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Colleen S.

Voice Class 1
Professor Martina Ferrante
December 18th, 2014
Performance Analysis
On December 7th, 2014, I attending the studio recital for students of Professor Martina
Ferrante and Professor Taras Leschishin. The concert was performed at the Horrace Mann
Auditorium in Boyden Hall at Bridgewater State University. Most students were expected to
perform a two song program and the styles of performances varied greatly from classical to
modern day musical theatre. The quality of performances was extremely high and overall the
concert was a pleasant experience.
The first performer to sing was Emily Mills. The first thing I noticed about this vocalist
was her beautiful natural tone and the distinct color to her voice. She had an incredibly natural
sounding vibrato that fit perfectly into her lyrical pieces. However, the student exhibited a lot of
jaw and neck tension which prevented her from letting her sound go. I thinks Ms. Mills would
have been able to provide a greater dynamic contrast Specifically in the Shining Star piece, I
felt as though Emily was unable to plant herself in a good singers stance. She would sway or
lean back whenever she seemed uncomfortable. However, her ribcage would always remain
supported, up, and open. Additionally, in order to get a more resonant sound on the higher
pitches, Ms. Mills should work to keep her soft palette up.
The second singer of the evening was Jessica. In her first piece, If I Loved You I
noticed the brightness of tone immediately. Her voice was placed in a nice mix throughout the

majority of the piece. However, in contrast with Emily, Jessica struggled to keep her ribcage
from collapsing throughout the piece. To her credit, Jessica would take the time she needed to
breath in between phrases to combat this issue. Additionally, I did hear a nice dynamic contrast
throughout this piece. Finally, I did notice that she was able to keep her soft palette open
throughout the song - providing a nice resonant sound in the singers mask. Unfortunately, she
was unable to sing the top know lyric of the song with an open palette, which caused her to fall
The two vocalists had very different timbres to their voices, but both exhibited a similar
level of training and dedication. However, it was clear that they each thrived and struggled in
different areas. Ms. Mills was very comfortable singing with good posture and engaging her
intercostal muscles, but had trouble lifting her soft palette to create a resonant sound. Jessica was
very strong in understanding registration, yet needed to work on her breath support.
Throughout the recital, I was overwhelmed with the level of talent and dedication in both
studios. Even those who were clearly just starting out showed promise and a great interest in
singing. Although I did not mention them in this paper, I was extremely impressed with the male
talent at Bridgewater State University! Overall, the studio voice recital was incredibly enjoyable
and I look forward to the opportunity to attend another.