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Disney On Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy

1) Name three of Tinker Bells friends.
Answer: Rosetta, Fawn, Silvermist, Iridessa, Terrence, Clank and Bobble
2) Which fairy does everything at top, lightning speed?
Answer: Vidia
3) What type of fairy gives fireflies their nightly glow?
Answer: Light Fairy
4) Where do Tinker Bell and her friends live?
Answer: Pixie Hollow
5) What type of fairy is Rosetta?
Answer: Garden Fairy
6) What type of fairy is Silvermist and what are her special talents?
Answer: Silvermist is a Water Fairy. She can control, move and manipulate water.
7) What is Rosettas home made of and where does she live?
Answer: Rosetta lives in a house made of flowers in Buttercup Canyon.
8) What type of fairy is Fawn and what are her special talents?
Answer: Fawn is an Animal Fairy. She understands and speaks to all animals.
9) Ariel has a fascination with what, in The Little Mermaid?
Answer: Humans or the human world
10) In The Little Mermaid, Ursula gives Ariel the ability to walk on land. How
long is this ability supposed to last?
Answer: Three days
11) What is the name of Ariels best friend?
Answer: Flounder
12) What is the device that Ariel refers to as a dinglehopper?
Answer: A fork
13) What color was Tow Mater in Cars before he became rusty?
Answer: Baby blue

14) What does Flo sell in Radiator Springs?

Answer: Gas or the finest fuel
15) What type of car is Sally?
Answer: A blue Porsche
16) True or False: You never see humans in Cars.
Answer: True! Everything in the movie resembles something to do with cars. Even
bugs resemble miniature Volkswagen Bugs.
17) What type of tires does Lightning McQueen have?
Answer: Lightyear
18) What does Flos license plate say in Cars?
Answer: Sho Grl or Show Girl
19) What is the name of Sallys motel in Cars?
Answer: Cozy Cone
20) What is the road that Lightning McQueen finds himself lost on when he stumbles
upon Radiator Springs?
Answer: Route 66
21) What is Ramones job?
Answer: He owns a body shop called Ramones House of Body Art.
22) What is Andys last name?
Answer: Davis. It is written on his high school diploma which you see when he goes
to the bulletin board to look at the picture of him as a child playing with the toys.
23) Sid Phillips, Andys next-door neighbor from the original Toy Story makes a brief
appearance in the third movie as what?
Answer: A garbage man
24) The calendar in Andys room is always set to what month?
Answer: August
25) True or False: Lots-o-Huggin Bear appeared in the first Toy Story movie.
Answer: True. A very early version of Lotso appeared in the original Toy Story film
on Andys desk.
26) What is the name of the daycare center the toys end up at in Toy Story 3?
Answer: Sunnyside
27) How do the toys realize that Andy is looking for them in Toy Story 3?
Answer: Mrs. Potato Heads other eye is still in Andys room.

28) Who saves the toys from the incinerator in Toy Story 3?
Answer: the Aliens
29) Where does Ken ask Barbie to live with him?
Answer: In his Dream House
30) In Toy Story 3, Lotso forces the toys to stay in what room of the daycare center?
Answer: The Caterpillar room