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PSC PPE and Workplace Safety Line card 2015

Head Protection
Full Brim Helmets Honeywell/MSA
Helmet ID from Vital ID, Canada
High Visibility Hardhat Covers
Hardhat Cleaning Wipes
Chin Straps MSA
Belt Clips for Hard Hats
Headlamp for Hard Hats
Eye/Face Protection
Safety Goggles Honeywell, MSA, 3M
Uvex Safety Glasses
Welding Goggles from Hobart, North
Eye Wash Solution from EyeSaline
Lens Cleaning Stations from Uvex
Fendall Eye Wash Stations
LED lamps for Safety Glasses
Ear Protection
Bilsom Ear Plug Dispensers
Howard Leight Ear Plugs
Peltor Ear Defenders
Ear Plug Retainers
Respiratory Protection
3M 8512/8212/8514 Respirators
Half face piece with OV cartridges
Respirator Cleaning Wipes
Hand Protection
Kong Impact Protection Gloves
Ringers Mechanics/Impact Gloves
HexArmor Cut Level 5 Gloves
Mechanix Impact Protection
Tillman Welding Gloves
Hand Cleaners Permatex
Hand Barrier Creams Deb/Invisible Glove
Hand Conditioning Creams Stoko
Glove Clips MCR Safety
Hands-off Tools Fingersaver, Shove-it
Hand-off Tool PSC Helix Taglines
Hand-off Tools Drill Pipe Handling
Thumbsaver Tool
PSC Shove-it Push/Pull Poles
Tagline Retrievers
Ergonomix Manual Lifting Aids
Superior Arc Flash Gloves
Salisbury Insulating Gloves
Superior Cryogenic Gloves
Glove liners, Paintline Gloves
Anti-vibration Gloves Superior
And lots more in hand protection

Indias largest oilfield safety specialty

products from 1-Source

Body Protection
Tyvek/Tychem/Spacel Coveralls
Memphis Welding Jackets/Cape
PVC Aprons from Superior Canada
MCR USA Rainwear
High Visibility Vests
Welding Blankets
Hydration Packs
Cooling Bandanas
Foot Protection
Panther Ranger Safety Boots
Vtech Endurance Safety Boots
Spill Containment Products
Spill Containment Pallets and Decks
Absorbents Oil, Hazmat and Universal
Spill Kits Standard and Customized
Spill Stop Putties
Emergency Response Handbooks
Non-sparking Shovels
Slips, Trips and Fall Protection
Anti-skid Tapes and Caution Boards
Cable Management Hooks
MSA Full Body Harnesses
Tool Lanyards Ergodyne
Facility, Safety Identification LOTO Products
Masterlock Lockout Stations
Brady LOTO Padlocks, Tags and Holders
Scafftags, Ladder Tags, Entry Tags
Barricading Tapes and Z Barrier Systems
Facility Signages from Brady
Photoluminscent Signs
Traffic Control Products
Lane Marking Tapes
Safety Padlocks Keyed Alike
Safety Tools, Emergency Response
Cromwell Insulated Tools
Shock Proof Tools against orders
No-Drop Tools Non-stock
Safety Cable Whipchecks
Intrinsic Safety Torches from Nightstick
Safepad Impact Protection Pads
MSA USA First Aid Kits
Scafftag Equipment Inspection System
FRP PPE LifeJacket Boxes
Mustang Survival Life Jackets
Snubby Hoist Line Load Limiters
Salisbury Rescue Sticks