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Rev. Douglas Gray was a
missionary working with a
native tribe in southern
Africa. He had faithfully
labored there f or several
years. He had learned the
tribal language of the people
quite well. He had spoken to
the natives and taught them
the truths of the Bible.
months, Rev.Gray had begun
translating the Gospel of
Mark into the languageof the
natives. He had completed
one chapter, and decided to
read this chapter before
preaching to the people on
Sunday morning. He told the
people that he would f irst
read to them from the Word of
As he began to read,
everyone began to sit up, to
listen, and finally to jump up
and call out, "God is speaking! lt is God's voice! God is

talk in gt o u s ! G o d k n o wso u r
lang u a g e ! "
When Rev. Gray finally
finishedreadingthe chapter,
the peoplewerecrying.When
he began his sermon,some
ran u p t o h im wit h t e a rs
streamingdown their faces,
and pleaded,"No, no! Please,
let Godtalk to us! We wantto
hearHisv o ic e !He s p e a k so u r
langu a g!e"
Rev.Grayspentthe entire
servicereadingand rereading
the same chapter.He never

forgot the excitement,tears,

o f t h e p e o p lewh e nt he y f i r s t
heardthe Bible,the Word of
G o d ,in t h e iro wn la n g u a g e .
Do you love to read and
hear God's Word? Do you
value your Bible?When you
read or hear it, are you
amazedthat God is speaking
to you?Doyou deeplyrespect
t h e B ib le ?Wh y is it f ar m o r e

Adapted trom 3,(n0 tilus'retions tor ChrJ.stian

The lloly Scriptures
Whence do we learn to know the way of
From the Holy Scriptures, which are able
to make us wise unto salvation
(ll Timothy 3:15).
2. Who gave us the Holy Scriptures?
God: for all Scripture is given by inspiration of God (ll Timothy 3:16).
3. By whom did God cause these Scriptures to be written?
By holy men ol God: prophets, apostres
and evangelists.
4. How were they qualified to do this?
The Holy Spirit guided them into atl
truth (John 16:13).
5. How are the Holy Scripturesalso called?
The Word ol God, or the Bible.


Into how many parts is the Word of God,

or the Bible, divided?
In two parts,' the OId and the New Testa.
7. Who have only the Old Testament?
The Jews, because they do not believein
the Christ.
8. Who have the New as well as the Old
The Christians.
9. Who are entirely without the Word of
The Heathens and the Mohammedans.
10. How must we read the Word of God?
Reverently, and with a gratelul and
prayerful heart.

Donnet's Catechism -

Lesson t