentals from what we have learnt.
Firstly we discuss and noted down some ideas the main purposes of our project. We all know
that the number of farmers and workers who work in agricultural in our country sometimes
give some limits in agriculture especially in part in with plants need nutrients, water at the
same time without much farmers at the same time to do the job. So, we all have decided to
create something that can overcome this kind of problem .The second aspect highlighted here
was about the cost. We know that not all modern farmers nowadays got enough fund in order
to manage their ways to get sophisticated updated machines that can reduce used of worker
and energy, especially an beginner farmers which just starting their jobs. Then about the
maintenance of this device, we have created a long lasting device. After that discussed all the
limitation and purpose, we sketched to visualize our ideas. We agreed to do an eco-friendly
project hence without causing any damage to the nature. Majority of the materials used are
steel. Steels are very durable and had a low chances for rusting occur. Steels also a very
ductile material which the machine can operate in a very long time.
For an eco-friendly machine, we are using a battery to reduce the damage to the nature
instead of using generator that produce a bi product that harm nature.
Then, how this device actually functions. There are two pumps inside the machine that push
the water and fertiliser out from the tanks inside. The machine had 4 outlet, 2 for water and 2
for the moist fertiliser. All of the outlet are operating left and right for water the other 2 left
and right for fertiliser which can be used for two lanes of crops. The energy source to operate
the machine is recharged before operating the machine. There are several button to turn on
and off the machine.
This device can be used in most type of plants especially low height plants for example
pineapple and watermelon.

Our Project Manager, Muhammad Hanif Bin Md Radzan asked his Project Coordinator,
Nursyamil Haziq bin Ahmad to arrange a meeting with all his team which are a designer,
Ahmad Khairul Adli, an engineer, Muhammad Iskandar Bin Nasarudin and an assistant
engineer, Abdul Haziq Jolhi to help him to design a device. The purpose of Project Manager
to do this meeting is to produce a device which can help the farmers to increase their rate of
productivity and while reducing their effort, but with an increasing income. During this first
meeting, Project Manager asked Project Coordinator to list some of the objectives that want
to be achieved by the device that will be designed with the help of all team members. After
listing the objectives that want to be achieved, our designer need to design the product that
satisfy our objectives. Our designer then design the product with advices from our engineer
and his assistant to make sure the process in designing the product run smoothly. During the
designing of the devices, our Project Coordinator is the one who guides the designer and the
engineer to make sure the product follow the rules that had been stated by the objectives.
During the process of designing the product, our Project Manager also lend his hand by
supervising and providing technical direction to the project team members, mostly and
especially to the designer and the Project Coordinator. To design the device that working
continuously with less of errors, our designer need to cooperate and discuss with our
engineer and his assistant because the device that we want to design must extremely follow
the basic of engineering concept. This is because, the device which follow the engineering
concept will have higher tendency of having longer life span.
Our engineer with his assistant need to determine carefully what type of the materials that
will be used in the device. Besides, they also need to provide the dimension of the device that
will be produced accurately because the dimension of the devices also give some effect to the
effectiveness of the device. After all the basic already been considered by our engineer, now
the designer can design the device by guide of the engineer and our Project Coordinator.
When all of this done, the specification and properties of the device need to be shown to our
leader which is Project Manager to make sure the device is following the objectives that have
been stated earlier. After getting agreement from Project Manager, finally the design of our
device will be used to make a real device.

By doing this project, we are hoping that this device will be able to help farmers to reduce
their effort by maintaining their production. Also, we will be proud if this project can help the
rural farmers to extend their farming business. Hopefully by completing this project, it will
expose the farmers to modern technology and then improve the productivity of farming in our
There are some limitation of this project that can overcome. In the future, we want to improve
the product by doing more effort on this device.